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Bellingcat at the SKUP Journalism Festival Talking MH17, Ukraine, Russia, and Propaganda

March 24, 2015

By Bellingcat Investigation Team

The Norwegian Foundation for a Free and Investigative Press (SKUP, Stiftelsen for en Kritisk og Undersøkende Presse) recently held it’s annual journalism conference in Tonsberg, Norway, and Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins participated in a number of sessions. In this first session, Eliot Higgins talks about Bellingcat’s work on MH17, tracking Russian weapons and artillery attacks in Ukraine, and useful idiots.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

In this second video he joins the former Russia Today presenter Liz Wahl, who quit live on air, to discuss Russia Today and Russian propaganda

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

More videos from the SKUP festival can be found here.

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  1. Al Gor

    Surface-to-air rocket launcher located at the ground. Aircraft flies 10 kilometer above the ground. Rocket is launched from BELOW the aircraft. It goes directly to the target with the speed faster than 1,000 meters per second (faster than any rifle bullet or shrapnel). It approaches the aircraft from BELOW. It is activated at 100 meter distance from (BELOW) the target. Since the speed of the rocket is faster than the speed of the shrapnel, all shrapnel parts keep going forward (some faster, some slower) and hit the aircraft from BELOW.
    Now, read the “Preliminary Report: Crash Involving Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 flight MH17” page 25. This aircraft was hit from ABOVE. And this is not an opinion, it is a fact. There are pictures attached that prove it.
    So, there is no way this aircraft was hit by a surface-to-air rocket, especially Buk (old analog rocket that is using fixed so called “pursuit trajectory”). It is against the law of physics.
    So far there were only one documented case when law of physics did not work (12:30 p.m. Central Standard Time on November 22, 1963, in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, USA).
    Do we have another one?

    • mark

      Sa11 missile approaches from front but is armed with blast fragmentation target flys into frag cloud riping holes in front of plane

    • Rob

      Al Gor said “It is activated at 100 meter distance from (BELOW) the target. ”

      Where is your evidence that a SA-11 missile, approaching from the front of MH17, detonate 100 meters below the aircraft ?

      • Al Gor

        You can google lots of information about Buk. It is a really fascinating design, considering the time it was invented – 1979, long before any onboard computers. It was design to attack primarily the supersonic military aircrafts. Pursuit Trajectory gives the best probability of destroying a real swiftly manoeuvring target and it can be implemented using analog circuits only. This is why Buk is using it.
        So, if we calculate the pursuit trajectory for this case (at launch moment aircraft located at 25,510 meters(X coordinate); 10,000 height(Y coordinate); moving steadily at 300 m/s and rocket moving with 1000 m/s speed) we get this result: start angle – 21.4°; start target distance – 27,400 meters; flight time 21,6 seconds; activation point – 19,030 meters(X coordinate); activation angle – 74.6°.
        If it was a Buk it would hit almost vertically from the bottom(!).

        • Rob

          Why do you think that this BUK missile would activate at 19,030 meter at an angle of 74.6 deg ?

    • Ad

      The other documented case will be in “The Rutte Report”, that will be published as soon as Oekrain is part of the European Union. Rutte is now busy, trying to impersonate a prime-minister in the European province of The Netherlands.

  2. Rob

    Nice presentation, Elliot.

    However, by focusing on the details of the Bellingcat findings, the true strength of open source journalism is still grossly underrepresented.

    After all, all arguments in MSM are by authority, he-said-this-and-she-said-that.
    ONLY the open source investigative journalism such as by Bellingcat can TRULY establish a VERIFIABLE representation of the truth.

    That powerful point of view is still absent in your presentation.

    • Horst

      While an open source investigation can help to dig up this or that piece of evidence, it does not replace a professional investigation by real experts. Mind you, Elliot got debunked by MIT professors for is work on the Damaskus Sarin attack.

    • FkDahl

      Brown Moses have rich friends in Virginia: doubtful if Bellingcat is independent.
      One question is what BUK units were controlled by the Ukrainian Army, and were there also units controlled by the various (shades of brown) volonteer/national guards battalions?

  3. They Knew

    @Eliot Higgins/ Brown Moses/Bellingcat,

    Who is Matthew VanDyke? Ask Eliot Higgins/ Brown Moses/Bellingcat, he knows who Matthew VanDyke is!

    Who is Bllct in Wikipedia? Very busy with editing on SU-25! Yes, yes a SU-25M1 hit MH-17, left the cockpitsection full with bulletholes! Fuselage, not a single proof of evidence of shrapneldamage caused by a Buk missile! Even in the Dutch Wikipedia they have deleted the service ceiling of the SU-25! Why is there so much activity in Wikipedia in editing on the SU-25, if it was not a SU-25? This is highly suspicious, don’t you agree, Mr. Higgins?

    O, by the way, do you know how to conceal the history of changes in Wikipedia? It’s very handy, esspecially if you want to hide something.

    • bellingcatadmin

      Yes, it’s actually quite easy to answer that question with a little bit of basic research, something Globalresearch obviously forgot about. The footage Globalresearch claims is from the from MH17 crash site is actually from the crash site of a Ukrainian SU-25 shot down by separatists after July 17th, and was broadcast as part of this story on CNN

  4. John Smith


    Russians “leaked” report is detailing the finding of own investigation.

    The TLDR version is it was BUK, but fired from supposedly Ukraine held territory though they clearly state it is hard to verify who was physically there at the time.

    Would be interesting if you guys reviewed it. Source is in Russian.


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