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May 5, 2015

By Chris Brace

A Short Piece On UK Election Reporting

Over the past few years there has been a concerted effort among the more right leaning media in this country to portray Ed Milliband as a backstabber here and here Indecisive and dithering here someone hypocritical in their views because although a socialist his girlfriend at the time owned a house that had gone up…

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April 1, 2015

By Peter Jukes

Coulson, Cameron. Brooks: the political element in Phone Hacking

Given the current febrile atmosphere of the election campaign here in the UK, this is worth revisiting. A comprehensive report by the Media Standards trust shows how politically targeted phone hacking at News of the World was – mainly under the editorship of Andy Coulson (the only surviving phone records to confirm hacking date from a…

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March 17, 2015

By Peter Jukes

UPDATED Alastair Morgan to Rupert Murdoch “You are in a unique position to help us finally lay Daniel to rest.”

With considerable speed and grace, on Monday 16 March, Rupert Murdoch replied to Alastair’s letter, promising to co-operate with the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel inquiry, and explaining how News Corp‘s Management and Standards Committee have already complied with requests from the police and the IPCC. Questions about the role of News of the World and…

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March 13, 2015

By Eliot Higgins

Vladmir Babak and Reuters’ Missile Launch Witnesses – How Do They Fit With What We Know About MH17 So Far?

In the last few days there have been a pair of interesting stories relating to the downing of MH17 in Ukraine that have attempted to shed more light on what happened on July 17th. Vladmir Babak, part of the team that designed the SU-25 and a senior figure at the SU-25’s manufacturer and developer Sukhoi Attack…

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March 11, 2015

By Aric Toler

How These Adorable Puppies Exposed Russian Involvement in Ukraine

Данный отчет также доступен на русском языке. On March 2, Elena Kostyuchenko of the Russian independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta published an explosive interview (English) with Dorzhi Batomunkuyev, a 20-year old tankist from Mogoytuy in the Zabaykalsky Krai, bordering Buryatia. Batomunkuyev is a member of military unit 46108, the 5th Tank Brigade, based out of Buryatia, lying…

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March 9, 2015

By Peter Jukes

Appeal to Journalists for Information on the Daniel Morgan Murder and its Cover-Up

Tomorrow marks the 28th Anniversary of the murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan, and his family’s amazing decades-long campaign for justice. The police corruption around the most investigated murder in British criminal history has been described by an assistant Metropolitan police commissioner as one the biggest stains on Scotland Yard’s history. But Daniel’s murder also leads straight…

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February 19, 2015

By Bellingcat Investigation Team

How EchoSec Found Evidence of a Russian Fighting in Ukraine

Recently, the media has been paying close attention to the Donetsk region in northeast Ukraine. We decided to look for ourselves to see if we could identify military personnel of Russian origin in the area. In a military, or global security context, the data pouring from this region can play a pivotal role in command, control, communications and coordination of operations. Quick, informed decisions are the best decisions. We used a systematic, 3-phase approach to find, filter, and investigate the social media coming out of Ukraine and Russia.

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February 17, 2015

By Bellingcat Investigation Team

Bellingcat Report – Origin of Artillery Attacks on Ukrainian Military Positions in Eastern Ukraine Between 14 July 2014 and 8 August 2014

Ukrainian armed forces positioned near the Russian-Ukrainian border were attacked by artillery fire in the summer of 2014. Between 9 July and 5 September 2014, the Ukrainian Border Service and the National Security and Defense Council reported more than 120 artillery attacks from Russia. Russian officials, however, have denied the existence of any artillery attacks on Ukraine originating from its territory. The pressure of sustained artillery attacks through early August led Ukrainian armed forces to lose control of hundreds of kilometers of border territory. Google Earth satellite images of eastern Ukraine from July, August, and September 2014 have enabled the Bellingcat investigation team to find evidence of these artillery attacks, determine their origin, and compare them with local sources. After reviewing and analyzing these satellite images as well as videos from social media, local media reports, and the shifting maps of the ongoing conflict, the Bellingcat investigation team has determined that there is compelling evidence that artillery attacks on Ukrainian territory and against Ukrainian armed forces originated from the territory of Russia.

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