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Live Coverage of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland (Day Two)

July 19, 2016

By Bellingcat Investigation Team

Bellingcat Investigation Team

The Bellingcat Investigation Team is an award winning group of volunteers and full time investigators who make up the core of the Bellingcat's investigative efforts.

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  1. John Zenwirt

    Why would an Intelligence-based, study methodology be useful; when the target is a wide-open, democratic, TV-covered event/complete with hours of live analysis…?

    • Aric Toler


      If you watch the TV coverage, they is practically zero coverage of the situation on the ground. There are many rumors that spread quickly, and we are hoping to squash them. For example, as I type this, there are a lot of rumors of “Black Lives Matter activists throwing urine bombs at police officers.” There is no proof of this at all, but it is still spreading fast through Twitter. A goal of our liveblog is to give a well-rounded look at what’s really happening on the ground by finding (and verifying/geolocating) materials from activists and journalists on the ground. CNN is too busy talking about plagiarism to do any actual coverage of the situation on the ground.


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