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Liveblog: 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

November 8, 2016

By Bellingcat Investigation Team

Bellingcat Investigation Team

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  1. Will Solly

    To end obstruction minimum DEMS must control Senate. To get GOP to act ethically DNC need House as well. Republicans will only become rational when crushed

  2. Ernie Haggard

    I know that Secretary Hillary Clinton has prepared two speaches; one for winning, and a gracious one for losing. Is Donald Trump capable of winning or losing graciously?

  3. stranger

    Trump is unpredictable, but Hillary was openly hostile to Russia. If Trump helps to restore the relationships between USA and Russia and the war in Ukraine is over via diplomacy I would be very happy. So far it looks so, time will show. Good morning, America.

  4. Mad Dog

    Hostile is as hostile does. Russian troops in the Donbass despite protestations that they aren’t there (like in Crimea) don’t help, just as protestations that blatant airstrikes by Russian forces were actually just militants shooting mortars or that nothing actually happened do not help. Russia could act seriously to help right the relationship, but instead they just use force, whenever and wherever (and then lie about it).

  5. stranger

    That started from Maydan and the color revolution of 2004. Ukraine has always had a special meaning for Russia. Kiev is where Russia begins from.
    The western countries and especially US should not have played geopolitical games in the post Soviet space trying to split the countries and incite them to each other and by any means prevent reintegration ’cause they thought they have defeated USSR and are afraid any new strong rival may appear at the remnants.
    The proposed Euro Association was disgracing, it was very unfavorable to Ukraine. It has been in effect for already 3 years – did it help Ukraine? No Ukraine has exhausted all its quotas because they were so low. And now Holland is discussing to terminate even that. Ukrainians were deceived by promising to enter Europe.
    It is wrong to say all Ukrainians supported the coup, Crimea and South East definitely weren’t, they were helped from outside first of all by US.
    Remember Clinton in 2012 – ‘we are trying to influence the governments of post Soviet states, we will not allow the union of Russia with Ukraine, Belarus and the post Soviet states’. She said that dirictly – opened all government secrets as she later did in her leaked mail.
    US should not have intruded into the area which was always related to Russia so ignorantly and rudely importing their favorite regime changed they have used in the ME and all over the globe. That was an unfair dirty play.
    Now Clinton together with all previous administration has gotten lost. That gives a hope to the change of their external policy and to rebuild the relationships between US and Russia.
    Blame your government in the first turn.

  6. stranger

    Most important, that were American people who drove Clinton away, together with all Obama’s administration, since Clinton was their candidate. That shows a huge gap between the lying and frequently dirty major mass media and their auditorium, the regular people. All those polittechnologiests, social polls, analysts and journalists have shown their comolete incompetence. Americans tired of lies and wars proved that mass propaganda sucks, simply doesn’t work. Bravo!


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