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Russia Jumped S-300 from Hvardiyske Airbase

November 3, 2015

By Chris Biggers

DG (12SEPT14] Hvardiyske AB

Last year after the Crimean parliament declared its independence from Ukraine on 17 March, Russia moved two units of S-300PM (5P85Ts) to the Hvardiyske Air Base. Four days later, satellite imagery from 21 March confirmed the move.

Previously, Russia had employed this tactic with the former Georgian enclave of Abkhazia. Space snapshots of the breakaway region show the S-300 units still deployed to the territory but in prepared firing positions. Likewise with Ukraine, it’s expected that units in expeditionary sites will probably transition to more permanent ones. In fact, they may already have.

Available commercial imagery suggests the S-300PMs at Hvardiyske were jumped sometime between late 2014 and early 2015. Space snapshots from April confirmed that the equipment was no longer at the airbase. Luckily, it’s not too difficult to guess where they might be headed.

Imagery of Sevastopol shows that the former Ukraine S-300 position located at 44°32’39″N 33°25’58″E had a Russian S-300PM unit in residence as early as February 2015. Sevastopol is home to Russia’s strategically important Black Sea Fleet.

It is currently unknown if this is a new unit deployed from Russia or if it’s one of the batteries jumped from Hvardiyske — though the latter seems likely. The Russian press however did report further S-300 moving into the Crimea in December 2014. They were reportedly moved in response to NATO’s increased presence in the region.

Additional movement was also noted less than three miles to the east at another former Ukrainian S-300 site. A 64N6 Big Bird long range surveillance radar, capable of detecting over 300 aerial targets, was positioned at 44°31’17″N 33°29’04″E. Likewise, imagery from February 2015 confirmed the deployment. Previously, Hvardiyske also had a Big Bird on site.

The Big Bird was also accompanied by some friends. At least three short range Pantsir-S1s (or SA-22s) were also visible on imagery acquired in February. The SA-22s provide point defense around strategic military targets.

The latest imagery from September 2015 continues to confirm the new deployment locations.


S-300PMU-2 Favorit

The S-300 is a highly capable surface-to-air missile system first deployed by the Soviet Union in 1979. The system is often compared with the U.S.-built Patriot missile defense system. The latest variant, the S-3000PM2, was developed in the mid-1990s as a direct competitor to Raytheon’s Patriot PAC-2/3s.

For Russia, putting S-300 in territory where it’s deployed allows it to control the skies enabling the targeting of aircraft up to 200 km away—assuming Russia employs the 48N6D missiles. With the redeployment to the coast, units can acquire targets further out into the Black Sea.

While we’re still looking for updated imagery in order to find the other jumped unit, here’s a list of known S-300 surface-to-air missile sites on the Crimea that could play host to the battery.

Lat Long Link
45.41894 32.54614 GE link
45.00943 35.36738 GE link
45.04473 36.22617 GE link
45.11765 36.35951 GE link
44.49358 33.55508 GE link
45.08266 33.57164 GE link
45.25965 33.15300 GE link
45.42208 33.04304 GE link
44.70805 33.55332 GE link
45.01047 35.39747 GE link
44.52177 33.48563 GE link
44.59545 33.42948 GE link
44.68888 34.42476 GE link


Please feel free to drop any hints of potential locations in the comments below.


Chris Biggers

Chris Biggers is a public and private sector consultant based in Washington, D.C.

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    The reason why so many raSSian troops remain in the Donbass is to ensure that Uki troops are unable to try to regain Crimea by force – it really is as simple as that: OK?!

  2. Jim Dobbin

    Genuine question; Is there a reason why this blog focuses 99% of its efforts on all things anti-Russian? Why the desire specifically troll Russia?


      It can only be because that’s where 100% of the (perceived?!? lol!) aggression is from: when were you last in Eastern Ukraine – or indeed raSSia, Comrade?! – Don’t be shy…

      • Syava

        Dear, Ukraine and Russia will always be together. At times there were quarrels and insults will, which usually blame the officials. There is nothing to divide people – ordinary people are the same everywhere. This situation can not be assessed today, for an objective assessment will take time. After 10 years, you will see the results of all events that are not visible right now. And all return to their seats. Russia and Ukraine – one nation, brother with brother may quarrel, but always reconciled.


          LOL-ski!! – You should come visit the Donbas Region and see the destruction with your own eyes, Comrade – then ask the locals if they still want to be in mother raSSia!y

          • Max

            Exactly come and visit Donbass region and ask lockals if they want to be with Ukrainian regime after all suffering that was thrown at them by mad Poroshenko’SS regime.

          • MARK WILLIAMS

            The overwhelming majority of people whom I have met all across Ukraine are absolutely delightful and thoroughly decent folk – 99% of whom never wanted anything to do with this complete and utter shambles! – However, the remaining 1%, including a few rogue politicians and their oligarch sponsors, indeed have a great deal to answer for in respect of their actions – by which I don’t just mean the massively underestimated 9,000 body count either! – Our founder, John Hughes, must be turning in his grave right now

    • Rick

      Maybe 50%

      I guess if Kremlin stopped lying and deceiving. Sites like bellingcat would have limited things to research.


        You got it in 1, Comrade! – Where have all those Trolls gone lately – is there really no cash left with which to fund their comedy scripts?! – Do Lievrov’s daughters still have their Florida mansion keys to hand, or were they ‘persuaded’ to sell up and go ‘home’?!

      • Jim Dobbin

        Hi Rick,

        Every government lies and none are close to the US in the lying league. Sure, highlight Russian lies, when they lie, but a lot of the stuff on Bellingcat is conjecture towards Russia with lots of ifs, ands and maybes. A lot of leading articles with suggestive overtones.

        One could be forgiven for thinking the purpose of this blog is to be anti-Russian as there’s nothing on Yemen, Libya, Afkanistan, Iraq, SA (Chad etc) but lots on Ukraine & Syria. What is the link? Well I’d argue that in the former list of countries there’s no Russian link but there is in the latter.

        But ok let’s say Bellingcat have a genuine interest in lies being told about Ukraine & Syria. Fair enough. But why only focus on alleged Russian lies and not that of the other side?

        Anyhow I’m not here to try and convince anyone I was merely hoping someone from Bellingcat could answer my question.

        • Rob Marks

          Many people, if motivated to, could give you an answer, not only Bellingcat. A former superpower and permanent member of the UN Security Council, with a large nuclear arsenal whose dire economy is threatening to topple it’s increasingly isolated leader, has recently initiated armed aggression and the invasion of another democratic European country, has now has extended its military operations to the Middle East. While almost comically denying it’s obvious transgressions. There are few other countries leaders who have managed to make themselves so internationally unpopular in such a short time, and certainly no other with as many nuclear arms.

        • boggled

          Well Jim,
          There is a large state sponsored terror campaign and Kremlin subsidized propaganda campaign going on around some very serious issues.

          Don’t you agree that it is fun to burst their balloon of lies as often as possible?

          You are welcome to start your own site and run it how you want,
          Mr. Higgins has his goals and direction, he cannot report on every little thing in the world.
          Damn, he doesn’t have the budget of RT or Associated Press.

          Another reason for focusing on Kremlin lies is that it is criminal enterprise masquerading as a state.

          Anyhow, Russia wage a war of lies and propaganda on the West, and they should be called to check on that from the democracy and freedom champions.

          Mr. Higgins picked a great crew and they have exposed some very important items that the Kremlin should be called on.
          More power to them.
          It is good to stay focused and not wander to far from your purpose.
          Especially when having a limited budget.

          IF you want to contribute to the project and bring up an idea for an article, I am sure Mr. Higgins would consider it.
          IF you do not want to contribute, then your criticisms are just a bunch of whining comments that really do not make sense.

          Do you go to Doctor’s without borders site and discuss climate change?
          Do you go to a Pepsi site and discuss Coke products?
          Do you go to a real estate site and discuss the human rights problems in Somalia?

          They only have so big a budget and time to write on certain things and it is good to stay focused.

          Go ahead and start your own BC copycat and report on China.
          Or someone else.
          200 some nations in the world and cannot cover them all.

          Your petty whining is just that.

          Fare thee well

        • Rick

          Hi Jim

          US blew up a hospital. They admitted their fault.
          Russia downed MH17. They have done every conceivable thing to not admit. Creating lie after lie to cover up the solid “Fact” they have soldiers in Ukraine and finance and supply mercenaries to destabilize a neighboring country.

          No “Ifs” “ands” or “maybes”

          Your words are like the buzzing of flies. You are paid by the Russian government to spread lies. End of story

          Its is better to be thought of as a fool, than to opens ones mouth and remove all doubt.

          • Jim Dobbin

            I think it says a lot of the calibre of Bellingcat’s writings when it attracts such conspiratorial scaremongers in the comments section. They say like attracts like.

            Anyone who disagrees with the groupthink is obviously a paid Russian agent. How else could someone reach a different conclusion, God forbid they dare to use their mind for its stated intentions – to think for themselves?

            But if you feel all warm and secure shutting down debate in order to shield yourself from opposing viewpoints then make yourself at home. Maybe one day you’ll realise how immature and conspiratorial such comments make you appear. Or maybe not.

            Jim Dobbin

        • stranger

          My guess is that Bellingcat is trying to find a resonating information topic. One can see how many comments are under Russian-Ukrainian articles verses the rest of the world. All recent articles are definitely anti-Russian and I would also like someone from Bellingcat to give any clue.
          Putin has annexed Crimea and exploited the existing separatist sentiments at Donbass, supporting the rebels and trying to supply Kremlin people to ignite/head the riot, most probably with the weapon, that is true, with all of those ‘Kremlin’ people are already withdrawn. The question is how far the ‘west’ is going to move in order to show the disapproval/punishment. As far as in Syria? How to find the exit for everybody from this situation?
          Do you know how many people suffered during Crimea annexing? Sorry for being cynical, but – 1 person. How many people died in anti-terror operation conducted by Ukraine at Donbass – estimated thousands.
          The war in Donbass is frozen, but it is not over. Now the sides are negotiating, deceiving each other and the ‘west’ in trying to simulate the implementation of Minsk agreements, enforced by EU, Merkel and Oland. If they find a compromise it will be over. Russia has already gave up the separatists. Ukraine don’t want to accept the separatist regions back at any price, but only to return the full control.
          Ukraine is lying a lot, that is their strategy to ensure the support from the ‘west’. The ‘west’ pretends to believe. For Russia lying may be targeted to the internal audience. Russia Today? It is quite balanced for me – compare it with the Radio Liberty, financed by congress, but prohibited from broadcasting to US.
          The ‘West’ supported the coup d’état of democratically elected president in Ukraine just an year before the next re-election. Where the snipers appeared at Maydan from, who reportedly fired at both sides simultaneously, demonstrants and police? Ukraine still has not finished the investigation with the majority of evidences have disappeared. Should it be considered justified?
          I can understand Ukrainians who take that personally, with many of English speaking commenters at this site are definitely from Ukraine or originally came from Ukraine. The question is how to settle down this conflict and at what further price.
          I would also very appreciate Bellingcat to comment why they are so single minded to one side?

          • Andrea

            Ask crimean Tatars if they are so happy … but u don’t need: state propaganda already said they are happy and have arrested some of them cause they are terrorists…

          • boggled

            Stranger, maybe you should read this article before you keep repeating misinformation, these figures are before the referendum.

            It states – During the Crimean crisis from 23 February through 19 March 2014, six people were killed. The dead included: three protesters (two pro-Russian and one pro-Ukrainian),[5][6][7][8] two soldiers[9] and one Crimean SDF trooper.[10] The two Ukrainian soldiers who were killed are regularly included in the military death toll from the War in Donbass.[11]


            That does not include the various others that have been killed since then, the forced abductions and beatings by Russian military and the Ukrainians from Crimea taken and transported to Russian Federation for circus trials.

            A large part of Euromaidan’s investigation has been completed, and it points blame at the yanukothief’s police and interior ministers, but I have yet to see accusations against Spetsnaz, they were there directing the oppression of the demonstrators.
            Odessa’s tragedy has also been mostly finished by International investigators.
            Most of those deaths were caused by the antiMaidan groups themselves.
            They caused the fire, they attacked the proUnity soccer fans and killed six of them.
            The leaders of the antiMaidan groups had prestaged the Trade Unions building as a defensive position and encouraged many to com inside and fire on everyone outside the building.
            6 policemen received gunshot injuries from anti Maidan supporters.

            Some of that can be found here –

            yanukotheif had another year and a half to continue embezzling from Ukraine.
            In three years, he contributed to the pilfering of Ukrainian coffers to the tune of 100 BILLION USD.
            Should he have been allowed to continue filling his and his Moscow buddies pockets?

            You may consider the many of the comments anti Kremlin or perceived as anti Russian, ultimately they are opposing the Kremlin and its propaganda.
            They do not attack the Russian population at large, just its policy makers.

            Now as far as the Kremlin defenders here, they are firmly anti Ukrainian and state Ukraine is not a nation but a wife of Moscow they have a right to beat.
            They are firmly Ukrainiaphobes.

            If I observe that wikpedia made an article about half the worlds Miem Kampf supporters(trying to get around wordpress automatic censors a little) are centered in Russia, that does not make me antiRussian, just that I am stating a researched fact.

            Now the articles themselves, from everything I have read, they are usually right down the middle on passing judgement on the Kremlin.
            BC exposes the Kremlin lies, but they do not judge the Kremlin.

            So I think your claims of anti Russian are bunch of malarkey.
            Facts do bare that out, if you read the articles.

            That being said, I do support your opinion that negotiations need to be carried out, and past agreements need to be fulfilled so that peace can once again happen in Ukraine.
            I just wished the people of Eastern Ukraine that did take up guns and steal them and tanks actually attempted to negotiate with Kyiv instead of the hatred, torture, corruption, destruction, theft, and death they brought.

            You do know it is an establish fact that the number of Ukrainians that took up arms in Crimea was only 100.
            100 people for a violent aggression of change in response to yanukothief running away, of a peninsula that had about 2 million people.

            The rest were Russian little green men with guns and oppression and Russian imposed martial law.
            Not Crimean imposed martial law.
            Not Ukrainian imposed martial law.

            Russian military imposed martial law and Russian military taking over the Parliament building there and replacing the ‘democratically elected’ leader of Crimea with some nutcase that got less then 3 percent of the vote in the last election.
            A blatant violation of international law on a wide scale.

            Fare thee well

          • stranger


            I don’t spread the misinformation. I thoroughly monitored the news about 1-2 years ago during those events. I didn’t do a research, but I remember how all Ukrainian military bases were captured, with the only single base all over Crimea from several dozens gave a resistance.

            I remember the one reported death of Ukrainian military officer, the ethnical Russian, Sergey Kakuryn, under some vague circumstances. By the link you sent there are 2 more military persons died, but one accident might be countered twice and the second one may be misinterpret by Ukrainian navy spokesman.

            How does it change what I was trying to say? Every such accident is a tragedy and I am not going to compare with Donbass. I’m just trying to compensate the one sided interpretation of those events. I feel shame for Russians, but I don’t appreciate Ukrainians at the same time.

            What did the military operation in Crimea looked like? As you said “the various others that have been killed since then, the forced abductions and beatings by Russian military” Let’s take a look at those barbarities, “forced abductions and beatings”:
            A shameful for Russia video where Ukrainian personal is trying to return to their military airbase captured by Russians. Ukrainian officer is saying “guys we served together, how could have you do that”:
            Many of Ukrainian militaries, most of them Russians from Crimea, just stayed to serve at the same bases in Russia, others left to Ukraine, nobody pursued them, the military machines were returned.

            You are saying “forced abductions and beatings by Russian military and the Ukrainians from Crimea taken and transported to Russian Federation for circus trials” I know only 2 such incidents:
            1) Oleg Sentsov, an Ukrainian producer from Crimea accused with 2 others in organization of a crime group planning terracts.
            2) Nadezhda Savchenko, an Ukrainian military, accused in coordinating fire of Ukrainian artillery, which led to the death of 2 Russian journalists at Donbass.
            Are those true of fabricated court cases? I don’t know, that is a good material for bellingcat investigation. Do you know other such cases, please share? They need to be considered independently.

            The investigation on snipers at Maydan has not been completed and EU Conceal accused Ukraine in sabotaging of the investigation. The intersected call discussing Maydan between Urmas Paet and Catherine Ashton. They are saying, referring to Ukrainian politic Olga Bogomolets, that snipers at Maydan fired at both sides – Police and Demonstrants at the same time. If that is true, the reason was obviously to rage the crowd and police to escalate the stuck contradiction and complete the uprising. Another good topic for bellingcat investigation which they wouldn’t dare to touch.
            The video of those snipers, do they look like police?

            The police (Berkut) at Maydan stayed and protected the government buildings, until the very last moment they had no order to advance nor spread the crowd. Yanukovich was pressed by US and EU, also including Putin, not to allow any violence, not to try to spread the demonstrants. Just before the very end they concluded an agreement with the opposition. And just after that agreement with the opposition was met, firearms appeared at Maydan from some demonstrants, then snipers, firing both sides. Immediately after that the parliament expressed distrust to Yanukovich and he fled.
            You can see how police (Berkut) is staying while they are burned by Molotov cocktails and without an order, don’t even try to respond. Guess, how long would US cops wait is such circumstances?

            Yanukovich was a thief? May be, but is corruption defeated in Ukraine now? Look what Saakashvily, currently the governor of Odessa region, the former president of Georgia who directed troops to South Osetia, the major critic of Kremlin, tells about corrupted government and oligarchy in Ukraine now:
            The protests at Maydan started not from that, but from the canceled (delayed) Euro-Association. What was the association proposed by EU? Turky has been waiting for 50 years to enter EU, associations were signed with many countries, meaning just special trade agreements. For Ukraine it would (probably, I’m not an economist) mean killing the rest of hi tech industries, especially integrated with Russia, and turning into an agro suppliers with still harsh quotas for agro produce in EU. Is the EU association still complete? No, Holland is going to conduct a referendum, what did they fight for then at Maydan?

            Yanukovich tried to sit at two chairs at the same time, supporting populistic euro association in mass media and trying to balance with Russia interests on the other side. At the very last moment Russia gave a loan with the first trench of 3 billion dollars (which Ukraine now is not going to return, you said “to continue filling his and his Moscow buddies pockets” did you mean those 3 bill from ‘Kremlin’ pocket?) and Yanukovish slammed brakes (or delayed until further consideration) the EU trade association. That started Maydan, not him being a thief, or a pro-russian. Mustafa Nayyem, an Ukrainian journalist (been an Afganian who don’t feel any sympathy to USSR, funny, heh) was the first to call people in Facebook to gather at Maydan.

            Yanukovich was elected mostly by Eastern Ukrainian parts and Crimean, not the Western ones, while the most active and aggressive at Maydan were nationalists from the West. Why do you think that the demonstrants represented all Ukrainians, why they could substitute the elections?

            You said “I just wished the people of Eastern Ukraine that did take up guns and steal them and tanks actually attempted to negotiate with Kyiv” What do you think about chances of Minsk peace agreements to succeed? Because Ukraine was asked at Minsk to listen to Donbass, conduct elections, give amnesty, grant more independence to Donbass. What is Ukraine doing? Ukraine prohibited any elections in ‘occupied’ areas as well as didn’t grant migrants from Donbass any rights to vote, took meaningless law amends only in the first consideration in parliament, but announced in the West that they have completed everything according to Minsk, they have never tried to negotiate with Donbass.

            Ukraine has failed the investigation in Odessa:
            Odessa, whatever any investigators write, take a look at the video and you could easily see it, or don’t believe your eyes:
            That is the last part of those events, after some provocateurs assaulted pro-unity meeting, the pro-unity crowd came back to anti-maydan camp, burned it, drove in their political opponents to the building and throw molotov cocktails to them, the crowd went mad:
            Young girls preparing molotov cocktails, they are insane:

            For some reason, in Ukraine the degree of social tensions are insane, something crazy has happened with people there, you could see how Maydan supporters stopped and burned the busses from Crimea, beaten people, who supported Yanukovich:
            That is not something even possible in Russia, hopefully.

            Why do you blame Putin for that? Putin utilized those sentiments trying to support one side, and provoke, but he didn’t create that tension. Could you find any video from Donbass showing Russian troops similar to what we saw in Crimea?

            Why you don’t mention the referendum in Crimea and the fact that most people there are Russians and don’t feel any sympathy to the new Ukrainian government? And the fact that US applied economic sanctions specifically against Crimea. And that Tatars from Ukraine side have organized a blockade not to allow goods, food to come from Ukraine to Crimea, including to their Crimea Tatars? If Crimea people were Ukrainians captured by Putin against their will, why US and Ukraine are trying to blockade and punish Crimea people further?

            In the very beginning people of Donbass were trying to stop with bare hands the Ukrainian army:
            Do you attribute all casualties at Donbass to ‘terrorists’, not to Ukrainian army and independent battalions Azov and Right Sector who were supposed to ‘free’ Donbass? Do you think the sentiments at the east are to support Ukrainian government after all of that? Ukraine doesn’t allow any elections in these regions now, because it is controlled by terrorists or because they are afraid what Donbass people would say?

            I’m not saying Putin was right, I’m trying to compensate the only single-sided, stupid, black-and-white, oversimplified, information mc’donalds, for complete idiots perceiving of those events. I’m trying to welcome everybody to think by their own brains and not to follow the paid or motivated by other means propagandists from both or more sides.

        • Count Iblis

          Russia lies by telling outright lies, the Western powers tend to lie by telling half truths. So, the Russian lies are far easier to debunk, you just need to find the facts on the ground the will directly debunk what is said. To debunk the Western lies is usually far more difficult because often there is no contradiction between what is said and the facts on the ground. To see the lies you have to consider what is not being reported on in the press, what questions are not being asked by journalists etc. etc.

        • Giorgio

          You should be able to answer this question yourself: The same way as it would make sense to focus on Hitler’s lies in 1938 and 1939 and much less on Britain’s lies. Then put these lies in the context of current violations of treaties and the threat to global peace. Good luck …

  3. John Zenwirt

    It’s because Russia is the World Leader in military and other aggression on all its neighbors in today’s world; that’s why…Wake Up, it’s called “News.”

  4. Alex Liveson

    “Chris Biggers is a public and private sector consultant based in Washington, D.C..”

    Completely unbiased against Russia of course.

    Ex Intelligence Officer NGA

    “The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is the primary agency within the US Intelligence Community tasked with providing geospatial intelligence to policymakers, warfighters, intelligence professionals and first responders.”

  5. Mad Dog

    Probably because things related to the West are generally open source. Russia (not the only target here, but the most noted cause their actions these days are so prolific) is just out to suppress all the criticism about their actions, mainly by providing false information. IMHO, I don’t thing BC is on a bash Russia mission, it just seems that way due to all the silliness Putin is capable of.

  6. Andrea

    I can see 20 articles in Bellingcat homepage:
    3 about MH17
    2 about S300 in azerbaijan and crimea
    5 about syrian war
    2 articles translated in russian
    6 without any reference to russia
    1 about iran
    1 about the life of Peskof

    Are you sure they are all anti russian ?

    But you are probably brainwashed enough to believe that any article about MH17 is against russia …

  7. Syava

    Dear. Chris. We are waiting for you to an article about the American missiles to other countries and the United States lies. If you are objective and impartial, then you will not be difficult to find it in the United States. This can be seen all over the world, I do not understand why it can not see you? You understand, to start on their island with their problems. And only then climb to ravage the country around the world. And just to defame others. Please reply to what the number will be an article about Serbia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and support Laden ISIL? I am sure this article from you can not wait. America got out with their missiles at old the world, why it can not Russia? Especially in Russian territory.
    Administration pls. write about all countries equally. You do not need to publish only articles from the US State Department.
    P, C, Chris, do not forget to answer when will the article about American missiles outside the United States.

    • boggled

      As a force preventing aggression, the USA has what, about 900 military bases worldwide?
      Then you have NATO aligned bases.
      So yeah, they have bases everywhere and missiles everywhere.
      What is your point Syava?

      Eliot Higgins (the OWNER of Bellingcat makes decisions on future projects and what gets posted) has every right to run the website as he sees fit.
      Not Chris (although it is a group effort and I am sure they ,BC crew and supporters at CheckDesk and other public contributed investigations, all have input).

      It is nice of you to offer suggestions of what you would like to see, but ultimately Mr. Higgins runs the show.

      AS far as your list of countries and hoping for articles on them, Syava, there is a little thing called a search box up there.
      Click on it and you may be amazed at how many different articles touch on those countries.

      From what I see, Bellingcat writes many articles about different sections of the world, not just the Russian Federation.
      The Kremlin needs its bubble busted about all its lies it tells the world and its people and I am glad BC is so helpful in exposing the outright fabrications and manufactured stories of vova.

      If Russia goes back into its little hole and concentrates on helping its own nation and rebuilding from within, there would be little to write about them on.
      Then BC has its pick of ~200 different countries to do reports on.

      50 percent of Russia has no hot water or running water, that is more then 50 MILLION people Syava.
      50 MILLION mothers, children, and others.
      It has an HIV/AIDS epidemic running out of control.
      Tuberculous, diphtheria, and many other diseases are rampant.
      Alcoholism and drug use is a major problem there, resulting in many deaths.
      It has the nom de guerre of being the Capital of the World’s fascists groups, half of them have offices there.

      It has a million people a year leaving the Russian Federation for greener pastures.
      Yes, the last year had a million or so Ukrainian refugees, but most of them have left again being just migrant workers and have sought other countries to live.

      Don’t you think that should be the Kremlin’s main concern right now and the past 30 years?
      Instead, they are going around waging their own created and escalated wars in Ukraine and Syria( and lying to the Russian population about them) and creating hatred towards Russians for many future generations.

      You would see a lot less Russian articles, if the concentrated on domestic problems instead of the Kremlin making its sole goal in life to degrade America from being a Superpower, and trying to reclaim their seat as one.
      They actually may have become a Superpower again, if they concentrated on domestic problems.
      AS I see it now, they will not regain that title for the next 30 years at least.

      They will remain a gas station with nuclear missiles that has a horrible complex about their value of human life.
      And that is it.
      Next ten years for Russia will see China taking over large parts of it, or the Kremlin selling it off to the highest bidder.
      They have already sold off a large part of Siberia for China to develop and bring its people in.
      The Kremlin could prevent that if they paid attention to taking care of itself and the festering wounds it has already.

      Chris and BC crew, it is interesting to see how the Kremlin defenders are working your comment board pleading for different articles and at the same time trying to discredit your honesty by claiming your biased by being proDemocracy and USA aligned.

      Screw them, were the badge of being proFreedom aligned with honor, and keep pointing out the flaws of the Kremlin’s autocratic organized criminal organization sponsor of terrorism masquerading as a government

      Fare thee well

      • boggled

        correction – were – wear the badge of being aligned with proFreedom countries with honor

        And your welcome Rick.

      • John Zenwirt


        “50 percent of Russia has no hot water or running water…”

        And fifty % of Russian Hospitals have no running hot water, also…

  8. Syava

    Dear Chris.
    You write an article about American missiles?
    Or the State Department does not give money for such an article?
    Section revelations about America is waiting for, write about Serbia, Libya, Iraq, the bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan. You find it easier to write about it. We are waiting for the articles.
    Or freedom of speech in America is not?

    • John Zenwirt

      Syava: “Or the State Department does not give money for such an article?”

      You have the wrong nation; it’s only the USSR that has an active social-media propaganda HQ, where the Putin-Trolls, such as you write lies from…


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