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June 29, 2017

By Chris Biggers

China’s Liaoning Departs Qingdao

China’s aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, has departed its home port of Qingdao, recent imagery acquired by Planet confirms. China’s Ministry of Defense said the carrier would conduct routine training while also making a two day port call in Hong Kong.  This year marks the former city state’s 20th anniversary under Chinese rule since being handed…

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June 12, 2017

By Narine Khachatryan

Cataloging Violence Targeting Journalists in Armenia’s 2017 Elections

The numerous cases of violence targeting journalists in Armenia during its April 2, 2017, parliamentary elections highlight the failure of the state’s authorities to keep their promise of ensuring that elections would be held on the highest level possible. At least ten journalists of local media outlets were reported to have been subjected to obstruction…

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May 15, 2017

By Xu Tianran

Size Estimations of Missiles Displayed in Recent North Korean Military Parade

Appropriate references can help observers determine the size of North Korean rockets with modest confidence. Using this method, the author has previously identified the unique North Korean SCUD-ER ballistic missile by establishing its body diameter at almost exact 1 meter instead of the common SCUD’s 0.88m width[1]. Images from recent parades and test firing of…

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June 1, 2016

By Chris Biggers

China Deploys UAVs to Woody Island

In case you missed it, over the US Memorial Day weekend new satellite imagery was published showing some new developments on Woody Island, China’s important governing outpost for its claimed islands in the South China Sea. The space snapshots acquired during April by ImageSat International (ISI) show new drone deployments to the expanded island adding…

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May 13, 2016

By Chris Biggers

Update: ROK Jeju Island Naval Base

As South Korea readies to boost naval diplomacy in the region by hosting Pacific Reach 2016, new satellite imagery of the recently inaugurated Jeju island naval base was made available in Google Earth. The recent space snapshots acquired in March show several completed site improvements including new administrative and support buildings, athletic fields, roads, an extensive peninsular…

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May 9, 2016

By Chris Biggers

Vietnam’s Cam Ranh Airport Developments

The latest commercial satellite imagery available in Google Earth shows some new developments at Vietnam’s Cam Ranh Airport. In March, the north eastern support area appeared complete and new aircraft environmental shelters were erected on the parking apron. The southwest support area still showed construction activity at several new support and administrative buildings. As noted…

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April 12, 2016

By Masis Ingilizian

Azerbaijan’s Incremental Increase On The Nagorno Karabagh Frontline

The Red line illustrates the distance between the demarcation line and the newly seized post of Lele Tepe, a distance of approximately 1 km. On April 2nd, reports began to flood in from the Northern villages of Karabagh regarding a major Azerbaijani offensive on their territory. By April 3rd, Azerbaijan’s President Aliyev openly admitted that…

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