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Russia Ante Portas: Updated Satellite Imagery Shows Border Crossings and Artillery Sites

June 15, 2016

By Bellingcat Investigation Team

Translations: Русский

Google Earth has recently added updated satellite imagery at the Russia-Ukraine border for August 26, 2014, near the height of Russian intervention in Ukraine. These satellite images show the deployment of Russian military vehicles and artillery positions, along with newly-created paths into Ukraine. The timing of this satellite imagery coincides with a major surge in Russian activities in Ukraine near the border crossing points, including the sightings of Russian servicemen in a village about a dozen kilometers from the border crossing point.

The orange line marks cross-border vehicle path. The yellow line marks the Russia-Ukraine border, according to Google Earth. The line along the treeline is the more accurate representation of the border.

Figure 1: The orange line marks cross-border vehicle paths which did not exist in satellite imagery from August 23, 2014. The yellow line marks the Russia-Ukraine border, according to Google Earth. The line along the treeline is the more accurate representation of the border.

Figure 1, seen above, shows vehicles at the border location of 47.608336, 38.350813, near the Ukrainian villages of Kumachove and Ulyanivs’ke. The worn path from Russia into Ukraine, seen as an orange line above, did not exist in the August 23, 2014 satellite imagery on Digital Globe (see Figure 35 here), indicating that it was created between the afternoon of August 23 and 26. Reuters reported on August 26, 2014 that dozens of “unidentified, heavily-armed strangers with Russian accents” appeared in a village 14 kilometers northwest of this border crossing point. These men, wearing white bands on their arms and legs, brought military ration packs with them and military equipment with their identifying marks painted over with white circles, and were unfamiliar with the area. Soldiers with white bands on their arms/legs and Russian tanks with obfuscating marks are long-established symbols of Russian intervention, best described by Askai707 in his research. The white circle was used specifically by Russia’s 6th Tank Battalion. An example of two findings from Askai are seen below in figures 2 and 3. In the first, Askai707 demonstrates how Russian servicemen were located in Ukraine near a village that was captured by Russian/separatist forces on August 30, 2014. In the second, he shows how Russian tanks were painted with white circles in Russia before being deployed into Ukraine, where they were photographed on the battlefield.


Figure 2: Russian servicemen Anton Dmitriyev and Roman Gromov at the Ukrainian village of Chervonosilske. For more information on these soldiers and their military activities in Ukraine, see “Russia’s 6th Tank Brigade: The Dead, the Captured, and the Destroyed Tanks (Pt. 2)


Left: Russian tanks on the battlefield in eastern Ukraine, with white circles. Right: Russian tanks at a military base of the 6th Tank Brigade, with white circles at the same location.

Figure 3: Left: Destroyed Russian tank filmed in September 2014 on a battlefield south of Ilovaisk, Ukraine, with white circles.
Right: Russian tanks in September 2014 in Russia, with servicemen of the 6th Tank Brigade, with white circles at the same location. For more information, see aforementioned article on the 6th Tank Brigade.

Along with this incident, ten Russian paratroopers were captured in Dzerkal’ne, approximately 21 kilometers north of the border crossing in Figure 1, at about the same time as the Reuters report and the creation of these border-crossing paths. The ten Russian servicemen claimed that they got “lost” while on patrols.

Military vehicles inside of Russia near a border crossing point.

Figure 4: Military vehicles inside of Russia near a border crossing point.

Above, Figure 4 shows Russian military camps near the border, within Russia on August 26, 2014. These locations were described by Maria Tsvetkova in a Reuters article from August 28, 2014, in which soldiers had white bands around their arms and legs, and had military vehicles adorned with white circles. One soldier stated that he comes from Ivanovo, the home of Russia’s 98th Guards Airborne Division. On the left, at 47.594456, 38.401101, a camp is set up with tents, vehicles, and likely the medical camp that Tsvetkova described on August 28, 2014. The middle location, at 47.603747, 38.388093, and right location, at 47.599805, 38.378667, show the deployment of additional military vehicles closer to the border crossing.

Figure 7:

Figure 5: Military vehicles on the move near the Russia-Ukraine border.

Part of Figure 4 is seen above, with an array of military vehicles moving towards the Russia-Ukraine border.

Figure 5: A truck on the move towards a border crossing point.

Figure 6: A vehicle inside Ukraine on the move towards Russia on the path crossing the border.

The above satellite imagery shows a vehicle using the same border path in Figure 1, but inside of Ukraine. This imagery further illustrates how this border crossing path was heavily utilized after August 23, 2014, with this vehicle returning from near an active combat zone.

Figure 6:

Figure 7: Newly-created border crossing point at the Russia-Ukraine border.

Newly-updated imagery shows how the border crossing path from the September 14, 2014 imagery was created. This path, located at 47.608262, 38.350483, did not not exist in mid-July 2014, was in the process of being created in late August, and was clearly visible by mid-September.

Along with a view at border traffic, the updated August 26, 2014 satellite imagery shows the deployment of Russian artillery systems pointed towards Ukraine, and the aftermath of artillery strikes with burned earth. The coordinates of each of the sites are visible on the bottom of each screen shot.

Figure 8:

Figure 8: Artillery positions located 2.6 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, pointing northwest.

Figure 9:

Figure 9: Artillery positions located 2.4 kilometers from the Ukrainian border pointing northwest.

Figure 10:

Figure 10: Artillery positions and military equipment (by the treeline) located 1 kilometer from the Ukrainian border.

Figure 11:

Figure 11: MRLS positions located approximately 5.8 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, pointing west and northwest.

Figure 12:

Figure 12: Artillery positions located 1.4 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, pointing north-northwest.

Figure 13:

Figure 13: Artillery positions located 1.1 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, pointing north-northwest.


Figure 14:

Figure 14: Site of outgoing fire pointing northwest without MRLS equipment present, located 5.5 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.


Figure 15:

Figure 15: Site of outgoing fire pointing northwest without artillery equipment present, located 3.3 kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

Finally, a map of all of these artillery positions (red) and sites mentioned regarding border crossings (green) can be shown on a single map:

Artillery firing sites in red, and sites described in border crossings section of this post in green.

Figure 16: Artillery firing sites in red, and sites described in border crossings section of this post in green.

The August 26, 2014 satellite imagery from Google Earth allows us a closer view into the Russian invasion of Ukraine from two summers ago. The border crossing paths revealed in this imagery shows us the paths used for Russian and “separatist” offenses in late August, and possibly the paths used by the Russian soldiers described in August reports from Reuters. Previous Bellingcat research into “Russia’s Paths to War” can be found here. Additionally, the artillery firing positions give further proof of Russian shelling of Ukrainian positions from the summer of 2014, as described in a previous Bellingcat report.

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  1. James

    Another bellingcat “objective” investigation?
    No thanks 🙂 The financial source of that resource has been uncovered already.

    • Alex

      James (or Ivan), the “financial source” is irrelevant to the actual facts which clearly and unambiguously evidence Russian military aggression against Ukraine. This could have happened only with Putin’s approval which makes Putin an international criminal. I hope Putin and his cronies will sooner rather than later end up in the International Criminal Court for all the war crimes and crimes against humanity that have committed in Ukraine and elsewhere.

      • Rick

        It’s just easy for Russian Trolls to deflect from the facts.. Facts are facts..

    • Punisher

      Another Russian Troll Fool that thinks “The financial source ” has anything to do with Facts and Evidence of Russian Fascists invading Ukraine 🙂 A logic of a true deepshit.

  2. FatDave

    Yet another invaluable piece of work. So to recap:
    Russia invaded Georgia
    Russia invaded the Ukraine and annexed the Crimea
    Russia is fermenting and supporting the armed separatists fighting a bloody civil war
    Russian-backed separatists shot down a civilian airliner and is trying to cover it up
    Russia is bombing civilians inside Syria, pretending to target “terrorists”
    Russia continues to prop up a Syrian dictator who used CW on his own people
    Russia football hooligans are causing chaos in France and trying to blame the English
    Russia was actually on the Nazis side until 1941 and is therefore partially responsible for the Holocaust

    Have I missed anything?

      • stranger

        Please clarify, boats and planes were in the Latvian air space and waters or maybe in the international neutral one? How was that against Latvia?

        • dim

          Sure in international neutral space, but everybody knows that Putin wants to invade Latvia.

          • stranger

            Putin doesn’t want to invade Latvia. Who told you that? NAT0 or maybe Latvian politicians? Why do you think he wants and for what any reason?

          • stranger

            What do you mean by this article? I thought we were talking about Latvia. How ‘everybody knows’ …

          • Geo

            Ah, trolls appearing to disagree and misunderstand each other? Priceless!

          • Geo

            Arguments for what? Your conspiracy theories, or you denying facts Russia invaded Georgia trying to explain “it started first”? Just like Poland killing German officers as pretense for ww2, which in reality was planned out before, just like Russian invasion of Georgia or Ukraine

          • dim

            Russia did not invaded Georgia, what are you talking about?
            They kicked those agressors asses and leave.

          • stranger

            Please find the Putins direct speach in the article, to get how Mr Crafty Fox is trying to fool you here.

            Even though that was not even his direct speach, but retold by Poroshenko, it doesn’t mean he threatened to invade Baltics. Ironically it means exactly the opposite.

          • Rick

            As a Russian Troll “Stranger” Nothing you say has any basis in truth.. So really… Who cares what you have to say

          • Geo

            Rick – I just ignore this “Stranger”. He doesn’t argue about facts, he brings up topics that are propaganda and deviate from the topic. Typical troll behavior.

          • Rick

            You are delusional stranger… why would anyone look up propaganda spewed by a Russian Troll like yourself

          • stranger


            1) if you accuse me in propaganda or been delusional, please give a corresponding citation, take responsibility for your words

            2) I just proposed to open the link and find the original Putins speach based on which all that article is blown from nothing and compare the original with the conclusions made. But you are too afraid to read the article, your fellow troll gave, because it may shake your faith, and prefer to attack personally to avoid thinking

          • stranger

            Geo, I really appreciate you are igno ring me, because you give no any reasonable ideas to discuss, but just a flow of politicized slogans aka propaganda.

            If you wish facts and are unable to open and read the article your fellow troll Mr Crafty Fox gave us, let me help, not be accused in hollow words:

            The assumption Putin is threatening to invade Poland, Romania and Baltics is based on retelling by president Poroshenko – that is already funny by itself, and the first article mentions it:
            “Mr Poroshenko is the only alleged source for Mr Putin’s latest threat, and there will be concerns he might be motivated to exaggerate in order to strengthen EU and Nato support for Ukraine.”

            Even if we believe Poroshenko gave the only original Putin’s citation accurately, but just misinterpreted it:
            “If I wanted, in two days I could have Russian troops not only in Kiev, but also in Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Warsaw and Bucharest”
            Even in English it uses a the subjunctive mood, i hope you are aware of the English Grammar.

            Most probably Poroshenko accused Putin in threatening eastern Europe and he answered that if he wanted he could do it, meaning completely the opposite, that there is no a slightly intention to do that.

            Maybe Putin is evil, what is going on in Ukraine is terrible, and Russia is responsible to a high extent, but if he or Russia didn’t threaten Baltics and Europe, he didn’t. That articles, the first one is more balanced, the second one is a pure fantasy in Opinions column, are a typical example of ‘demonization’ we discussed with Boggled.

            The demonization at a political leader level in order to justify unpopular decisions on sanctions, on deployment of NAT0 troops in Baltics, on removal of inconvenient political leader. The demonization on a personal level: ‘ah, it’s russian, we would not ever hear him’ in order to support this weird propaganda.

            So guys, who are real zomb1es here and believe in propaganda? Don’t you see it?

        • Alex

          Stranger (or another Ivan), you might need to clarify to yourself how Ukraine joining the NATO is against Russia in any way. It will then be easier for you to understand what Putin does near the Latvia’s boarder.

          • stranger

            Alex, (or just another cad) is Ukraine already joining NAT0? You should urgently call NAT0 headquarters and tell – they still don’t know about that!
            So what do you think Putin is doing at Latvia’s borders? The territory of Russia is traitorously crawling to NAT0 borders?

    • stranger

      Georgia started, Saakhashvily attacked South Osetia, Georgian separatist region, and killed several Russian soldiers from the peace making contingent.
      To believe Russia is ever partially responsible for Holocaust is beyond any san1ty. If it was not for Russia, actually Soviet Union, naz1s would exterminate all Jews in addition to a half of Slavs.

      • Geo

        Peacekeeping force? Under which mandate??? Was it approved by Georgia or UN? Or was that an invasion force? Russia not to blame of course, they did not give passports to Ossetians and Abkhazians…

        • stranger

          No that was long before the ‘invasion’, since probably the collapse of USSR in 1991 when nations of Caucasus started wars with each other. I need to read something like wiki to answer if it was agreed with Georgia and UN or not. Russian peace makers had been there for years before, as far as I know. Saakhashvily knew that, he knew he would clash with Russia, but he anyway decided to return the separatist republics by force, inspired by US instructors trained his army. And US didn’t support him, maybe he counted on that. Russia didn’t go to the Georgian capital on the other hand, I have no idea if there were such plans or the participation of EU, particularly Sarkozy helped to stop.

          • Geo

            The only thing Russia did was create and forment the separatist movements. In Crimea, eastern Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan. Make these open wounds in those countries to control them and invade under fake pretenses. Regarding “peace makers” – Chechens will be controlling peace with Russians in Moscow soon, you’ve got what you asked for. Keep it up.

          • stranger

            Don’t confuse the cause and the effect. It was not Russia to create all those hot spots, Russia tried to mediate and separate the sides so that they didn’t kill each other’s. Take a look at Armenia and Ayzerbaydzhan where Russia was not involved.

          • Geo

            Russia WAS involved. To say it was not and it was doing a peacekeeping mission is to say USSR did the same in Eastern Europe after WW2. Or to say it liberated Western Ukraine from evil capitalists in 1939 and didn’t just participate starting WW2 along with Germany. Which was just area projection and occupation. Finland was smart enough not to fall into Russian trap with “democratic republic of Finland”. Years passed, but Soviet-Stalin-Russian policies continue to be the same

          • Geo

            You clearly omitted the facts that the commission didn’t designate Russia as only peacekeeping force. That commission with Georgia always in 1:3 minority was designed to keep it that way. As for justifying the invasion – should have Ukraine invade Russia after it annexed Crimea? Should it have the rights to bomb Russian cities?

          • dim

            No, Russia was not the only force – SO WHAT?
            What should one of the peacekeeping forces do after another peacekeeping force attack and kill citizens and kill peacekeepers?
            Call to a four-side dialog?
            LOL. Maybe they should do that after Bataclan or 9/11.

          • dim

            If you read carefully you will learn tha those two men were not the first killed.
            Even now it is not the reason for artillery strike on peaceful citizens made by Saakashvili.

      • Frank

        Russian’s played a great role in freeing Europe from the nazis.
        However, initially the Soviet Union leaders and Nazi Germany signed a non-aggression pact in 1939. Included were agreements about the export of military equipment from the soviet union to nazi germany and a secret protocol that divided territories of Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland.
        Stalin invaded Poland, just as Germany.
        Hitler ended the pact by launching an attack on the Soviet positions in eastern Poland (1941) and started the luckily non-successful invasion of the Soviet Union.
        After this of course the Soviet Union was drawn into the war against nazi Germany.
        Propaganda and lying was a serious political instrument, as it is now. A society lacking some form of control mechanism, investigate journalism, a critical organized society is most vulnerable to these kind of things.

    • Mr Fox

      Yes, the millions of Polish and Ukrainian they killed assisting their Nazi allies with the Holocaust;-

      The Holodomor (just as horrible as the holocaust)

      And the military occupation and enslavement of eastern Europe resulting in decades of oppression and murder perpetrated against their slave nations and decades of economic and social stagnation.

    • leho

      Yap, the invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 was also substantial. In 1939 they divided Poland with Nazi Germany and the following year swallowed Baltic republics. The same year invaded also Finland. Actually, Russia have been expanding during the past 1000 years, that’s why she is so big; she just got very fat and should go on diet immediately. But I would give them at least some credit for stopping Tatars and Mongols before they could invade Europe, but that’s no excuse for what they have been doing since Stalin…

    • Aric Toler

      Haven’t used it. Can do semi-accurate measurements within Google Earth. This tool looks interesting though, I may check it out.

        • Aric Toler

          I check out webtalk every week or so. I think that I could show them a picture of a tree in my back yard and Kemet would find 10 theories and write 300 pages with mathematical equations about how it’s fake. He relies on imperfect measurement methods to point out supposed discrepancies that can be explained by perspective, poor photo quality, etc.

          • dim

            But do YOU rely on perfect methods only?
            Your explanation of russian DoD satellite photos with ukrainian BUK was of the same kind.
            I even dont talk about missile smoke trace.

          • Aric Toler

            Our purchase of the 17 July DG image proved us to be right regarding the Ukrainian Buk satellite images. Every bit of evidence that has emerged, especially the Makiivka video and accompanying satellite image, goes against the conspiracies of Paris Match truthers. So, I’ll let those results speak for themselves.

          • dim

            What purchase are you talking about?
            Give me the link to read.
            I meant your shameful Error Level Analysis.

  3. Mr.Bushkin

    While there is basically no way to distinguish between an alleged T-72B3 and a widely exported T-72M1M mod. 2005 with Contact-5 ERA on turret in case of tanks seen in Figure 3, the sighting of a soviet TOS-1 by OSCE in Sept. 2015 is indeed strange.

    • Andrea

      posted on this website a comment about that TOS-1 when that report was released…it unchained a certain troll (Randy Dread)…

  4. Nadia Tabler

    Thank you very much for your invaluable job. I am in UK and would be happy to help you any way possible. I speak or understand all local languages: Russian, Ukranian, Polish, Lithuanian, Byelorussian

  5. unclejoe

    Russiophobia is strong I see. The paths could be made by Ukrainians running away to Russia from conflict zone, aferall 4 million of them already moved to Russia. As for military equpment it only makes sense russians placed equipment next to the conflict zone.

    • Geo

      Unclejoe — Not 4M but all 40M Ukrainians moved to Russia. Nobody left in Ukraine except Yarosh with Poroshenko and now Savchenko. You are issuing old матодичка. And the military equipment and MLRS systems are not military but eastern Ukrainians тракторист на тракторах moving their last meager possessions to Russia.

      Gosh, if you are Olgino trolls, you are so pathetic! And if you aren’t trolls and believe in what you write – you are incredibly and utterly brain washed and brain dead

      • stranger

        Geo, tell me please…

        Everybody has already heard and understood about Olgino.

        But, where are all anti-Russia trolls are coming from? If we are talking about organized funded groups, not distinct enthusiasts. There are several possibilities:

        1) Ukrainian government, take a look here, that is being discussed openly:
        2) US non government funds, called ‘for the development of democracy’, ‘for all good’, etc funded by philanthropists like Gourge Soros, etc
        3) US government, directly or indirectly via information resources like Radio Liberty financde by US congress
        4) NAT0 – that is the least likely case, but the information wars may be considered an important part of the conventional ones, see also the link above
        5) Non government funds affiliated with Russia, like the Open Russia funded by Khodorkovskiy, who pursue to change the government in Russia and gat to the power

        What are your ideas on the sources of funding and organization of anti-Russian information campaigns and the army of full time trolls? You would not deny that there are full time anti Russian trolls, would you?

          • stranger

            Oi-Oi, i’m saying what i’m thinking, if you perceive that as a sophism – your problems, really. Nevertheless you are always welcome to argue or tell something smart and interesting instead of personal insults.

            If I wanted to tell for Russian auditory I would write in Russian, right? And at the resources more popular in Russia, correct? I don’t have anything to tell Russians, they know better than me or have own opinions. Instead i’m maybe trying to compensate a strict anti-Russian atmosphere coming from certain commenters here so that people who don’t know anything about Russia (definitely not Russians nor Ukrainians) wouldn’t take them for granted and wouldn’t believe paid or enthusiastic anti-Russian propagandists.

            Because the current situation of hostility, created to a large extent artificially, will be gone sooner or later, the war will end, but the people/countries relations will stay(!)

            Take a look here for example:
            77K tweets for 2 years, >100 twits per day, one twit every 6 minutes, the account created when the war in ukraine intensified in summer 2014, the same time BC article refers to. There are other very similar twitter accounts, posting the same propagandistic stuff, arguing with real official figures, like journalists and politicians, by any means trying to prove Russia is wrong, not shy by distorting and intentionally mispresenting (a polite way to say lying) the facts. Many of such accounts look like twins, writing the same stuff, the same way, the same rate. America has always been a way too technological and spirit less in social sciences.

            I’ve seen a lot of pro-Russian twitters doing pretty much the same from the other side. But that is not so interesting, let’s assume Olgino, RT, Russian state sponsored maybe, plus enthusiasts including those with good intentions.

            Now tell me please, if those people on twitter are working 24/7 to blame and frame Russia, where do they get money for living, mortgages, paying bills, going to the grocery stores, and all of that in America where you cannot live w/o money even a day. So my question again who is financing them and for what reason/aim? Please find the options in the post above.

          • stranger

            And as for Khodorkovsky, he is actively pursuing and funding the change of power in Russia. I didn’t say he is anti-Russian, but I the last thing I believe is his honest and noble intentions. We already had one revolutionary leader hiding in Switzerland from Russian police and planning revolution in Russia. His name was Vladimir Lenin in 1917 – that was more than enough, thanks.

            As for the journalist detained in Crimea, that is very serious, but need more details. Let’s wait while any news appears. If that is true, the news will appear everywhere very soon. We can tell what exactly it was and why then.

        • Geo

          You don’t get it. Your Russian government is a criminal dictatorship organization. And reports about its such activities aren’t appearing because of “anti-Russian sentiment or groups”, but because YOUR GOVERNMENT IS COMMITTING THESE ACTIONS!!! But you are so delusional that you ignore every single fact/evidence, you can’t argue about the merits of the case. Your behavior can be well explained by any medica psychologist. But I am not the one, so I will put it in simpler terms. Your Russian government made a conspiracy zombie out of you, you are a living proof of Putin’s mad propaganda. Now no matter what it does – you would support it. The history knows some cases of such mass-level hysteria and brain washing. Goebbels would have been so proud of Russian media organizers!

          But whether Russia ends up in WW3 and get defeated, or slow economic and cultural stagnation and eventual break up like USSR, or even slower and utter collapse like North Korea – only time will tell and the choices YOU make. In any case – you can thank Putin for that.

          • stranger

            Geo, you are a pretty canonical example of anti-Russian zombie I talked about to oui oui above. Would you mind giving a link to your twitter so that we knew better all the sphere of your interests and how much time do you spend on anti-Russian propaganda verses working for a living. So that it would be clear are you getting any money for your stupid bs.

            Again, I don’t justify Russia and I know how many problems exist and don’t appreciate the Russian involvement in the eastern Ukraine. But discussing that in your stupid propagandistic terms means don’t respect yourself and the readers. Just reread yourself, please. And answer what do you think on the question on professional trolls I asked you. Thanks!

          • Geo

            I gave you the answer (what you call “trolling” is actually journalists proving criminal activities of Russian government; trust me, intelligence services of all countries already know this, and they have actually acted to ease up the situation and minimize those facts leaking to media with hope that Russian government could be changed and not act like a wounded bear with atomic weapon = “monkey with granade”). But you ignored it. Just like you ignore the facts on the ground. There is no arguing with you.

          • stranger

            Spare me from arguing with you please.
            I asked who is financing those ‘journalists’ who don’t write any articles or investigations, which you can normally expect from an usual journalist activity, but are buzzing 24/7 on the twitter, posting one tweet every 5 minutes on average for several years Please note they need to eat, sleep, etc, when do they have time to work for a living, or that is their job?
            Just one example there are many more. Just spend 5 min to read what they are writing and try to find at least one their article before calling them ‘journalists’.

          • Geo

            Funded by public and from the ads on the websites they post to. Not everything is fine like in Russia where the king doles out money to whomever writes well about him.

          • stranger

            Let’s review the particular example here:
            What public would like to donate for that kind of activity (read – bs, excuse me)? Are those trolls doing any investigation, any articles, anything constructive, people could learn from, like or appreciate in any way?
            I don’t mean OSINT resources or real journalists with a name, that is a different story. Just the army of internet anti-Russian trolls, some of them obviously paid.
            You are avoiding the answer and trying to mispresent that as, you know, all the good vs all the evil, or something idealistic and hence, you know, hypocritical. As if you are talking with kids or imbeciles, really. That’s how you can distinguish trolls and propagandists from real people.

          • Geo

            You are attempting to redirect the discussion here to irrelevant branch. I know this is Olgino’s trademark, but it’s not going to work. Go to Russian hate and paranoia’s forums.

          • stranger

            Don’t tell me what to do and I will not tell you where to go (c)
            Thanks for your cooperation!

          • Geo

            Stranger, you act like a child. Please tell your managers at Olgino to stop hiring underage workers, it’s against even Russian laws.

          • stranger

            I didn’t try to insult you, just was responding to your thrusts :))))
            I’m not from Olgino, and not a troll, how many times to repeat?

          • stranger

            Geo, and you’ve started to forget Russian language in immigration: ‘матодичка’ does not originates from the word ‘мат’ and ‘тракторист’ cannot ride several ‘тракторы’ at the same time, it’s single/plural inconsistency. Learn Russian harder, otherwise your value will lower from your supervisors prospective. : )
            Sorry, a joke, you started.

          • stranger

            Geo, because ‘матодичка’ as you spelled it, sounds pretty funny in Russian. I understand what you tried to say – a guidebook stems from the word ‘метод’ (method), rather than ‘мат’ (obscene slang). In you spelling as ‘мат…’ it would to be a guideline book on obscene slang. Which has never been invented so far, but might be a useful tool against trolls. 🙂

            What your supervisors would say, please learn Russian language harder, otherwise your value would decrease in their eyes and then the salary. 🙂 kidding

        • Sammy


          “anti Russian trolls”?

          I wonder if Hitler’s SS complained about “anti Nazi trolls”?

          Would you suggest that everyone that complained about the Nazis were paid trolls?


          Then don’t assume that everyone that complains about Russian crimes and annexation of Crimea are paid trolls.

          The parallels of Nazi Germany and Putin Russia behavior are noticed throughout the world.

          Nobody needs to be paid to comment to oppose Russia.

          • stranger

            Sam, you should be absolutely ignorant in recent history to ever compare Naz1 German with Russia or USSR. Naz1sm was based on racism and domination of one ethnicity on the others. What a small difference? That has never been a case in Russia. Russia is a multinational and multicultural country, similar by that to the US melting pot, and that is the strongest side of both nations besides all the differences.

            As for the paid trolls, your guy have been always yelling Olgino trolls, Russian trolls, Savushkina 55, aaaaaah. And the trolls themselves have been yelling louder than anybody else. And now recently I saw our friend Boggled on twitter doing pure trolling activity 24/7.

            Try to get rid of double standards, I understand how difficult it is.

          • Geo

            Yeah and Русский Мир invented by anti Russian propaganda?

          • stranger

            Geo, I have no idea what do you mean by Русский Мир. Give the links to normal balanced journalists in Russia who are ever talking about that in such prospective. There is a difference between Russia as a country and as ethnicity. There is no word Русский there, because it cannot be based on ethnicity, this topic is kind of prohibited in Russia, there are hundreds of ethnicities in Russian Federation and all associate themselves with Russia, appealing to ethnicity would be very dangerous.

          • Geo

            Stranger, you continue to completely misrepresent what is going on in Russia. You can tell these fairytales to your kids but not people who monitor Russian media and government. Let me tell you that you are falling miserably. Your bosses waste money with you.

          • stranger

            Geo, you bosses will fire you for ignorance and funny spelling errors in Russian. мАтодичка deceives to become a mem.
            Ok. If you accuse me in misinterpretation, let’s review this particular example. I may be affected by my personal view and opinion.
            Btw, what makes you think you understand Russia? Have you lived in Russia and got it from the first hands?
            For me Русский Мир sounds a little bit chivenistic, I don’t exclude you could have heard it in Donbas or even maybe from Kiselev tv.
            Give us please a link to an article explaining what do you understand under that and where is it found. The resource should be from Russia (not Ukraine) and it should not be strictly propagandistic. Let’s review and compare our understandings.

          • stranger

            I meant – ‘chauvinistic’ my spelling in English is not better…

          • Geo

            Who cares for the spelling errors? Only Russian trolls. For them, misspelling is anti Russian activity

          • stranger

            I just liked your misspelling, that would mean a guidebook on rough obscene slang, aka 4-letter words, must be a secret weapon against trolls as silver bullet against vampires. That spelling may also refer to a math-book, but I like the former interpretation more.
            That also tells Russian is not your native language.
            Other than that I don’t care and beg to forgive my errors.
            Yes, and also all that I’m saying is only my personal opinion.

          • Geo

            No, it actually IS my native language. And all it was just a очепятка. Oh, do try to say anything about the word above!!:-)

          • stranger

            Well, if we are talking about a cultural unity including Russian language, culture, world famous literature and people of different nationalities sharing appealing to that, that must be good. The first part of your link describes that only as a cultural phenomenon.
            But if i heard Русский Мир in a daily context, from mass media or journalist articles, the first thing I would assume would be a kind of nationalistic, chauvinistic context. Which you probably imply.
            So, we need to clarify every time what exactly we are talking about.

          • stranger

            Oh! очепятка Is a great word. That makes a difference, why didn’t you tell that. Do you live is Russia or Ukraine now? Or if not what period did you live in Russia and how long?

          • stranger

            Unless you asked Aric to give you an authentic Russian word to pretend Russian 🙂

          • stranger

            Sam, in the other branch I commented about anti-Russian trolls (they call it anti-Putin but frequently cross the line). They shoot tweets every 3 minutes as if from a sub machine gun for the full working day. That even looks like a troll factory working under a single nickname as you called me previously.
            Aric called me ins-ane for that post.
            You should be in the subscription to that branch. Answer there, if you are not afraid to touch such topic. Instead of general words about mentality etc.

          • stranger

            Sam, comment on particular anti Russian troll accounts if you dare to be objective, if you are not afraid.

          • Sammy


            “Naz1sm was based on racism and domination of one ethnicity on the others.”

            Isn’t that the Russian World?

            Russians view Ukrainians as their “little brothers”.

            Russians view “Russians of Asian decent” as inferior.

            Russia is a multinational and multicultural country, as long as people are willing to submit to the racists running Moscow.

            I don’t get paid to post.

          • Mr Fox

            Pretending other people stoop to their level is a staple attack from the 55 Savushkina Street trolls. It’s a pathetic attempt at an ad-hominem attack;- intended to imply your arguments are paid for and therefor potentially not sound purely because they disagree with their lies.

            And that’s the real difference;- You have to pay for liars but when you do a legion of unpaid people will spring up to argue the truth. It’s the nature of things.

          • stranger

            Mr Fox, you are definitely not a paid troll, just a volunteer troll or an troll-intern. Why can we be so sure? It’s elementary, Watson! Who are going to pay for such ineffeficient nonsense? America always counts their money and never wastes in vain.
            Where is Boggled? He was at least a smart and efficient troll, what he is doing on Twitter probably is worth to be paid from some institutions prospective.
            PS Sam, I address only to Mr Crafty Fox

          • Sammy

            Stranger, you still love the Nazis just like everyone in the troll farm.

            You still deny that Russia invaded Poland

            Russia is the new Fascits and neo-Nazis.

            How is that Ukraine brotherhood working out?

    • Sammy


      Russiaphobia? Naziphobia? Facistphobia?

      Russia is behaving like the Nazis, annexing Crimea.

  6. Mad Dog

    What does any of the above babble have to do with the facts noted above. Great way to divert attention from what this thread is all about, so I suspect that there is very little valid criticism of what was first posted here, i.e. that the Russians were moving heaving military equipment back and forth across the border. The later post on the 200 Brigade (?) just backs up what is being said here. Stranger, you can keep coming up with diversions and some conspiracy theories, but a thinking man like you knows in your heart that Russia did some evil things here in the Ukraine, shedding the blood of both the ‘enemy’ and young Russian troops. So very sad.

    • stranger

      The BC article is clear I really don’t know what to comment on the article. There are some fire traces on the fields, which should not necessarily belong to Russian grads. There are paths and military trucks spotted nearby. A kind of cargo, people trucks, not grads or tanks btw.
      In anyway we can assume rebels could not have stand without Russian support.
      On the other hand it is a mistake to think that it is just Russian invasion which all Ukraine is united to fight against. For 2 years step by step it has turned into a real civil war. That’s why the west don’t give the weapon to Ukraine and insist on Minsk.
      I believe most important question is how to implement Minsk now and finish the military actions and search for a political discharge. The events described in the articles are 2 years old. Instead an aggressive rhetoric is cultivated intended to escalation.

      • Geo

        You are so clueless. “Just fire traces”… I would like to know what you would do if those traces were near or instead of your house. “Civil war”… You underage trolls are absolutely pathetic. But you have done one achievement in your life – studied English. Did you get sent to English speaking country as exchange student, or as a standard KGB “Russia youth” neo nazi group?

      • John Zenwirt

        stranger – June 21st:

        “Unless you asked Aric to give you an authentic Russian word to pretend Russian”

        Come on, that is unfortunate evidence of traits I hoped were not here…

        You think a Poster here, first, communicates w/B/C, for a special Russian Nick, then sets him loose to fight the good fight with the West…

        You really believe that…? It’s really the most crazy Posts you have made; I couldn’t believe it when read 🙂

  7. Punisher

    Hahahaha… so funny to see how the Russian Troll Filth can’t provide even single Counter Argument against Proven Facts, and capable only of denying the Obvious. Pitiful paid whores 🙂


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