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Schrödinger’s Strike: Who Hit These Buildings in Raqqa, Syria?

July 13, 2018

By Christiaan Triebert

Translations: Русский

The research was initiated by Jeanne Sanya and conducted collaboratively with Christiaan Triebert.

The Russian Ministry of Defence accused the American-led Coalition of bombing a block of civilian buildings in Raqqa, Syria. But a year earlier, the Russians said it was them who targeted leader of the Islamic State in those exact same buildings. What’s going on here?

In April 2018, the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) accused the Combined Joint Task Force, better known as the United States (U.S.) led Coalition, of bombing civilian buildings in the Syrian city of Raqqa. The claim was disseminated through their official Twitter and Facebook profiles on 7 April 2018 — the day of the chemical attack in Douma — together with several aerial images reportedly showing the ”catastrophic destructions” of several apartment blocks “caused by bombing of the international coalition”.

Figure 1. A tweet from the official Twitter account of the Russian Ministry of Defence. It was tweeted in English, Arabic, and Russian [archived]. A similar post appeared on their official Facebook page as well [archived].

Figure 2. A tweet from the official Twitter account of the Russian Ministry of Defence. It was tweeted in English, Arabic, and Russian [archived]. A similar post appeared on their official Facebook page as well [archived].

However, less than a year earlier on 16 June 2017, the Russian MoD tweeted a couple of satellite images from the exact same location. That time, however, with the claim that it was the Russian Air Force (RuAF) who bombed the buildings where leaders of the so-called Islamic State (IS) had gathered for a top-level meeting. The Russian airstrike, the MoD claimed, killed several top commanders of the group.

Figure 3. The satellite images showed the buildings before (13 May 2017) and after (27 May 2017) after the alleged airstrike. 16 June 2017 Russian MOD tweet in Russian, in Arabic, and in English [archived]. And also the link to the Facebook post.

One of those IS-leaders may even have been Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Russian MoD claimed in a statement that same day:

According to information which is verified through various channels, the meeting was also attended by the leader of ISIS, Ibrahim Abu Bakr-al-Baghdadi, who was also killed during the airstrike.

According to the Russian MoD, other leaders of the Salafi jihadist organisation that were reportedly also killed in the strike were the emir of Raqqa known as “Abu al-Haji al-Masri”, another emir known as “Ibrahim al-Naef al-Hajj”, and the head of the group’s security named “Suleiman al-Sawah”.

Figure 4. The Russian Ministry of Defence claimed they killed several leaders of the Islamic State, possibly even Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in a statement published on their official Facebook page.

Interestingly, the satellite images from 2017 and 2018 are from the exact same location, as the comparison below shows.

Figure 5. A composition shows that the satellite images published by the Russian Ministry of Defence in 2017 and 2018 show the exact same location in Raqqa, Syria.

This peculiar finding raises several question, which will be addressed in this article:

  • Where and what are these destroyed buildings?
  • Who bombed these buildings?
  • Was IS leader Baghdadi killed?

Where and What Are These Buildings?

It is not hard to find the exact location of the buildings, since the Russian MoD mentions the name of a mosque that was also heavily damaged. The name of that mosque is “Аль Ала” in Cyrillic, or “Al-Ala” in Latin.

That is indeed the name of the mosque shown on the photo, according to information on both Google Maps and Wikimapia. The coordinates of the buildings in question are 35.9497405, 38.9994156. It is worth noting that this is not in a “southern suburb of Raqqa”, as the Russian MoD claim, but a densely populated area west of the city centre.

Figure 6. The Al Ala mosque as shown on Wikimapia with Bing satellite imagery.

Now that an exact location is established, it is possible to find more information about the surrounding buildings.

The mosque is indeed known as the Al-Ala mosque, which is located right next to a building that was used as a school before IS took over in the Al-Moroor neighbourhood, also known as Al-Haramiyah, according to tags on Wikimapia. No further information about the specific buildings could be found, though interior images of the mosque exist.

Figure 7. The interior of the Al-Ala mosque shown in a photo published in 2015.

Who Bombed These Buildings?

The Russian MoD initially claimed that they bombed the location on 28 May 2017. Commercial satellite imagery, courtesy of TerraServer/DigitalGlobe, indeed suggests that the buildings in question must have been destroyed between 24 and 30 May 2017

However, local activists of “Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently” believe that the U.S.-led Coalition and/or Kurdish militias were responsible for the damage, as the Conflict Intelligence Team found in 2017. The photos below, published on both Facebook and Twitter, are of the damage, and have been geolocated to the same site as shown in the Russian MoD satellite imagery. But, as they rightly state, “this is itself does not prove this was not a Russian airstrike”. Local sources did not mention the killing of top IS commanders were said to have been killed.

Figure 8. Local activists published images of the destroyed buildings on social media. The buildings show the ground perspective of the location shown in the aerial photos of the Russian Ministry of Defence.

Figure 9. Local activists published images of the destroyed buildings on social media. The buildings show the ground perspective of the location shown in the aerial photos of the Russian Ministry of Defence.

Just like the buildings, the Al-Ala mosque was partly damaged between May 24 and May 30 too, though by far not as heavy as the other buildings. Using the Arabic spelling of the mosque — مسجد العلو — it is possible to find open-source information, that sheds more light on what happened to it.

SN4HR claimed that the U.S.-led Coalition shelled the mosque on May 27, publishing a photo of a ravaged interior. That may refer to the small damage at the northeastern part of the building observed on satellite imagery, which caused the rubble in the main prayer hall. Older imagery of the mosque indeed suggests it is the same building, with identical pillars and air conditioners attached to them.

Figure 10. The Al Ala mosque’s damaged interior after alleged Coalition shelling on 27 May 2017. Photo via SNHR/Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently.

Further research shows that the local activists used screenshots from a video from A’maq News Agency, which functions as IS’s auxiliary media wing. The agency published a video of a damaged, but not entirely destroyed, Al-Ala mosque and its surroundings on 28 May 2017. A copy can still be found on Facebook. A copy can also found below.

Warning: Viewer discretion is advised.

It is important to note that a large part, including the dome, is still standing in the 28 May 2017 video.

Three weeks later, on 18 July 2017, another video is published by the A’maq News Agency which shows that the dome of the mosque is still intact.

Figure 11. A part of the skyline of Raqqa, Syria, as shown in an A’maq News Agency video published on July 18, 2017. The dome of the mosque is still visible, suggesting it was still intact at the time.

Minor damage to the mosque can be observed between August 1 and August 13. First, the mosque was slightly damaged between August 1 and August 7, satellite imagery courtesy of TerraServer/DigitalGlobe shows. A few days later, on August 13, a hole in the roof of the mosque can be discovered. A bit later, on August 25, major damage to the mosque can be observed on satellite imagery: the dome has vanished by then. This indicates that the dome must have been destroyed between 13 and 25 August 2017.

On August 28, the Syrian Democratic Forces (known SDF), an ally of the U.S., are in control of the mosque and the surrounding area, a reports on social media claim.

Figure 12. A post on Facebook suggests that the Syrian Democratic Forces are closing in on a neighbourhood where the mosque and the destroyed buildings are located.

Local sources on the ground thus all refer to the U.S.-led Coalition and allies, the SDF, as responsible for damage in the immediate vicinity of the buildings of interest. And while information of Liveuamap’s territorial control suggest that the SDF and their Coalition allies were closing in on the area on 25 August 2017, no conclusive statement can be made about whether it was the U.S. who bombed those buildings.

Figure 13. Territorial control in Raqqa, Syria, as of 25 August 2017, according to Liveuamap. The area of interest where the buildings and the Al-Ala mosque are located is circled in red. The map shows that the area is being encircled by the Syrian Democratic Forces, supported by the U.S.-led Coalition.

With regards to Russia, less can be said. The only claim is coming from themselves. After the initial 2017 Russian MoD tweet, the CIT investigated, as mentioned before, who may have conducted the attack. They highlighted that the Russian MoD could have released a drone video of the attack to prove it was them who bombed the building, as they had claimed they observed the area before the strike happened. Releasing such information may support Russia’s MoD claim.

Bellingcat reached out to both the U.S.-led Coalition as well as the Russian Ministry of Defence, but both did not reply to our request for information. It thus remains unclear who bombed these buildings.

Was IS-Leader Baghdadi Killed?

There have been many claims that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of IS, has been killed in an airstrike. The Russian MoD’s claim regarding the 28 May 2017, strike, was one of them. At the time, the Washington Post’s Louisa Loveluck told CIT that her diplomatic and expert sources said that Baghdadi had long left Raqqa in May 2017. The current whereabouts of Baghdadi are unknown, so is his fate. It is thus entirely unclear whether Baghdadi was around when the Russian MoD said they conducted the airstrike.

Airwars, an organization that monitors civilian casualty due to international airstrikes in Syria, Iraq, and Libya, lists two incidents in Raqqa on 28 May 2017, that may refer to the specific strike. However, it cannot be stated with certainty that this refers to the same incident. In general, thousands of civilians have died due to both the Coalition as well as Russian airstrikes in Syria, according to Airwars data.

The U.S.-led Coalition itself reported eight strikes in total on May 28 in Raqqa: “Near Raqqah , eight strikes for three ISIS tactical units; Two VBIED factories, two VBIED facilities, two VBIED factories, two VBIED facilities, and one ISIS mechanical facility.”

Conclusion and Discussion

Based on open-source information, it is not possible to state with certainty whether Russia or the Coalition bombed the location in question. Neither party to the conflict replied to Bellingcat’s questions sent by email. While local sources estimate the U.S. and their allies as responsible, this may be due to the general course of events: the offensive on Raqqa by the U.S.-led Coalition. However, while this may be likely, open-source evidence does not shed a light on who conducted the airstrike. There are also serious doubts to cast on the statement that Baghdadi was killed in the alleged airstrike.

What is clear, however, is that the Russian MoD has used satellite imagery of the exact same buildings for two contradicting statements: in 2017, they claimed they targeted an IS meeting, and in 2018, they claimed that the U.S. bombed civilian buildings.

Jeanne Sanya is a student at the University of New York in Prague, Czech Republic.

Special thanks to Bellingcat members Klement Anders and Aric Toler for feedback.

Christiaan Triebert

Christiaan Triebert has investigated for Bellingcat since 2015 and runs several of Bellingcat's workshops for journalists and researchers across the world. Contact via email ( or Twitter (@trbrtc).

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  1. Concerned Citizen

    Didn’t bother reading the article since we know for sure confirmed by all sides it was overwhelmingly America that bombed Raqqa to rubble.

    What else actually matters.

    • Ghost Ship

      Me also but I did get as far as ” the day of the chemical attack in Douma”. What chemical attack in Douma? The OPCW have reported finding no nerve agents and did not find any chlorine, but only chlorinated organic chemicals. So fake fact no. 1 there.
      As for the rest of the article, nothing more than whataboutery of the worst kind since Russia bombing a handful of buildings to kill ISIS members on one occasion is nothing like the overwhelming destruction the United States and others in the so-called coalition rained down on Raqqa. But, then it turns out reading the last section that the authors really found no evidence of anything beyond conflicting reports from the Russian MoD. Looks to me like a case of one part of the Russian MoD forgetting what another part of the Russian MoD had done and that kind of behavior is typical of large bureaucracies.
      So, my conclusion, this is nothing more than a yet another feeble attempt at black propaganda against Russia with the expectation that nobody will read to the end to see that this really is a nothingburger.

      • Just

        Meaning whatever Russian MoD is saying, can be/is more or less bullshit, because they do not do any fact checking before publishing materials. It seems, that same applies also to Putin&Co in general. It’s like joke about layers and lying.

    • Zed

      If you don’t bother reading articles, then what the hell did you here for? Apparently for trolling, because there’s nothing else legitimate to do here other than read Bellingcat’s investigations. See, Bellingcat keeps successfully debunking Russia’s numerous lies, thereby getting on Kremlin’s nerve somewhat, so some Russian trolls are tasked with posting messages like yours in response to Bellingcat investigations just to sow doubts in readers. This has been Kremlin tactics for years.

      The article above has successfully proved that Russia used image to make two contradicting claims. It was definitively established that the latest claim of Russia’s MoD using this image was fake. Russia is being caught in blatant lie over and over. What else actually matters.

      • Mad Dog

        Exactly Zed, just here to troll. Who cares if the Russian MoD is caught lying again and who cares if they are part and parcel fo bombing hospitals and schools throughout Syria. Only thing that seems to matter here is there is a chance to blame the Coalition despite the visual evidence the Russians provided. Just gotta love the logic!

        • Ghost Ship

          The sources for most of the claims that Russia and Syria bomb hospitals, etc. are either the White Helmets (now proven liars) or local “activists” who are mostly agents of the terrorist organizations that used to occupy large parts of Syria – any real local activists were probably hunted down and killed by the terrorists a long time ago. Anyway, it’s all irrelevant, as the White Helmets and their terrorist associates will soon disappear from the pages of history and I say good riddance. A few more months and I suspect even Idlib will be terrorist free, and then the terrorists will come to Europe as refugees with an absolute hatred of the west for failing to support them in their hour of need. Unless you are trolling from Gaziantiep, you should fear what they might do.

          • Andrea

            You may think White Helmets are kid-eating murderers for what i care.. but how does this inficiate the value of the pictures/videos (AND SATELLITE IMAGE) that showed hospitals destroyed?

            Let me guess.. all fakes? Satellite too.. In order to trigger western militaries that did almost nothing for years of well documented war crimes.. Sounds credible!

      • Ghost Ship

        Actually, it’s not the Russian MoD that lies, it’s your precious White Helmets that have been shown to be liars. The Russian MoD change their story as their understanding of events improves. It’s the White Helmets who come up with a complete narrative that is based on lies that never seems to change because they’ve “fixed” all the facts in advance. The source for most of the claims you believe about Syria are the White Helmets, a British-founded, Anglo-America-funded black propaganda operation that lies as has been shown by the interim OPCW report on the alleged chemical attack that never actually occurred on Douma in East Ghouta.

        • Mad Dog

          Sooo, how is this a lie from the White Helmets. Photo evidence seems to show the MoD lied about what happened AFTER they already provided evidence that they were the ones who bombed the area before. Is that your understanding of how THEIR understanding of events improves? Sounds like Alice in Wonderland to me. As for the White Helmet accusations, they are straight out of RT News and really have never been shown to be very credible. As such, you really do come off like a Russian Troll, but maybe there is hope as your UNDERSTANDING improves.

  2. Rob Heusdens

    Whole western MSM was writing about the Aleppo airstikes by Russia/Syria as if they intentionally targeted as many people and hospitals possible (fake White Helmets news)- after liberation of Aleppo, topic completely dropped.

    But the US coalition that bombed Raqqa and Mosul, cause relatively speaking the most human casualties – western MSM goes silent on this.

    Meanwhile Aleppo already partly rebuild but in Mosul or Raqqa, not even all the bodies of civilian casualties have been cleared……

    Conclusion: don’t trust the westen MSM on this!
    Neither the ‘atlantic council’ / ‘bellingcat’

    • Andrea

      You make Aleppo seem an isolate case…
      Did you forget what SAA had to do to take other cities/towns like Hama, Homs, Douma or Daara?
      It’s not an isolated case. It’s a systematic strategy: forced displacement trough bombing..
      And there is a very significant difference: In all the cases mentioned above rebels surrendered and left the city even before SAA came close to conquer them.
      Go have a look at some satellite images if you think those cities suffered no destruction.

      PS: Trump’s “doctrine” of dropping more bombs to fight ISIS faster in spite of safeguarding civilian lives is indeed WRONG.. But crying “you did it too!” makes you seem like a 6yo.

      • Concerned Citizen

        Complete nonsense, hundreds of thousands have returned to Aleppo and other liberated areas since the terrorists were driven out.

        • Black Star

          Comrade “Concerned Citizen” started this discussion with a lie and ended it with another lie. How proud he must feel of his accomplishment.

          Anyway, comrade, since you did not read the article at all, here is its contents in single sentence: Russian ministry of defence used the same satellite photo as “proof” of two different aerial attacks, first by russians themselves and second by western airforce. Explain that.

          • Mad Dog

            CC uses the term Liberated, but liberated from what. The original demonstrations were aimed at liberating the people from a thuggery and they were greeting with overwhelming force, unarmed that they were. So, give us that definition of ‘liberated’ again.

          • Mikko Vuorinen

            “Russian ministry of defence used the same satellite photo as “proof” of two different aerial attacks, first by russians themselves and second by western airforce. Explain that.”
            => What is plausible ist that 1) first Syria and Russia supporting the legal Syrian Gov. really bombed those buildings (may be) used by the rebels.
            2) Then US-ISIS(Israel Secret Intelligence Secret)-White Helmet-coalition started to destroy the Whole Raqqa infastucture and the russians (how stupide they might be) used the old photo to show US-ISIS-WH -bombings in the area.
            To get the BIG picture, please study this and get informed who absolutely benefits the most from these wars:

  3. Manh nguyen duc

    it seems Russian trolls have only a few weapons nowadays- logic denial and whataboutism. It’s getting repetitive.

    • Mad Dog

      Yeah, so silly to read at times. Somehow they believe that Assad is next to Christ in his benevolence ignoring the facts of thuggery that started off this whole mess.

    • Mad Dog

      Ya know, it is awful quiet here. I think all our troll buddies are busy gearing up for the mid-term elections in the US and can’t be bothered with trying to refute the facts posted here.

  4. Jo

    So this whole post boils down to a conclusion of, the Russians put up incorrect images, and the coalition could still have done it.

    • Mikko Vuorinen

      Jo, I think you are right here.
      And to be more specific.
      Russian used the same photo to tell about two different things.
      1) bombing certain buildings (seen in the photo)
      2) later US-Israel-WH coalition bombing the whole Raqqa to stone age – including the mosque – mainly for Israel ruling Likud party leading since 1995 and the Rothschild-family oil fields (sionist Likud [destroy and conquer other counties for Great Isreal from the rivel Nile to Eurfrat] took the power in Israel after murdering the peace-treaty between Isreal and Palestine).

      • Mikko Vuorinen

        It seems that the russians exaggerated the US-Israel-WH -bombings by using as a starting -picture the most prestine (blueish-coloured) picture and then compared it to the massdestruction-genosidial US-Israel-WH -bombings- aftermath picture.
        I.e. russians oversimplified the before-after -comprison leaving their own neat, just 4 specific buildings -targeted bombing done by russians striking ISIS (Israel Secret Intelligense Service) targets away. That was the “mistake” from russians. After russian bombing i.e. the mosque was rather intact. But after US-Israel-MossadWhiteHelmets, the whole area was mostly in ruins.

  5. TO

    So.. the real destrucors of Raqqa (by devastating bombings) were US+Israel Intelligence (Isreal-ISIS)+white helmets. Very plausible knowing the Great Israel plan to conquer from Eurfrat to Tigris, what Israel is executing since likud came into force and since labour party prime minister Yitzak Rabin (the peacemaker prime minister) was murdered allegedly by likud party, which party hostes professional terrorist, like the King hotel assassin bomber Menachem Begin.


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