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Russia’s 6th Tank Brigade: The Dead, the Captured, and the Destroyed Tanks (Pt. 1)

September 22, 2015

By Askai707

This post originally appeared in Russian on the LiveJournal of Askai707,

Part 2

English translation by Aric Toler

Translator’s summary:

The following post was written by Askai707, a Ukrainian open source investigator that has written numerous reports on Russian tanks and soldiers in the Donbass. This report details the involvement of Russia’s 6th Tank Brigade in the now infamous Battle of Ilovaysk from August 2014. The primary evidence for this claim is:

  • The death, and secret burials, of two 6th Tank Brigade soldiers on the same days as the battle.
  • The discovery of a damaged T-72B3 (exclusively Russian) tank on the battlefield, holding the documents of a soldier of the 6th Tank Brigade
  • The identification marks of this tank, and others, matching that of the 6th Tank Brigade from August 2014.

Two hundred years ago, it was said that “In Russia — everything is a secret, but there is no secrecy.” Since then, little has changed. If they are trying to disavow the Russian military’s involvement in the war in the Donbass at the highest state level and from the television screens of state television channels, then nothing is hidden at the household level. On social networks, Russian soldiers share photographs from Ukrainian war-zones with their friends, acquaintances, and other readers. They do this while boasting of war stories. Soldiers are made to sign the “Obligation of non-disclosure of restricted information,” threatened with the penalties carried by the law. However, as in the case of a junior sergeant of the 32rd Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade Stepan Potylitsin, such “Obligations” are also spread onto the Internet:

A copy of the "Obligation" to not share restricted information, shared online by Stepan Potylitsin Archive:

A copy of the “Obligation” to not share restricted information, shared online by Stepan Potylitsin

In this regard, the troops of the 6th Separate Tank Brigade of the Russian Federation (military unit 54096 of the village of Mulino, Nizhegorod oblast’) are no exception. The following post will examine evidence of the participation of a unit of the 6th Tank Brigade of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in fighting in the Donbass, collected from open source information.

The first half of September 2014. Fierce fighting near Ilovaisk had ended a few days before. In the Rostov oblast’ near the village of Anastasievka and in the field camp near the village of Latonovo, tankists from Mulino were taking a series of group pictures and posting them on social networks.

The field camp near the village of Latonovo on Yandex Maps:


About two dozen VKontakte accounts of soldiers were established from these group photos.




In the following list, the name(or nickname) that each person registered with in the VKontakte social network is connected with the corresponding number of the above photos. Furthermore, an archived link (or screenshot) of the front page of each soldier’s account is hyperlinked to his name.

  1. Aleksey Berezin
  2. Sergei Yakushev (Serezha Gradov)
  3. Garik Pleshkov
  4. Maksim Korotkov
  5. Pavel Osytchenko
  6. “Jack Daniels” (Kolya Bazylevich)
  7. Artem Sukharev
  8. Roman Gromov
  9. Anton Yuryevich (Anton Dmitriev)
  10. Yevgeny Chernov (second account)
  11. Yevgeny Lyubimov
  12. Vadim Romanyukha
  13. Serega Danilov
  14. Vyacheslav Tumashov
  15. Aleksey Lopin
  16. Lekha Fedoseyenko (at that time, judging by the photos from his page, he was not a soldier. He carried out his military service in the 6th Brigade, demobilized in 2013, so he lived not too far from the field camp of the brigade–in Rostov-na-Donu)
  17. Ivan Badanin

The two people in normal clothing, standing on the edge from the right side are not soldiers: Misha Zhurbin and Sergei Zhurbin.

Membership of the group of soldiers to the 6th Tank Brigade is easily established through their profiles on social networks.

In the “military service” field, Yevgeny Lyubimov (number 11 in the group photos) filled out the number of his military unit of the 6th Tank Brigade — 54096, his place of work — the village of Mulino, military unit 54096, tank commander:

In the red box, the military unit is detailed, as described in the above summary

In the red box, the military unit is detailed, as described in the above summary. Archive

In the following photo, Lyubimov (badge on his uniform with the name “Gollandskikh E.R.) next to a T-72B3 tank with the tactical sign of the 6th Tank Division — white dots (likely, depending on which battalion, there are one, two in a row, or three dots, like on the photo below), which are located inside a white square:

The very same tactical signs and tank with the number 666 can be seen in the photo from December 2013 in a report from the Mulino firing ground. It was then that the 6th Tank Brigade received modernized T-72B3 tanks to replace their T-80BVs:


Kolya Bazylevich (number 6 in the group photos), until the deletion of his account under the nickname Jack Daniels, indicated in his profile that he served in military unit 54096, in the first tank battalion since 2009:


In the preserved account, Bazylevich left only the information about how he is from the village of Mulino:

This village Mulino is the place of deployment of the 6th Tank Brigade, as indicated in the profile of tankist Vadim Romanyukha (number 12 in the group photo).

Photographs remained on the page of First Lieutenant Garik Pleshkov (number 3 in the group photo) depicting T-80BV tanks of the 6th Brigade with the old tactical sign, before rearmament to T-72B3 tanks:

This is a photograph of Lekha Fedoseyenko (number 16 on the group photos) during his time of military service, with a geotag for the village of Mulino:

Another photo with a geotag for Mulino is of Lieutenant Maksim Korotkov (number 4 on the group photos):


The tankist Ivan Badanin (number 17 on the group photos), with a tank monument in the background on the territory of a military unit of the 6th Tank Brigade in Mulino:


Yevgeny Chernov (number 10 on the group photos) in a picture with a geotag for the village of Mulino next to a T-72B3 tank, on which the tactical sign of the 6th Tank Division is clearly visible:

Various T-72B3 tanks of the 6th Tank Brigade fall into the frame of the photographs of the tankists. White paint marks are marked on some of the tanks, easily recognizable as white circles:

160425_original 160685_original 161033_original

The next photo, judging by the non-regular uniform without chevrons and with identifying white bands, was taken in the war-zone in the Donbass. On the 6th Tank Brigade tank, you will notice a white circle, printed onto a box for instruments on the left side of the turret. Earlier in this place was the side number and tactical sign of the unit:

On the left of the photograph is Nikolay Minakov (registered on VKontakte under the nickname Nikola Woolf), and on the right is Oleg Saprunov. They serve together with the aforementioned tankists in the 6th Tank Brigade, as indicated in two photos (first, second) in which they are photographed back in Russia on the base of the 6th Tank Brigade with fellow soldiers Vadim Romanyukh and Yevgeny Lyubimov.

So, in summary, identification marks of medium-sized white circles can be found on T-72B3 tanks of the 6th Tank Brigade: on the top of the front plate of the body close to the bottom edge; on the front of the turret to the left (in the direction of movement) of the gun barrel; on the left side skirt; on the rack above the crawler; on the box for instruments and accessories on the left side of the turret.

It’s known that in addition to the 6th Tank Brigade, units of the 17th and 200th Motorized Infantry Brigades have utilized T-72 tanks with T-72B3 modifications in the Donbass. However, this system is characterized by markings that are only seen with the 6th Tank Brigade.

During the time of fighting in the summer and autumn of 2014, the T-72B3 tanks from the 17th Motorized Infantry Brigade had markings of white circles twice the diameter on the front of the body and on the side rubber screens:

161848_original 162256_original 162425_original 162773_original

Yellow small triangles were used as markings on the T72-B3 tanks of the 200th Motorized Infantry Brigade during the same time period. They were applied onto the boxes for instruments on the left side of the turret and on dynamic protection blocks from the right side of the turret. Additionally, in attempting to make the tanks look like they were from the so-called “militia,” they would sometimes make notable markings on the side screens of the tank in the spirit of Soviet propaganda of the 1940s:

"Death to Aidar!" likely referring to the Ukrainian Aidar Battalion

“Death to Aidar!” likely referring to the Ukrainian Aidar Battalion

"For Stalin!"

“For Stalin!”

"For Stalin!"

“For Stalin!”

Taking this evidence into account, we can move on to a review of the evidence of the participation of the 6th Tank Brigade from Mulino in battles in the Donbass…

The end of August 2014. At the height of fighting near Ilovaysk. On August 26, new information appeared about killed soldiers from Mulino — Vladislav Barakov and Sergey Rusakov. On the social network site VKontakte, their colleagues made their first tragic notes.

Dmitry Gorbachev (his photo is in the background of the T-72B3 tank with tactical marks of the 6th Tank Brigade) published photos of Barakov and Rusakov, accompanied with the text “this terrible war has taken you”:

Andrey Frolov (photograph of the T-72B3 tank with the side number 662 with the tactical marks of the 6th Tank Brigade and writing “My Patsansky Taz for one year” in an album on the account of Frolov) on August 27 wrote a note of analogous content:

Archive "Sergey Rusakov, Vlad Barakov! You guys will always be in our hearts!"

“Sergey Rusakov, Vlad Barakov! You guys will always be in our hearts!”

In the comments, he blames the Russian government for the concealment of Russian soldier deaths in Ukraine:

Archive "the government is hiding the real conditions in Ukraine! while everyone thinks that everything is quiet at the border, our guys are being killed!"

“the government is hiding the real conditions in Ukraine! while everyone thinks that everything is quiet at the border, our guys are being killed!” (messages from the other people on the death of Barakov and Rusakov: 1 2 3 4)

There is not much information about the deceased soldier Sergey Rusakov. Journalists have not written stories about his death. The VKontakte page of Rusakov was quickly deleted, and the last message from his Twitter was on August 15, 2014, saying that he was being sent near the border to Taganrog.


The now-deleted VK page of Sergey Rusakov


A photograph of Sergey Rusakov in his military uniform


Sergey Rusakov with some of his fellow soldiers

With Barakov it is different–his death could not be silenced. On social media, his profile remains:

Barakov on a T-72B3 tank:

Barakov in his Russian tankist protective armor (6B15):


The diploma that Junior Sergeant Vladislav Barakov received in the 6th Tank Brigade for “successes” and “conscientious performance of military duty”:

At the end of September, the New York Times published an article about the secret burials of Russian soldiers that died in the Donbass. Reporters went to the village of Selizovo, spoke with the relatives of Barakov, and visited the grave where Vladislav was buried. According to the plate on the cross, he was killed on August 24:


Thus, we know that at least two tankists of the 6th Tank Brigade perished.

On August 26th (the same day when records about the death of the 6th Tank Brigade tankists appeared), the news service Radio Svoboda reported, referencing journalists from, that Ukrainian soldiers “in a battle, fought of Russian tanks, which had documents from a Russian military unit.” The next day, put up a video clip of the captured tank.

In the video, taken by a journalists from “Dorozhny kontrol'” (Road Control) named Rostislav Shaposhnikov and a journalist from named Egor Vorobyev, the captured Russian tank was a  T-72B3 (the visual differences of a T-72B3 tank with other modifications is included in the first part of my previous article “Russian armored vehicles in the war in the Donbass”)


At that time, Ukrainian servicemen had already marked the tank with its two white stripes — distinctive signs of the vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine [translator’s note: the soldiers presumably marked it quickly in order to avoid friendly fire during the ongoing fighting], but still had not painted over the Russian identifications–a white circle on the box on the left side of the turret:

168350_original 168549_original

On the photos, we can see a white circle from the front angle, located on the upper front plate of the body close to its lower edge:

169215_original 169610_original

The identification marks of this T-72B3 tank correspond with the identification marks used at this period in the 6th Tank Brigade of the Russian Federation. However, this is not direct evidence. In this tank, the firing practice card of Aleksey Alekseyevich Berezin from the third tank company of the first tank battalion was discovered:


Aleksey Berezin — the very same serviceman who was #1 on the 6th Tank Brigade group picture. It was the tank of his crew that the Ukrainian soldiers seized and the journalists Rostislav Shaposhnikov and Egor Vorobyev videotaped:


On Berezin’s VKontakte account, there is a group photo of the 6th Tank Brigade:

And another photo from the Rostov Oblast:

Berezin in his tankist body armor (6B15):

Berezin in his military uniform with the insignia of the tank forces:

The details about Berezin’s captured tank differ. The head of armored weapons service of the “Yug” (South) command, Colonel Yevgeny Sidorenko, indicated in his story that the tank was captured on August 24, and the captured tank was used in battle on August 25. Colonel Mikhail Kovalsky, who was the head of the engineering service of the “Yug” command, said that the tank was captured by his battle group on August 26 after shelling from an infantry fighting vehicle operating out of the village of Agronomicheskoe.

They did not manage to withdraw Berezin’s tank from Ilovaysk. On August 29 near the exit of the encirclement, Ukrainian soldiers were forced to leave the captured tank behind. In an article by Yaroslav Tinchenko called “September 2014. Ilovaysk. Part V. Exit of the ‘Southern’ group,” it is mentioned that Colonel Yevgeny Sidorenko managed to take the Russian T-72B3 to the outskirts of the village of Novokaterinovka.

Then, fighters of the DNR (Donetsk People’s Republic) discovered the tank. A picture from the VKontakte page of Mikhail Pishch:

On September 14, Berezin’s tank suddenly appeared in an episode of “Vesti nedeli” (News of the week) on the Rossiya 1 (Russia 1) channel. The T-72B3 tank was presented as a Ukrainian T-72 tank allegedly captured by the “militia,” and was “not of Russian or Ukrainian origin.”

172142_original 172417_original 171895_original

Apparently, this T-72B3 was returned to the Russian military.

Berezin’s tank was captured near the village of Agranomicheskoe. In the same area — another T-72B3 tank of the 6th Tank Brigade of the Russian Federation was destroyed at the village of Novodvorskoe. This tank was shown in the programs “Segodnya” (Today) and “Chrezvychaynoye proisshestviye” (Emergency situation) on the NTV channel on September 9, 2014. The voice-over called the scorched T-72B3 tank of the Russian Army a “mighty Ukrainian tank” made in the Czech Republic.

172624_original 173002_original 173099_original

The identifying mark of the 6th Tank Brigade has been preserved on the tank–a medium-sized white circle, located on the lower part of the upper end-plate of the body:




Other photos of this T-72B3 tank, taken at a different time:

4018_original 4355_original 4320_original 173845_original 174118_original

The destroyed T-72B3 tank at the village of Novodvorskoe is on the fighter’s video “Roads of war. Donetsk”:


The exact position can be seen on Google Earth on the September 14, 2014 satellite photo:



Part 2


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    • Aric Toler

      As Askai notes, the white dot alone is not 100% proof, but combined with the discovered documents of a Russian soldier of the 6th Tank Brigade in one of these T-72B3 tanks (which are already exclusively Russian), then…

      • Randy Dread

        Discovered documents?

        My, how convenient.

        And what’s this story about Ukraine capturing a broken down tank then painting it with Ukrainian white stripes before filming it? What sense does that make?

        • Hopea kone

          Pressing the tanks into their service? Considering there was a battle going on that would make some sense, of course you can keep on believing that those were Ukrainian all along and that Russia has nothing to do with anything in regards to the war in the E. Ukraine.

          • Randy Dread

            if you’re going to claim the tank has been captured you obviously film it before you paint it in your own side’s markings.

            otherwise it looks like you didnt capture it at all and its just one of your own tanks.

          • Randy Dread

            and what battle was going on where that tank was peacefully resting in the woods?

            not a gunshot to be heard.

  1. Randy Dread

    Here’s my position.

    A tank in Ukrainian markings is Ukrainian and always was Ukrainian unless extremely solid proof is provided otherwise.

    Waving some dodgy photocopies about doesn’t cut it for me.

    • Aric Toler


      The tank is a T-72B3, which is exclusively used in the Russian armed forces and has never been exported.

      • Randy Dread

        that’s what we keep being told, indeed.

        Yet we keep seeing tanks resembling this one in Ukrainian markings.

        Maybe Ukraine just upgraded some T72s. Indeed Ukraine’s arms industry offers precisely that service.

        • olex

          Right because Ukraine’s main battle tank is the t-64. It’s not like they have most if not all of their t-72s mothballed and the upgrades just so happened to be the exact ones as the Russian version. Your ideas are getting a bit, far fetched to say the least.

        • Hopea kone

          So you are saying that Ukraine produces an exact copy of T-72B3 but has done so in a way that nobody has seen any of those tanks before they then decided to reveal them as Russian tanks in order to prove that Russians were taking part in the fighting.

          You are either very gullible and believe anything the Russians tell you or then you are here on purpose just to piss people off.

          Find us some pictures of Ukrainian T-72B3″ish” tanks, you know ones that look exactly like a T-72B3 down to the new style of tracks used.

    • olex

      and yet these types of tanks are not fielded at all with the Ukrainian country, so I mean, ignoring that obvious fact. Full proof conclusion, much research, wow

      • Randy Dread

        Yet here they are in Ukrainian markings with preposterous unverifiable stories about how they were ‘captured’.

        I don’t believe a word of these stories.

        These are Ukrainian tanks until proved otherwise.

          • Randy Dread

            the tank is in Ukrainian markings and there is not a shred of evidence it has been captured.

            conclusion – this is just a Ukrainian tank.

          • Hopea kone

            Do some research into the T-72 variants manufactured by Ukraine, then compare those tanks to this particular tank & the T-72B3.

          • Randy Dread

            its very hard to get good pictures of Ukrainian T72 variants.

            they definitely do upgrade them at the Kharkov plant though.

            until proven otherwise, tanks in Ukrainian markings are Ukrainian.

        • olex

          >Yet here they are in Ukrainian markings with preposterous unverifiable stories about how they were ‘captured’.

          And its not like someone could have painted them on? And how do we know they are from a Ukrainian Unit? Hell, with the amount of equipment being captured and recapture etc. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was indeed at one point in service with Ukraine. However a variant is much harder to fake, especially one with such distinctive reactive armour and other subtle characteristics. Whats even more damning is Ukraine doesn’t run nor have any of the t-72B variants at all in it’s inventory.

          >I don’t believe a word of these stories.

          Then I’d say your probably an idiot who doesn’t know jack about tanks

          >These are Ukrainian tanks until proved otherwise.

          Ok, I am waiting for some of this evidence, please, do you’re research, come back with the T-72 tank thats is in service with Ukraine that matches these ones. It’s certainly not hard for me. Here, I’ll even help you with a little guide, pay attention to the tracks, turret era and the exhaust on the side, these features are clearly seen on many of the photos:

    • CraigUmniy

      In case you are just terminally clueless or a St Pete troll, the T-72B3 and a lot of other kit captured or found destroyed in Ukraine (like the 9m133 AT-14 Kornet ATGM) is stuff that was never in the Ukrainian inventory. Never. Only in the Russian military. Na xui.

        • Oddbodkin

          If you have then it’s more evidence of Russian involvement, as Ukraine has never fielded that particular version & the most likely source is captured from Russians.

          • Randy Dread

            As i said, Ukraine is a notorious legal and illegal arms trafficker and nobody is sure exactly what’s there and what is fielded.

            This isn’t helped by the Ukrainian authorities’ tendency to lie pathologically.

            For example I’m sure they said they didn’t have any T72s at all in service.

            Yet the OSCE keeps seeing Ukrainian T72s.

          • Oddbodkin

            There are differences that are obvious those whose business it is TO know them.

            You are plainly not one of them & merely a paid troll & Putinbot with little knowledge of & no regard for the facts.

    • Randy Dread

      Now that you mention it that photo looks dodgy as hell.

      Where’s the rest of the graveyard? Doesn’t it have a wall?

  2. Randy Dread

    I also found out recently from a document linked to on Bellingcat’s recent report on cross border tracks that the ‘H2200’ designation for oversized loads used by Russian railways is also used by Ukrainian railways.

    So H2200 on the side of a tank doesn’t mean anything either.

      • Randy Dread

        Does Ukrainian railways use H2200 as a code for oversized cargo such as a tank?

        Yes they do.

        Ergo, H2200 on the side of a tank in Ukraine means nothing.

        • Void

          We have literally thousands of photos of Ukrainian tanks involved in conflict. Never seen any of them with ‘H2200’ marking. Please share if you have any.

          • Randy Dread

            The alleged captured T72 with the white stripes does if you watch the full video.

  3. Eliza

    The above article is more of the same amateurish cut-and-paste from the same troupe of ropey counterfeiters — it’s long on irrelevant and inconclusive screenshots from Social Media but very short on compelling evidence for its own claims.

    Anyone convinced, or enlightened, or informed by this meaningless regurgitation of Social Media? Can the author of the above article definitively prove that Russian Federation services personnel were on *official military operations*, at any time within Ukraine’s borders (excluding Crimea), from 2014 to 2105?

    No, clearly the author *cannot* do so, as far as the above article illustrates.

    Why does the author of the above article studiously ignore the simple explanation that, even if any of the Russian personnel mentioned in the article *had* ever participated in recent hostilities in Ukraine, they did so on a voluntary, non-official, ‘vacation’ basis?

    The reason the author shies away from this probability is that the author is a mediocre peddler of weak, Russo-phobic drivel intended to amplify the myth of ‘bully Moscow’ and to hide the reality of ‘bully Kiev’, which is contrarian given that nobody disagrees that Ukrainian Armed Forces have murdered THOUSANDS of their own citizens in Donbas (as well as displacing over a MILLION persons as refugees) since the illegal, armed coup in Kiev that took place in February 2014.

    This isn’t about two unidentified kids in an unidentified tank, it’s about mass murder, for which the Ukrainian government is obviously responsible.

    The above author should be viewed by all objective readers as biased and completely untrustworthy on the subject of Russia’s military involvement in Ukraine, and related matters.

    As someone once said, “if Russia invaded Ukraine, the Russians would be in Kiev within a week” — certainly, there is no invasion, and the above author should in fact be thanked for such a derisory effort that struggles to find TWO Russian volunteers in the entirety of Ukraine.

    This lopsided article therefore gets a D minus because it bases far too much on far too little – back to the drawing board and better luck next time.

    • Hopea kone

      What would Russia gain from taking over Kiev and rest of Ukraine which unlike Donetsk is not friendly to Russia?

      You mention those “vacations” and while that applies for individuals who have gone to fight in Ukraine how do you explain people coming from Russia with weapons, tanks and even SAM systems?

      I really doubt you can just go to the black market and buy brand new military hardware and then drive it out of Russia without anyone noticing.

    • boggled

      ELIZA, do you know what OSINT stands for?
      They work with what they have, if you want DNA evidence, that has been collected also.
      If you want documented papers of people still in service, there are other articles here and in Novayagazeta.
      You do know that that most of the million the Kremlin claimed as refugees were actually migrant summer workers.
      ALL in all there are actually about twice the number refugees that fled to Western Ukraine as the ones that actually went to Russia seeking asylum.

      We can add to that as well about a quarter the population of Crimea has left.

      We can add to that about a million people a year leave Russia for Western DEMOCRATIC nations because they are tired of living under a kleptocratic dictatorship and farce elections and courts.

      Aric showed one part of the pie and did it pretty conclusively.
      A lot better then your comment which is full of the typical Kremlin TROLLop falsehoods.
      Are you employee of LieNews?
      You really sound like one.
      You Eliza are really funny claiming – Aric or the original author is biased, but I am not (although I am so antiUkraine I could be considered your typical RNS fascist like Pavel Guberev).
      Aric just told it how it is and translated another person’s article.
      I did not find any of Aric’s or the original authors statements xenophobic, but I found most of yours to be.
      They are just informing everyone what is online, and their is a lot.
      This article here is just the TIP of the iceberg.

      Plenty of proof here of the Russian boys themselves posting their selfies, and if you take some time you could find a lot more.
      BUT you already know this.
      Попа́л, как кур в о́щип.
      По секрету всему свету.

      Fare thee well

    • CraigUmniy

      You are clearly not dense–you are a Russian liar. No amount of proof from thousands of Russian military VK and other social media accounts will ever convince you, since you simply support the Kiselevian lies. BTW, the T-72B3 was never in the Ukrainian arsenal–only the Russian one. Full stop.

  4. boggled

    More and more Russian military exposed and being sent home Gruz200.
    Dirty little Uncle vova keeps sending them, and they keep dying.
    And for what? A bunch of organized criminals like Pushilin with his Ponzi schemes and vova with his 25 different billion dollar dachas.
    These soldiers and their families get denied benefits and recognition for their fighting when they return home, dead or maimed for life.
    Many of them for their tour of duty get no pay for it.
    I am really surprised there is not a full scale Russian military coup by the military to end this corruption from Moscow.

    I hear many are beginning to refuse to go fight for the dictator ASSad, and are waking up to the fact of fighting for embezzlers pushilin and yanukothief is a flawed policy decision by Moscow.
    I wonder how long before the military restores Russia to a sensible place in the global community before Putin and company destroy Russia’s reputation utterly to one less then North Korea?

    Good collection of evidence Aric, it would have taken me years to amass so much and analyze it.
    All posted by the Russian troops themselves.

    Some people like Randy would refuse to see the sky is blue even though they are looking at it.
    They would try to convince you it is green because the USA believes it is blue or because they read it on zerohedge, globalresearch, etc. or were paid to do it.

    Fare thee well

  5. Randy Dread

    How is it possible that the tank claimed to be Berezin’s tank was discovered abandoned by DNR fighters in two different places?

    Maybe these were, you know, different tanks?

      • Randy Dread

        So your explanation for what is supposedly the same tank being discovered abandoned twice in 2 different places by the DNR is what exactly?

    • boggled

      People lack Randy are the reason people do not get married.
      He/she reminds me of that child that demands you to explain why the sky is blue, and then after a 30 minute explanation by the parents, the child again asks, after zoning out in the first 10 seconds, – ‘Why is the sky blue?’ again.
      Some of Uncle vova’s useful idiots are just out there to be difficult and will not accept any truth you put on their plate.

      Ends up the decision, do not feed the TROLLops at the zoo, is the right one.

      Fare thee well

      • Konstanazhoglo

        I see another picture, people due to the lack of arguments move to the personal insults. It’s a bad tactic.

        • boggled

          There are people that deny the Holocaust and Holodomor.
          There are people who deny Stalin was as evil a man as Hitler.
          If you’re either, you live in an alternate reality not based on facts.
          IF you’re either, you are either agent of brainwashing or brainwashed.
          If you are either, you deserve personal insults.
          Randy is denying and distorting reality, I present no anger in my comments, just facts and observations.

          Konstanahuglo, it gets to a point that arguing with brainwashed or brainwasher is like the situation I presented above.
          Randy got shot down over and over again.
          Randy exemplifies that type of person, are you also a person that lives in a Kremlin manufactured fictional story?

          Fare thee well

  6. Anton Pavlushko

    My update to this story:

    2. Sergey Gradov/Yakushev posted photos direct on Ukrainian border on… 3rd may 2014!!!

    9. Anton Dmitriev has posted photo on the background of the village Chervonosilske + archive

    top row, third from left – it should be Sergey Malafeev, who had also photo by Chervonosilske + archive with unbelivable good photo

    10. Yegor Chernov was captured by batalion Donbas –

    17. Ivan Badanin was also captured by Ukrainian army in village Chervonosilske –

    SBU has posted video with interview.

    • Randy Dread

      Ivan Badanin on the video doesnt look much like Ivan Badanin on the SBU video and the sound is cut when he says his name.

      Curioser and curioser.

      • Randy Dread

        sorry i said video twice, i meant Ivan Badanin on the tank monument photo doesnt look much like Ivan Badanin on the video.

        Where is Ivan Badanin now?

      • boggled

        If you have heard about the Russian grunts serving DNR, they are not getting paid, being served one meal a day, they are some kind of drug addict usually Meth or X etc.
        That can change a persons experience after a few months in the field.
        It is Ivan.
        DNA was collected and presented to various appropriate people, including the Kremlin’s own UN representative.

        Hope all the rubles your making now you are saving up, because it will take a wheelbarrow full just to buy a roll of toilet paper soon.
        Where you beat in the head a lot as a child? You seem to not have a lot of sense up there.

        Fare thee well

  7. Randy Dread

    And if these were serving Russian soldiers who were captured, why wasn’t this announced by Ukraine at the time in the Western media?

    • Oddbodkin

      I guess you were unable to view ANY of the western media that comprehensively covered their capture, including close-ups of their ID’s & admissions from the prisoners themselves.

      Odd that….

      • Randy Dread

        I remember a group of Russian soldiers who stated they had accidentally entered Ukraine and surrendered.

        That was in the western media.

        That’s not these guys though is it?

        • Randy Dread

          Searching for ‘Ivan Badanin captured Ukraine’ bringsd up nothing at all from the Western press.

          • Oddbodkin

            Look them up yourself.
            Your 100% disbelief in Russian involvement makes further commentary pointless, as it’s plain where you’re coming from.

          • boggled

            You mean the Major General caught smuggling?
            Or the 2 soldiers caught together while they were scouting and probing the front lines, the ones the Embassy denies are active duty but cannot provide proof they went on ‘vacation’?

            Or the few thousand others traded?
            Or the few thousand sent back Cargo200?

            Does every event that happens in Thailand get carried in the newspapers or TV you see Randy?
            I mean come on, what kind of excuse is that?
            Ivan was captured back in August 2014, some of those articles may have been recycled or deleted to save server space.
            Don’t know.
            There were many captured in that time frame.
            He was not identified for a while I believe.
            Whether or not he got traded back in the exchanges and just in March they release it because he had no identifying papers he carried other then his B3 tank.
            Or a false FSB manufactured identity.

            A statement about his page – “Judging by the pictures he dreams to invade New York City in Russian tanks (yes, they have there own world map). He rejoiced at a brand new T-72 B3 tanks in December 2013, which came into service with the 20th Army. ‘

            Fare thee well

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