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Aric Toler

Aric Toler

Aric Toler has been an employee at Bellingcat since 2015. He graduated with an MA in Slavic Languages & Literatures from the University of Kansas in 2013, focusing on Russian literature and intellectual history. After graduation, he worked for two years as an intelligence specialist in the private sector.

Now with Bellingcat, Aric writes, edits, researches, and translates (Russian–>English) articles related to Russia, Ukraine, and eastern Europe. Additionally, he conducts training workshops for journalists in open source investigation, verification, and digital forensics. Some of his focuses are verification of Russian media, the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Russian influence in the American/European far-right, and the ongoing investigation into MH17.

Aric has written for Bellingcat and the Global Voices special project RuNet Echo since 2014 on Russia and Ukraine. He is a leading expert in the Russian and Ukrainian open source research and digital forensic communities, having conducted workshops in English and Russian for journalists, activists, and NGOs in Ukraine over the past two years.

He has assisted in various projects outside of Bellingcat, including 112 Ukraine investigations into corruption and VICE’s duPont-award winning documentary “Selfie Soldiers: Russia Checks in to Ukraine.” He has been the lead digital forensics investigator for Eurasia at the Digital Forensics Research Lab since July 2016.

If you have any questions, or have a story idea related to eastern Europe, you can contact him at