Audio Collection - Shelling of Mariupol, January 2015

We will publish additional calls, with subtitles, in the following days.

Call at 07:55:22 on 24 January 2015. “Gorets” gives first command to fire at will.

Call at 10:36:40 on 24 January 2015. Artillery Direction Officer “Pepel”

Call at 14:12:12 on 24 January 2015. General Yaroschuk instructs suspension of shelling due to OSCE commission arrival

Call at 14:36:45 on 24 January 2015. Instruction to battery commanders to disguise launch units from OSCE

Call at 20:46:12 on 02 February 2015. Gorets explains to local subordinate that Russian officers cross border without documents and number plates