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Category: Rest of World

May 4, 2015

By Masis Ingilizian

Azerbaijan and Israel’s Aerospace Industry. A Worrying Concern for Armenia or Iran?

The border of Nagorno Karabagh, one of the most militarized borders in Europe, attracts attention from think tanks, European organizations and major powers. The frontline between Armenia and Azerbaijan replicates WW1 style trenches and its distance between the two opposing trenches in certain sections are a mere 500 metres in distance.  Azerbaijan’s official rhetoric has…

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February 22, 2015

By Ethan Rosen

What is China Building in the South China Sea?

The South China Sea contains some of the planet’s most disputed territory. Six countries — China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Brunei — are squaring off as they compete over the rights to the sea. The dispute centers on the contested Spratly Island Chain, a hodgepodge of small islands and submerged reefs which lie…

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September 29, 2014

By Frederic Jacobs

Occupy Central: Is the Mesh Ready for Prime-time?

Since Saturday, Hong Kongers have been occupying the center of the city. As with many of these grassroots movements before, pictures showing massive protests flooded social media. Defying police, thousands of demonstrating block main highway connecting Central and Wanchai to protest China. — Alan Wong (@alanwongw) September 28, 2014 On Sunday, an increasing number…

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