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Syria’s Steel Beasts: The T-55

November 27, 2014

By Oryx

This post has been removed until further notice as recent developments in the Syrian Civil War has rendered the current information outdated.


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  1. Ayatollah Ghilmeini

    Pretty interesting couple of points and corrections- trailers save fuel bust also a lot of wear and tear on the transmission and engine of the tank. Second the device over the gun looks like a radar target designator. There is a obvious optical periscope and the hatch below opens and the laser is in there, otherwise there might be a guided anti-tank missile in the box.

    The T-55 was a decent vehicle but is hopelessly obsolete in the modern battlefield. But for slaughtering civilians and a civil war it is a cadillac for killers. It is relatively fast and maneuverable, a low silhouette and is a match for anything other than another tank.

    While the upgrades mentioned here are a bit useful, in a modern battlefield, the last place you want to be is in one of these old dinosaurs.

    At the rate things are going the killing in Syria will be going on for years to come.

  2. pellingbat

    “Of these 2500 tanks, over 1000 have been lost over the course of the Civil War. ”

    Sources on those numbers?

  3. SB

    I’d be curious about what impact ATGM’s are having on the fleet as hardly a day goes by there isn’t a video of a wire guided missile destroying an SAA tank.


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