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November 9, 2018

By Dan Kaszeta

Debunking Maps of Alleged “Islamic No Go Zones” in London

Various right-of-centre political commenters have, at different times, alluded to the existence of so-called “Islamic no go zones” in Western Europe. Generally, these are defined broadly and variously areas where the local authorities do not have effective police presence, a majority of the local population is Muslim, and “Sharia law” is in effect. Some commenters…

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July 28, 2014

By Peter Jukes

How Rebekah Brooks Withheld Beckham Kidnap Info, Hired Criminals for the Fake Sheikh, and Scotland Yard and the CPS Did Nothing

A follow up piece on the Fake Sheikh by occasional contributor, Joe Public. Crossposted at Fothom.  In what echoes the 24 hour delay it took for News of the World to inform police of their Milly Dowler hacked messages, Rebekah Brooks withheld information from the police in regards to an alleged Victoria Beckham kidnap plot…

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