The Bellingcat Podcast Season 2 - The Executions

Bellingcat is pleased to launch season two of the Bellingcat Podcast in partnership with premium audio storytellers, Novel.

Narrated by Bellingcat founder, Eliot Higgins, the two-part series tells the story of a gruesome video that captured the world’s attention in 2018 and how a remarkable open source investigation sought to unravel its secrets.

The video, which had spread rapidly online, appeared to show unarmed women and children being murdered by men in army uniform. Which army the men belonged to was not clear. Nor was it apparent where the incident had taken place or who the victims were. But an international team of investigators and volunteers was determined to uncover the truth.

Among those to feature in the series are Channel 4’s international news editor Lindsey Hilsum, BBC Africa Eye’s Benjamin Strick and Aliaume Leroy, Amnesty International’s Brian Castner and an anonymous government source from a country where free expression can come at great cost.

The first episode is available now on all good podcast apps, including:

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Season one of the Bellingcat Podcast investigated the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) and received widespread critical acclaim.

It was described as “extraordinary in detail, tenacity and execution” by The FT. The Guardian wrote that the podcast “goes in deep” and is “definitely worth the effort.”

Season three of the Bellingcat Podcast is currently in the works and will examine how a secretive unit within Russia’s intelligence system carried out poisonings, assassinations and was even involved in an attempted coup.