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Shitposting, Inspirational Terrorism, and the Christchurch Mosque Massacre

March 15, 2019

By Robert Evans

Translations: Русский

On Friday, March 15th, one or more gunmen opened fire in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. As I write this, three men and one woman have been taken into custody by local law enforcement. It is unclear to what extent they were all involved. The only thing we know is that one of the shooters went by the name Brenton Tarrant on Twitter. He posted pictures of the murder weapons there two days before the rampage. Said weapons are clearly visible in the video of the spree he livestreamed to Facebook.

Shortly after the spree ended, New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush confirmed that several improvised explosive devices had been disarmed by authorities. If those devices were meant as some kind of booby trap, they were not the only trap “Brenton” left behind. Immediately before carrying out his spree, he posted links to a manifesto on Twitter:

In “The Great Replacement” repeats a variety of “white genocide” talking points, and claims his murder of several dozen Muslims is because they are “invaders” outbreeding the white race. All the evidence we have suggests these are, more or less, the shooter’s beliefs.  

But this manifesto is a trap itself, laid for journalists searching for the meaning behind this horrific crime. There is truth in there, and valuable clues to the shooter’s radicalization, but it is buried beneath a great deal of, for lack of a better word, “shitposting”.

What is Shitposting?

Shitposting is the act of throwing out huge amounts of content, most of it ironic, low-quality trolling, for the purpose of provoking an emotional reaction in less Internet-savvy viewers. The ultimate goal is to derail productive discussion and distract readers. “The Great Replacement” is a clear and brutally obvious example of this technique.

In his manifesto, Brenton credits far-right personality Candace Owens with beginning his radicalization. He states that, “Each time she spoke I was stunned by her insights and her own views helped push me further and further into the belief of violence over meekness. Though I will have to disavow some of her beliefs, the extreme actions she calls for are too much, even for my tastes.”

This detail was picked up instantly by many people online. Owens herself issued a response that seemed almost calculated to generate rage from those on the left:

But in the context of the shooter’s online presence, and the rest of his manifesto, this was almost certainly misdirection. Here is what the author wrote immediately below the section crediting Owens for his radicalization. In it, he jokes that “Spyro the Dragon 3”, a video game, taught him “ethno-nationalism”.

It is possible, even likely that the author was a fan of Owens’s videos: she certainly espouses anti-immigrant rhetoric. But in context seems likely that his references to Owens were calculated to spark division, and perhaps even violence, between the left and the right. At multiple points in the manifesto the author expresses the hope that his massacre will spark further attempts at gun control in the United States, which he believes will lead to gun confiscation and a civil war. He believes this civil war would be the best opportunity destroy the American “melting pot”. This idea is repeated often enough that it seems to be something the author legitimately believes in.

Given the tone surrounding the Candace Owens passage, it seems clear that it was “bait”, thrown out to attract attention on social media and sow further political division. The entire manifesto is dotted, liberally, with references to memes and Internet in-jokes that only the extremely online would get. For example, take this passage from his Q&A:

He goes on to repeat, at length, the Navy SEAL Copypasta, a humorous meme that originated on 4chan circa 2010. The whole manifesto is dotted with little bits like that. They are meant to distract attention from his more honest points, and to draw the attention of his real intended audience.

This Was An Act of Inspirational Terrorism

Before beginning his bloody spree, the Christchurch shooter- presumably the same person who wrote the manifesto- announced his intentions to 8chan’s /pol/ board. He opened by saying that it is “time to stop shitposting and time to make a real life effort”.

Now there are some things the author truly believes, and those things are not hidden- although they are less obvious than his statements about Candace Owens. For one thing, the shooter repeatedly references Oswald Mosley. Mosley was the founder of the British Union of Fascists, a political party in the 1930s that sought to return England to a state of “autarchy”, or complete financial and cultural independence from the rest of the world. The author’s violent anti-immigrant rhetoric jibes completely with this. Mosley is not an entirely obscure figure, but he is also not a particularly prominent thinker in the 21st century right wing.

The words painted on the shooter’s rifle offer further clues as to his ideology:

The 14s, which are repainted in several locations on his weapons, are a reference to the “fourteen words” written by jailed neo-Nazi bank robber David Lane: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” Lane was a member of a neo-Nazi terrorist group named The Order, which was inspired by a group of the same name in a White Nationalist fiction book titled The Turner Diaries. In The Turner Diaries, The Order succeeds in sparking a vicious sectarian civil war in the United States through a series of deadly terrorist attacks. This gels with the author’s repeated references to sparking internecine conflict in the United States.

The author does not claim membership to any specific far-right group, and also denies being a Neo-Nazi. Instead, he expresses a sort of allegiance- and ideological sympathy, to several other mass shooters, including Dylann Roof and Anders Breivik. He claims to have been in contact with Breivik, and that the Norwegian mass-shooter’s manifesto was his “true inspiration”.

Breivik’s manifesto has provided inspiration to a number of far-right killers and would-be killers, most recently Coast Guard Lieutenant Christopher Hasson. The author repeatedly states his hope that his spree, and his manifesto, inspires other people to kill.

And that brings us back to 8chan. In addition to sewing discord and creating confusion, the Christchurch shooter’s repeated references to memes and in-jokes were him playing to this very specific crowd. The streamed video of his massacre begins with him telling viewers to “Subscribe to PewDiePie”. This is a reference to yet another fringe Internet meme. Yet another dumb, trollish move calculated to please the other shitposters on 8chan.

And how did they respond to this massacre?

Over and over again, through page after page of posts, anons celebrated this mass murder by one of their own.

Most of the (very few) negative remarks found in the thread are from people, like one of the above posters, who fear this spree will mark “the end of 8pol”. The shooter’s frequent use of in-jokes and memes played extremely well with this crowd.

They even remark on his choice of music during his drive to commit the massacre: “Remove Kebab”. The song is from a propaganda music video made by Serb Army soldiers as a tribute to war criminal Radovan Karadžić. (Remove Kebab was also written on one of the shooter’s firearms.)

The shooter seems to have achieved his goal of providing the anons of 8chan with lulz, and with inspiration. One user hailed him as “the next Breivik”. And before much more than an hour had passed, there were already calls for other anons to follow in his bloody footsteps.







Robert Evans

Robert Evans has worked as a conflict journalist in Iraq and Ukraine and reported extensively on far-right extremist groups in the United States. He's particularly interested in the ways terrorist groups recruit, radicalize and communicate through the Internet. He has a podcast on the HowStuffWorks network ( and you can contact him via or Twitter:

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  1. Mr.Bushkin

    The human as result of the evolutionary progress of the chimp is going to naturally evolve to something like a 2,5 m tall Chinese with oversized head and four fingers regardless any rassisticaly motivated efforts by right wing lunatics.

    • Irrelevant

      Gotta say, buddy, this is painful to read. I thought Bellingcat provide insights and coverage you don’t get elsewhere. Everything in this article is self evident and didn’t require explaining. The idea that the navy seals copy pasta is copy pasta is… Unreal. Water is wet, we know. The idea that he didn’t learn to kill from Fortnite is… Unreal. Water is wet, we know.

      It really feels like journalists writing about this generation of 4chan/8chan etc generation of inspired shooters aren’t the type who’ve ever spent time on these websites for non journalistic purposes, and it shows.

      Was hoping for some genuine analysis, but no. The little jab at candace owens isn’t exactly ridiculous, but I’d hoped political point scoring took a day off on a horrid day like this.

      Hope God gives rest to their souls.

      • Tony

        This was a politically motivated terrorist attack, if you didn’t want political points being scored then you wouldn’t want the shooting in the first place, and this article seeks to analyze and deconstruct why this happened to a wider audience than you or I, who take knowledge of these memes for granted. The complaint about this article never reaching those people is nonsensical, as it takes a herd immunity to try and stop this. We need to make this unacceptable, we need people to report these streams and understand the underlying motives of publishing these documents right before creating an immense about of public outcry so we can prevent more radicalization. Honestly, this comment feels like it’s in bad faith but I’ll treat it as honest.

      • Tony

        I know this might blow your mind, but some of us don’t spend our days online and had no idea about “navy seals copy pasta.” Wow, amazing, things exist beyond what I take to be certain. This actually provided useful info for the rest of us – thanks bellingcat.

  2. jj

    There are a lot of alienated folk out there.And a lot of people with psychological problems that tip them over the edge.

    Method of attacking a Mosque seems to be on in a similar way,to Muslim I.S and Al qaeda terrorists, who attack Churches and other Muslim non Sunni,Shiite places of worship.

    RIP to the dead.

    • Errol Flynn

      Or like, any other terror attack ever concieved. What a subtle way to play the muslim terrorist card.

      • jj

        Just fact.Look at the methods used by radical Sunni groups and how they are spread via social media.
        Countries like Saudi Arab,UAE and others are funding these groups in places like Yemen,for example,
        To fight houthi Rebels and their allies.

  3. John Smith

    These are worrisome times – today sparks the first in what appear to be alt. right orientated killings, with the motivations of hate shrouded by the desire to appeal to those that dwell on 8chan. This is not conventional terrorism, this is something the likes of which I highly doubt we have witnessed before, and will likely see again in the coming months.
    My deepest sympathies go out to the Muslim community for those they have lost today, and the future hardships they will likely face as a result of this attack.

    • Colette

      “This is not conventional terrorism, this is something the likes of which I highly doubt we have witnessed before”?? Bataclan Theatre, Charlie Hebdo, Kosher Supermarket….I could go on and on. They also walked into these places and started shooting people based on a hateful ideology. How is the Christchurch massacre something that we haven’t witnessed before?

  4. wtf

    I don’t know why you would allow either of these previous comments. Both encourage and promote racism. I shouldn’t have to elaborate.

  5. Zurab Abayev

    Another divisive dishonest post. Candace Owens never stated anything anti immigrant, only anti illegal immigration which is the crime in any country. She is not far right,
    Disgusting, bellingcat

    • John

      You realize he cited a source, and that source was a video of her saying immigrants had been bad for the black community? You understand that this is literally & exactly “anti-immigrant rhetoric”? You don’t need to answer this is so other people won’t have to scroll back up to see you’re being disingenuous.

    • Enough

      To claim Owens not far right is not only disingenuous but deeply dishonest. She is virulently anti-immigrant and a crutch of White Nationalist terror.


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