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Russia’s 6th Tank Brigade: The Dead, the Captured, and the Destroyed Tanks (Pt. 2)

September 29, 2015

By Askai707

This post originally appeared in Russian on the LiveJournal of Askai707,

English translation by Aric Toler

Translator’s summary:

The following post is the second half of a two-part research project from Askai707. An English translation of the first half can be found here, in which Askai researches the mysterious deaths of two 6th Tank Brigade soldiers during the Battle of Ilovaysk and a Russian T-72B3 tank found on the Ilovaysk battlefield containing the documents of a 6th Tank Brigade serviceman.

In this second part of Askai’s research, his primary findings are that:

  • Two Russian T-72B3 tanks from the 6th Tank Battalion, one damaged and the other destroyed, were in villages near Ilovaysk at the end of August 2014
  • Two Russian servicemen of the 6th Tank Brigade — Ivan Badadin and Evgeny Chernov — were captured by Ukrainian soldiers during the Battle of Ilovaysk
  • Russian servicemen of the 6th Tank Brigade, including a young man named Anton Dmitriyev, posted photographs of themselves in Ukrainian villages near Ilovaysk during the ongoing battle, even going so far as to photograph themselves by a sign of the Ukrainian village name.


In the morning of August 29, 2014, the “southern” column of Ukrainian soldiers, retreating from Ilovaysk, fell under fire from Russian army units at the village of Chervonosel’skoe in the Donetsk oblast’. While carrying losses, the Ukrainian soldiers engaged in battle. On the eastern outskirts of the village, fighters of the volunteer battalion “Donbass” were able to beat back a Russian T-72B3 tank and destroy a second (interview of a participant in the battle).

Fighters from the Donbass battalion took photographs of these tanks. On September 1, their photos were published on a news report of the television channel “24.”

The damaged Russian T-72B3 tank:

The destroyed Russian T-72B3 tank:

176068_original 176177_original

Some more details about these tanks.

Thanks to video clips and photographs that were saved by Ukrainian soldiers, we are able to examine the damaged T-72B3 tank in detail. White, medium-sized circles are clearly visible on its fender (area on the side of tank above the caterpillar track), on the box for instruments on the left side of the turret, and on the lower part of the upper-front section of the hull. These white circles are the identifying marks used on the T-72B3 tanks of Russia’s 6th Tank Brigade in August & September, 2014 (further details about the identifying marks of the 6th Tank Brigade are in the 1st part of this article).

White circles on the fender and on the box for instruments and other implements:



The white identifying circle on the lower part of the upper-front section of the hull:


The tank was damaged by a grenade. The arrow below points to the hole caused by the anti-tank grenade:


The structure in the video frame is a rural house. It is located on the left side of the destroyed tank, consisting of three parts, which differ in height and the shape of the roofs:


It is not very difficult to find this structure on the satellite map of Chervonosel’skoe.

Here are the outskirts of the village from the east side. The house is among three structures, adjacent to one another. The north structure has the pronounced, acute roof. See the satellite image from August 2013:


On the satellite image for June 2014:


On the satellite image for September 2014, the northern half of the house has been badly damaged. Probably, after the video of the disabled T-72B3, Russians were shelling Ukrainian soldiers who had taken refuge in Chervonosel’skoe, and this northern side of the house suffered from it.


With the help of the satellite maps of the site, which specializes in selling high-quality satellite images, we are able to see two positions of Russian tanks dug into the ground. The tanks fired on the Ukrainian column from there, when the column was driving up to the village. On August 29, the damaged and captured T-72B3 was located at the top of the firing position, which is shown in the snapshot of the map below:


The destroyed tank, as said by the fighter in this video, is positioned near the damaged one, behind the line of bushes at the bottom of the gully:

For verification, we can look at even earlier satellite images and be sure that there were not objects of similar shape or size at the same place at the bottom of the gully:


See the following photographs of this Russian T-72B3 tank, taken at different times:





On the upper part of the front section of the tank is a white circle—a mark that has traditionally been used for T-72B3 tanks from Russia’s 6th Tank Brigade during this period:

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

In all of these photos, the burnt turret with missing reactive armor bricks is to the left of the gun, which was seen near the tank’s hull in the pictures taken on August 29 immediately after the battle:


A video from the village of Chervonosel’skoe from Rupty TV (September 2) shows this T-72B3 tank turret, displaying the traces of heavy fire, and lacking any reactive armor bricks in the same location. This is clearly the tank’s turret, burnt up at the bottom of the gully:


Aleksandr Yermochenko filmed and photographed the turret on September 3:


Therefore, it is not the hull of the tank near the turret in the later, but the visible tracks on the earth.

The location of the T-72B3’s turret from the gully may be determined using a video that was filmed by fighters on the outskirts of Chervonosel’skoe and from photos on social media. We can pick out meaningful objects on the photographs: the turret of a Ukrainian T-64BV tank, a grouping of trees in the distance, the turret of a Russian T-72B3 tank, and some bushes:

The same thing in a screenshot from a fighter’s video:


These objects, just like Ukrainian equipment destroyed on the road, presents itself in the September satellite images of the northern edge of the village of Chervonosel’skoe:

182936_original 183204_original

Clearly visible in the images is the furrow that the T-72B3 turret was left in after being dragged along the ground. Perhaps Russian soldiers tried to take it away right after the end of the fighting, but they were not successful.

The next important part of the evidence regarding the Russian 6th Tank Brigade: the prisoners.

On August 29, as a result of the battle in Chervonosel’skoe, Ukrainian soldiers captured several Russian servicemen, including two tankists from the damaged T-72B3 tank. On this day, fighters from the “Donbass” battalion took a video of their interrogation. In March 2015, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) published this video clip.

There are two servicemen of Russia’s 6th Tank Division from the September group photos (see photos 1, 2, and 3 from Part 1 of this article) that seem to be in the footage: Ivan Badanin (number 17 in the group photos), and Evgeny Chernov (number 10 in the group photos).

183480_original 183568_original

During the improvised interrogation, Badanin and Chernov admit that they serve in military unit 54096 of the 6th Tank Brigade. Ivan Badanin introduces himself as Ivan Aleksandrovich, born in 1988, from Vologda. On his VK page, his given birthday is May 25, 1988. The city in his contact information is Nikol’sk, likely the one in the Volgodskaya oblast’. Evgeny Chernov is named as Evgeny Yuryevich, born in 1995, from Kaluga. On both of his VKontakte pages (seen here, and here), Chernov puts his city as Kaluga, and both of his pages come up when you search for people who are 20-years old in the city—therefore, his given birth year on VK is 1995.

The fact that Chernov is a tankist and was completing his service in the 6th Tank Brigade can be found from his photographs on social networks.

Evegeny is next to a T-72B3 tank with the tactical mark of Russia’s 6th Tank Brigade. The photograph’s geotag is at the village of Mulino, the place of deployment for military unit 54096. Under the photo is Chernov’s description: “Me and my iron horse.”

Another photo of Chernov with a T-72B3 tank in Mulino:

Fall, 2014. Chernov (in the center) on a tank of the 6th Tank Brigade with the identifying white circle in a field camp near the village of Latonovo in the Rostov oblast’:

Chernov (lower row, on the right) and his comrades are posing in front of a T-72B3: in the upper row in the center is Sergey Danilov (number 13 on the group photos), on the lower row on the left is Sergey Yakushev, also known as Gradov (number 2 on the group photos).


Naturally, Evgeny Chernov saved the group photos of 6th Tank Battalion from the field camp near Latonovo in his VK photo albums. Here are the links to the pages of these photo albums:

On his VK page, tankist Ivan Badanin left few compromising photographs, and after the appearance of the interrogation video, he entirely deleted his profile. Investigative blogger Anton Pavlushko of InformNapalm saved screenshots of a few photographs of Badanin.

Ivan Badanin near a memorial with a tank on the territory of the 6th Tank Brigade in summer, 2011:


Badanin in his military uniform with the insignia of the armored troops, and on his sleeve is the badge of the Western Military District of the Russian Armed Forces—the district into which the 6th Tank Brigade from Mulino is in.


Here is a snapshot of Badanin with his comrades of the 6th Tank Brigade—second on the left is Garik Pleshkov (number 3 in the group photos), and on the far right is Maksim Korotkov (number 4 on the group photos):


This photo remains on the VKontakte pages of these servicemen of the 6th Tank Brigade, along with their photos with Ivan Badanin.

Archived pages with Badanin in a photo with Garik Pleshkov:

Archived pages with Badanin in a photo with Maksim Korotkov:

Fighting ceased on August 30, 2014 near the village of Chervonosel’skoe. Facing encirclement from a large enemy force, a lack of ammunition, numerous injured soldiers, no prospects for reinforcements, and the threat of the destruction of Ukrainian servicemen defending Chervonosel’skoe, the soldiers decided to lay down their arms.

After the ceasefire, some Russian tankists photographed themselves at the signpost of the village of Chervonosel’skoe. Two pictures posted online were found by investigative blogger Anton Pavlushko. Thus, even more direct evidence of the participation of units from the Russian 6th Tank Brigade in the war in the Donbass came to light.

The first photograph was posted by Anton Dmitriyev after he registered on VKontakte under the name “Antokha Dmitriyev.”

In this photo on the left side is Dmitriyev’s colleague: tankist Roman Gromov (number 8 in the group photos). On the right is Antokha Dmitriev himself (number 9 in the group photos). White markers (strips, ribbons) are on both servicemen, which are used by Russian soldiers and fighters in order to tell their own soldiers apart on the battlefield:


Shortly after the publication of this photo, Dmitriyev deleted his “Antokha Dmitriyev” account and created a new one under the name “Anton Yuryevich.” He uploaded a number of photos from his old page onto his new one, with the exception of the picture at the road sign “Червоносільське” (Chervonosil’skoe). Let’s look at a few of his photos.

Dmitriyev (right) and Roman Gromov, again posing together:

Here is a photo of three tankists on the roof of the engine compartment of a tank. From left to right: Nikolay Minakov (on VK he registered under the nickname Nikola Woolf), Anton Dmitriyev, and Sergey Malafeyev. White ribbons are tied onto Minakov and Malafeyev. As previously stated, Russian servicemen participating in fighting use these ribbons for differentiating themselves from opposing soldiers:

Here is Dmitriyev with two of his comrades, dressed in their uniforms. From left to right: Anton Dmitriyev, Roman Gromov, Pavel Osytchenko (number 6 in the group photos). In their hands, they’re holding NSVT anti-aircraft machine guns, taken from tanks.

And, of course, Dmitriyev has that old, familiar group photo in his photo album:

Similarly, the same photo is available on the page of the comrade of Anton Dmitriyev, Roman Gromov, who was photographed with him in Chervonosel’skoe:

In the following photograph, Gromov is next to a comrade, whose identity has not yet been established:

Both of them are in camouflage without any kind of military insignia, but at the same time they are wearing the identifying white bands and have light firearms. On the right, in the visible building, is a window without glass and a burnt frame. Behind it, random objects are strewn. In the foreground we can see the open door of a car, and the body of another car.

An analogous scene can be found after the battle in Chervonosel’skoe, seen clearly in three photographs (1, 2, 3).

Sergey Malafeyev posted the second photo near a road sign showing the name of the village of Chervonosel’skoe. In the photograph, he (highlighted with a red rectangle) is photographed with Anton Dmitriyev.

The next few photographs of Sergey Malafeyev were saved after he deleted his VK account.

Photograph in January 2014. The insignia of the armored forces is clearly visible on the uniform:

A photograph uploaded in March 2014 (you can find the date of publication for the photograph in the archived page here)


In the September photograph, the unshaven Malafeyev is sitting on a T-72B3 with the identifying white ribbons on his legs. The tank has a small white circle on the panel by the gun on top of the turret:


Returning to the group photograph of the 6th Tank Brigade servicemen, it must be mentioned that Sergey Malafeyev is present. Also present is Nikolay Minakov, mentioned above. In my previous post with the group photographs, they were not numbered, in contrast to the other identified servicemen.

Malafeyev and Minakov are quite similar in appearance, and there was a risk in making a mistake and mixing up their places. Now, it seems that the most accurate identifications—seen in the photograph below—is red for Sergey Malafeyev and blue for Nikolay Minakov.


For comparison:


For completeness of information, let’s determine the exact location of the road sign (so beloved by these Russian servicemen) for the village of Chervonosel’skoe.

The sign is located on the bend of the road at the entrance into Chervonosel’skoe from the north (its location on Google Maps). The road sign and other objects are marked below on an image from Google Earth:


Behind the “Червоносільське” on the photographs, a Ukrainian military truck is visibly turned onto its side:


This very truck is on a video from Rupty. Aleksandr Yermochenko’s photo shows the same truck, along with a sign:


The road sign in the video of the fighters (on the photo, the Russian tankists are standing with their backs to the village and place from which the video was taken):


There is no detailed and exhaustive information about which units from the 6th Tank Brigade fought near Ilovaysk and in what capacity. According to the shooting card of Aleksey Berezin, whose T-72B3 was captured near the village of Agranomichskoe, we only know that the third tank company (abbreviated “3ТР” in the card photo) of the first tank battalion (“1ТБ”) participated in the battles.


Below is a screenshot from the video of journalist Rostislav Shapashnikov and Yegor Vorobyev. On the cartridge box of Berezin’s T-72B3 tank’s anti-aircraft gun, we see the abbreviation “3ТБ,” thus confirming that the tank came from the third tank company:


Below is a screenshot from Yegor Vorobyev’s film “Ilovaysk – report from hell.” The ammunition box of the T-72B3 tank on which several tankists from the 6th Tank Brigade posed has the exact same abbreviation. In the photograph below, we see Nikolay Minakov and Oleg Sapurnov.

On the following photo, from left to right, are: Sergey Danilov (number 6 in the group photos), Andrey Komarov (a shared photo of Danilov and Komarov in February 2014 here), Nikolay Minakov, and Oleg Sapurnov. The identity of the fifth serviceman has not yet been established.

We cannot consider the entirety of the destroyed and damaged tanks in the Battle of Ilovaysk to be from the 6th Tank Brigade. Ukrainian soldiers destroyed two T-72B3 tanks of the 6th Tank Brigade: one near the village of Novodvorskoe, and the second in Chervonosel’skoe. Two were damaged and temporarily seized: the damaged T-72B3 in Chervonosel’skoe was on Ukrainian-controlled territory for about a day, and the captured T-72B3 near the village of Agronomicheskoe was by Ukrainian servicemen for 3-4 days.

Other than these tanks, the 6th Tank Brigade has other damaged and destroyed T-72B3 tanks, which were taken back to Russia. To date, we know about two such tanks.

On September 5, 2014, the tankist Aleksandr Lebedev (he has two accounts on VK, one old and one new) posted a photo of a T-72B3 with traces of an explosion and fire on the left side:


Screenshots of the comments for the photo were saved. Lebedev writes that this is his tank with the side number of 612, and that his tank was damaged in battle by a guided anti-tank rocket in Ukraine.

193389_original 193543_original

After this information was made public, Lebedev deleted the photo, along with other photographs where he is in a military uniform and with tanks. People managed to save a few of the photos (1, 2, 3). A screenshot was also saved of Aleksandr Lebedev’s VK profile page before it was changed:


In the photograph, he is in the 6th Tank Brigade group and has group photographs with other 6th Tank Brigade servicemen. We can see several accounts in his friend list who are tankists of the 6th Tank Brigade: Aleksey Berezin, Oleg Sapurnov, Vyacheslav Tumashov, Evgeny Lyubimov, Nikola Woolf (Nikolay Minakov), Vadim Romanyukha. It is evident that Aleksandr Lebedev also served in Mulino.

Lebedev’s damaged tank happened to be captured in a photo from Sergey Yakushev (“Gradov”), who was number 2 in the group photos.


At the end of 2014, the site published two photographs of a burnt-up T-72B3 tank. As of now, this is the last destroyed T-72B3 tank of Russia’s 6th Tank Brigade we know about.

Later, other photos appeared:

In the bottom of the upper-front part of the hull, an identifying white circle is still visible – like on other T-72B3 tanks of the 6th Tank Brigade that participated in the Battle of Ilovaysk (two additional photos: 1, 2)


Original source:

Photographs of this T-72B3 were put onto social networks by Russian servicemen from the field camp near the village of Vodino. These soldiers were deployed on the border in the Myasnikovsky and Neklinovsky regions of the Rostov oblast’.

Vitaly Makarevich of military unit 11386 (105th Logistical Support Brigade) posted photographs on his VK page that have a geotag at Vodino. In these photographs, destroyed or damaged equipment is visible, including: a self-propelled howitzer 2S3, a T-72B tank with dismantled reactive armor (archived page), two hulls from armored personnel carriers, with one on top of the other (archived page).

Near these object is the a burnt-up T-72B3:

198138_original 198325_original 198621_original

This survey has come to its end. It is now evident that the armored group of the 6th Tank Brigade was far from the only Russian army unit that has fought against Ukrainians near Ilovaysk. However, judging by the evidence of their presence in the Donbass, the tank brigade from Mulino was certainly among the leaders of the participating Russian groups in the Battle of Ilovaysk.


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    • boggled

      Ukraine has had hummers for a long time, and if you noticed it has a Soviet DShK gun mounted, not USA standard issue.
      So maybe it is a USA supplied unarmed that Ukraine put a gun on there, and maybe it is not.
      IF you look here –
      It shows them with gun mounted, so does that make it lethal aid?
      Or did they have the guns removed later and switched out, I don’t know.

      You sound or write a lot like Robert Johnson of this thread –

      A few descriptions of Soviet marking techniques and where used can be found here
      And here

      So Randy, did you find it interesting that all the guys from the 6th regiment were sitting on tanks with ONLY white dots on them (no parallel lines) that were T72B3s, and then there was one that had both lines and dots on it on the one with Ukrainian service men on and near it?

      I mean look at all those tanks with their dots.
      Look at all the guys of the 6th Regiment.
      Look at all those T72B3s.
      Look at the transcript of the UA guy that captured the tanks and announcing a B3..
      Look at the Russian soldiers posting images of after the battle of their damaged tank, a B3.
      Look at where the images were geolocated at.
      Look at the total amount of evidence, and are you still going to play vova’s useful idiot, defender, and doubting Thomas?

      Fare thee well

      • Randy Dread

        Well it’s clear to me that the white dot is also used by Ukraine.

        It’s also clear that Ukrainian units don’t always use stripes either. So they could have dots and no stripes.

        So it seems to me that white dots are not probative.

        As to the 6th Regiment, is it actually the 6th Regiment, or is it the 6th Division, or 6th Battalion, or 6th Brigade? It’s called all of these things in various places.

        Could anyone point me to a non bellingcat/pro-Kiev link for information on this unit?

        • boggled

          Randy, they gave you the VK links and associations and showed which were still available and which ones they had copies of deleted posts.
          You can find them all, which is exactly the work others had done.
          They followed the trail of evidence and this is what they came up with.
          Everyone welcomes critique, some take it better then others.
          You have had many opportunities and you did come up with some things that by themselves are suspect, but when you look at the totality.
          The evidence paints a complete picture.

          Not everyone knows your limitations.
          To view some VK accounts, you have to have a VK account.
          You can search both in Russian and English there.
          Russian will get you farther if you know it.
          Cyrillic has some benefits too.

          You can also search Yandex and for some items.
          Like American’s many Russian’s will post on multiple sites and have many profiles.
          ICQ is used, although CK is the most popular.
          There are groups you can see they are part of above in the profile images posted.
          Those may lead you to the new profiles.

          Because the FSB and GRU are watching, you may want to look sideways at other tank brigades.
          And you may want to use a proxy address, some government will kill journalists and people like Snowden that expose things and distort the truth, as well as the ones that tell the truth.

          List of some units can be found here –

          You could use some of the Russian in Askai707’s original post to do searches of your own on Yandex and a few other items search sites.
          As you saw, these tank guys are changing profiles and names as frequently as it rains in Hawaii.
          You could use google, it does good and it has photo search, which might lead you to some places as well.
          Lostarmour is a tank site that is not technically proKyiv, but it has people of there exposing this situation.
          It is not like a lot of Russians are going to risk a polonium tea or worse by discussing this in the open, so you have to take what you can get and find.

          You seem to be able to do a lot of searching and finding different dots, maybe you can find some other things with my suggestions of guidance.
          It is a lot of info Askai707 and Aric sifted through and posted, as well as the others that contributed to the OSINT, so I am glad your not dismissing it offhand and are willing to look a little deeper.
          Others may have some suggestions, but those are my few.

          This image – – which is according to above – ‘we only know that the third tank company (abbreviated “3ТР” in the card photo) of the first tank battalion (“1ТБ”) participated in the battles.’

          So 6th Tank Brigade, third tank company, first tank battalion from Mulino, I believe.
          Sorry if I mixed up the terms.

          Another article –

          From the first Part of this article it states – ‘In this regard, the troops of the 6th Separate Tank Brigade of the Russian Federation (military unit 54096 of the village of Mulino, Nizhegorod oblast’) are no exception.’

          Might help you also.
          This site lists it being established November 13 2001, and beginning training cadets in July 2002.

          Fare thee well

        • Andrea

          You still haven’t provided us a TANK with the white dot

          In russia it marks 6th brigade tanks…in ukraine ? From what u showed us probably some kind of logistic units as we have never seen a white dot in all ukrainian battle tanks !

          A white dot is not a unique marking but the lots of coincidences (6th brigade markings, pictures from vk, histories, russian soldiers captured, T72B3…)

          Are there not enough topics suggesting us something ?

          • Andrea

            If u think that any russian blogger would risk his life to publish something about this story…
            Probably there won’t be any post from “non bellingcat/pro-Kiev” and as russian define as “pro-kiev” anyone that doesn’t say there is no russia in ukraine….we can wait till the world ends !!

          • Andrea

            In this article there are a lot of screenshots from VK about 6th brigade … aren’t enough ?
            Or you think is all fabricated ?

            It’s called in different ways cause of people like me that write “brigade” cause it sounds better and i know nothing about military units … but we all can understand pretty well what we are talking about 😉

  1. Randy Dread

    Let’s look at the results of Higgins/Bellingcat.

    Bellingcat at one time was the go-to source for ‘intelligence’ about Syria and Ukraine.

    Now you never see them mentioned any more.

    Reality has taken over.

    Bellingcat is now in the dustbin of history.

    • boggled

      Nice Randy, but they are mentioned in lots of places that matter, not your little world though.

      They had a big impact on with the MH17 story, and a lot of people of the world really did not know there was a Ukraine until that happened.
      It is not major media news like CNN, which caters to that audience, it has its own followers.

      On the internet, people go thousands of different places and times and people change and they look for the ‘new’ thing.
      People are fickle, however some will rely on certain info sources.
      Do you really spend all your day here and not go out to the mall and shop for clothes or the park?
      Some people do have a ‘regular’ life that does not include discussing war topics.

      Lost Armour has a lot of influence in military circles, but do you hear it getting talked about on any media channels?

      I would say thanks to the Kremlin’s actions, Russian Federation is heading toward the dustbin of history.
      Not to mention the fact that a million people a year have been leaving their for the past five years.
      All that is going to be left is a more organized crime fascist kleptocracy.
      with nukes.
      FYI, I do have a comment waiting in moderation in reply to your comment above.

      Fare thee well

    • Mad Dog

      This is exactly what Randy is aiming for! His efforts are solely aimed at putting a bit of uncertainty in the findings brought here. Very Leninist approach, even used by Hitler and his minions at times.

      • boggled

        Yeah, Conspiracy, doubt in official findings, anarchist, a Russian view of things, trying to discredit, make up their own facts then flood the place with bot’s linking to them, falsify data, etc. are all old Stalin Kremlin and Hitler techniques and even have many of the false activism things, the way BHO got elected and the other political games.

        They try to make everyone confuse reality with their reality.
        Hoping most won’t go that extra mile to check up on something.
        Typically the way someone slanders someone, or the recent democrat leak on Jason Chaffetz.
        They do not like them, and in the public sphere some peoples career is over with before it got kicking all because they did not like them.
        Similar to the witch trials and Stalin’s Gulags and NVDk persecutions.

        For some people bad press is better then no press, for others it is a death sentence.

        For the life of me, I cannot understand why Hillary’s email gate has not completely ruined her and she is not in prison right now.
        That was one case you scratched the surface and it gave off a stink so bad everyone in a ten mile radius can smell skank, oops I mean skunk.
        And yet people still want her to run and donate money.

        And I never thought I would see in my lifetime the Democrats actually considering a Hard core socialist like Bernie Sanders.

        I am off topic by a mile, sorry Mr Higgins and MadDog and Randy too.

        Just is frustrating to see people trying to convince the world that black is white and white is black.

        Fare thee well

        • Mad Dog

          Not a problem. Hilary would be a problem, though. But the clowns on the other side would also be a disaster. They all make GWB look good, IMHO. BTW, first russky airstrike in Syria hits an area far away from ISIS groups. Interesting, but not unexpected. Maybe the area did not have white dots painted on the roofs.

          • Randy Dread

            The Russians seem to be hitting C|A supported terrorists at this point, not ISIS yet.

  2. Randy Dread

    Andrea – October 1st, 2015
    In this article there are a lot of screenshots from VK about 6th brigade … aren’t enough ?
    Or you think is all fabricated ?

    I dont speak Russian.

    I’m asking for information on this unit. A Russian website on it will do. I can google translate that.

    • Andrea

      Me neither

      But i think that bellingcat has no reason to fake-translate those scrrenshots: they are uploaded and anyone can screw them if they do so !

      Doo un think they wanna risk?

  3. Mad Dog

    CIA supported? Guess you have some evidence for that one. Seems like the news showed a lot of them terrorists after the strike. Hmm, around 5 and 8 years old I would imagine. Strike leveled a whole neighborhood, but still don’t see any terrorists running around there. ISIS was not anywhere to be found. Do you think it might be Russia trying to bolster Assad by hitting the only secular groups in the area. Of course, we all know the vids showing all those russian aircraft were faked and that the russkies are only interested in defending their base…..isn’t that what you were trying to say?

    • Randy Dread

      There are no secular groups opposing Assad, only Islamist terrorist groups.

      The videos showing the aftermath of strikes are mostly fakes, recycled from previous incidents.

      • Mad Dog

        Wow, you really are on a roll. Perhaps you have some evidence to back up that statement that the vids are fakes. You must have some basis for that or is that just your gut feeling. Also, I was not aware that the opposition is only composed of Islamist terror groups. When did this happen and when did those kids join up. If the vids are not fakes, then I think you will be hard put to prove that the target was some terrorist infrastructure.

        • Andrea

          Dude he thinks that anything against russia is always fake… (and as we r on the web it might be)

          But then he is sure of all the other things sown on the net -.-


        • Randy Dread

          what kids?

          theres a million videos with injured kids that could be reused or used for the first time. It’s all rubbish. You can’t trust anything from these dodgy youtube accounts.

          as for the opposition being composed of islamists, who did you think Jaish Al Fateh, Al Nusra and Al Quaida are?

          • Andrea

            if you say this u have to DEMONSTRATE they are reused !

            But you all trust russian MoD … even on that SU-27/MH17 beautiful tale….

            Open your eyes: ISIS is not uploading many vids of their positions being bombed by russians, other “islamist” rebels (don’t agree too much) keep posting vids…
            Russian bombs keep falling … on who do you think ?

            And even worse those SU25 keep using old unguided bombs … 2015 and no care of civilians/sideeffects ?

  4. Mad Dog

    Must be some kind of Firewall/Great Wall in Randy’s country. Link works as far as i can tell.

  5. Mad Dog

    Thing is, the Ground Forces were reorganized again in 2010 I think, so I am not sure where the 6th ended up, though they still seem to be in Mulino.

  6. Randy Dread

    Andrea – October 2nd, 2015
    if you say this u have to DEMONSTRATE they are reused

    No I don’t. I just have to say I don’t automatically believe any old rubbish posted on the internet by who knows who.

    • Andrea

      “Don’t automatically belive” is far different from “it’s rubbish”

      If BBC shows it i think that you can at least consider it may be true….

      And tell us why you don’t belive they are authentic….how do u set the difference between an authentic and a fake one ?

      We just have to wait… somabody, maybe bellingcats themself, will geolocalize each of those vids…. what will u say then ?

      That those Su25 are sirian ones? That pilots are surely not russian? ….

      • Randy Dread

        geolocating the videos wouldnt tell us when they were shot, the same old problem bellingcat has in general.

        really i dont care that much. Russia’s actions are entirely legal in international law.

        they clearly are targeting what they reasonably believe to be terrorist bases, given that we know some so-called Free Syrian Army guys have been killed including a commander.

        they are trying to win the war not bomb civilians for no reason.

      • Randy Dread

        oh and by the way the BBC was showing recyled footage from a youtube channel, obvious from the logo in the corner of the screen.

        I think eliot higgins had posted it earlier on twitter.

  7. Mad Dog

    I saw the footage on BBC and it was much better than Youtube stuff. Pretty easy to confirm the validity of it IMHO, pretty hard to just dismiss it as fake with no real evidence to back up the statement. The dude speaking after crawling our from under the rubble helps to validate the vid. (among other things). Wasn’t posted on the internet first anyway, as far as I know.


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