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Russia’s 6th Tank Brigade: The Dead, the Captured, and the Destroyed Tanks (Pt. 1)

September 22, 2015

By Askai707

This post originally appeared in Russian on the LiveJournal of Askai707,

Part 2

English translation by Aric Toler

Translator’s summary:

The following post was written by Askai707, a Ukrainian open source investigator that has written numerous reports on Russian tanks and soldiers in the Donbass. This report details the involvement of Russia’s 6th Tank Brigade in the now infamous Battle of Ilovaysk from August 2014. The primary evidence for this claim is:

  • The death, and secret burials, of two 6th Tank Brigade soldiers on the same days as the battle.
  • The discovery of a damaged T-72B3 (exclusively Russian) tank on the battlefield, holding the documents of a soldier of the 6th Tank Brigade
  • The identification marks of this tank, and others, matching that of the 6th Tank Brigade from August 2014.

Two hundred years ago, it was said that “In Russia — everything is a secret, but there is no secrecy.” Since then, little has changed. If they are trying to disavow the Russian military’s involvement in the war in the Donbass at the highest state level and from the television screens of state television channels, then nothing is hidden at the household level. On social networks, Russian soldiers share photographs from Ukrainian war-zones with their friends, acquaintances, and other readers. They do this while boasting of war stories. Soldiers are made to sign the “Obligation of non-disclosure of restricted information,” threatened with the penalties carried by the law. However, as in the case of a junior sergeant of the 32rd Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade Stepan Potylitsin, such “Obligations” are also spread onto the Internet:

A copy of the "Obligation" to not share restricted information, shared online by Stepan Potylitsin Archive:

A copy of the “Obligation” to not share restricted information, shared online by Stepan Potylitsin

In this regard, the troops of the 6th Separate Tank Brigade of the Russian Federation (military unit 54096 of the village of Mulino, Nizhegorod oblast’) are no exception. The following post will examine evidence of the participation of a unit of the 6th Tank Brigade of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in fighting in the Donbass, collected from open source information.

The first half of September 2014. Fierce fighting near Ilovaisk had ended a few days before. In the Rostov oblast’ near the village of Anastasievka and in the field camp near the village of Latonovo, tankists from Mulino were taking a series of group pictures and posting them on social networks.

The field camp near the village of Latonovo on Yandex Maps:


About two dozen VKontakte accounts of soldiers were established from these group photos.




In the following list, the name(or nickname) that each person registered with in the VKontakte social network is connected with the corresponding number of the above photos. Furthermore, an archived link (or screenshot) of the front page of each soldier’s account is hyperlinked to his name.

  1. Aleksey Berezin
  2. Sergei Yakushev (Serezha Gradov)
  3. Garik Pleshkov
  4. Maksim Korotkov
  5. Pavel Osytchenko
  6. “Jack Daniels” (Kolya Bazylevich)
  7. Artem Sukharev
  8. Roman Gromov
  9. Anton Yuryevich (Anton Dmitriev)
  10. Yevgeny Chernov (second account)
  11. Yevgeny Lyubimov
  12. Vadim Romanyukha
  13. Serega Danilov
  14. Vyacheslav Tumashov
  15. Aleksey Lopin
  16. Lekha Fedoseyenko (at that time, judging by the photos from his page, he was not a soldier. He carried out his military service in the 6th Brigade, demobilized in 2013, so he lived not too far from the field camp of the brigade–in Rostov-na-Donu)
  17. Ivan Badanin

The two people in normal clothing, standing on the edge from the right side are not soldiers: Misha Zhurbin and Sergei Zhurbin.

Membership of the group of soldiers to the 6th Tank Brigade is easily established through their profiles on social networks.

In the “military service” field, Yevgeny Lyubimov (number 11 in the group photos) filled out the number of his military unit of the 6th Tank Brigade — 54096, his place of work — the village of Mulino, military unit 54096, tank commander:

In the red box, the military unit is detailed, as described in the above summary

In the red box, the military unit is detailed, as described in the above summary. Archive

In the following photo, Lyubimov (badge on his uniform with the name “Gollandskikh E.R.) next to a T-72B3 tank with the tactical sign of the 6th Tank Division — white dots (likely, depending on which battalion, there are one, two in a row, or three dots, like on the photo below), which are located inside a white square:

The very same tactical signs and tank with the number 666 can be seen in the photo from December 2013 in a report from the Mulino firing ground. It was then that the 6th Tank Brigade received modernized T-72B3 tanks to replace their T-80BVs:


Kolya Bazylevich (number 6 in the group photos), until the deletion of his account under the nickname Jack Daniels, indicated in his profile that he served in military unit 54096, in the first tank battalion since 2009:


In the preserved account, Bazylevich left only the information about how he is from the village of Mulino:

This village Mulino is the place of deployment of the 6th Tank Brigade, as indicated in the profile of tankist Vadim Romanyukha (number 12 in the group photo).

Photographs remained on the page of First Lieutenant Garik Pleshkov (number 3 in the group photo) depicting T-80BV tanks of the 6th Brigade with the old tactical sign, before rearmament to T-72B3 tanks:

This is a photograph of Lekha Fedoseyenko (number 16 on the group photos) during his time of military service, with a geotag for the village of Mulino:

Another photo with a geotag for Mulino is of Lieutenant Maksim Korotkov (number 4 on the group photos):


The tankist Ivan Badanin (number 17 on the group photos), with a tank monument in the background on the territory of a military unit of the 6th Tank Brigade in Mulino:


Yevgeny Chernov (number 10 on the group photos) in a picture with a geotag for the village of Mulino next to a T-72B3 tank, on which the tactical sign of the 6th Tank Division is clearly visible:

Various T-72B3 tanks of the 6th Tank Brigade fall into the frame of the photographs of the tankists. White paint marks are marked on some of the tanks, easily recognizable as white circles:

160425_original 160685_original 161033_original

The next photo, judging by the non-regular uniform without chevrons and with identifying white bands, was taken in the war-zone in the Donbass. On the 6th Tank Brigade tank, you will notice a white circle, printed onto a box for instruments on the left side of the turret. Earlier in this place was the side number and tactical sign of the unit:

On the left of the photograph is Nikolay Minakov (registered on VKontakte under the nickname Nikola Woolf), and on the right is Oleg Saprunov. They serve together with the aforementioned tankists in the 6th Tank Brigade, as indicated in two photos (first, second) in which they are photographed back in Russia on the base of the 6th Tank Brigade with fellow soldiers Vadim Romanyukh and Yevgeny Lyubimov.

So, in summary, identification marks of medium-sized white circles can be found on T-72B3 tanks of the 6th Tank Brigade: on the top of the front plate of the body close to the bottom edge; on the front of the turret to the left (in the direction of movement) of the gun barrel; on the left side skirt; on the rack above the crawler; on the box for instruments and accessories on the left side of the turret.

It’s known that in addition to the 6th Tank Brigade, units of the 17th and 200th Motorized Infantry Brigades have utilized T-72 tanks with T-72B3 modifications in the Donbass. However, this system is characterized by markings that are only seen with the 6th Tank Brigade.

During the time of fighting in the summer and autumn of 2014, the T-72B3 tanks from the 17th Motorized Infantry Brigade had markings of white circles twice the diameter on the front of the body and on the side rubber screens:

161848_original 162256_original 162425_original 162773_original

Yellow small triangles were used as markings on the T72-B3 tanks of the 200th Motorized Infantry Brigade during the same time period. They were applied onto the boxes for instruments on the left side of the turret and on dynamic protection blocks from the right side of the turret. Additionally, in attempting to make the tanks look like they were from the so-called “militia,” they would sometimes make notable markings on the side screens of the tank in the spirit of Soviet propaganda of the 1940s:

"Death to Aidar!" likely referring to the Ukrainian Aidar Battalion

“Death to Aidar!” likely referring to the Ukrainian Aidar Battalion

"For Stalin!"

“For Stalin!”

"For Stalin!"

“For Stalin!”

Taking this evidence into account, we can move on to a review of the evidence of the participation of the 6th Tank Brigade from Mulino in battles in the Donbass…

The end of August 2014. At the height of fighting near Ilovaysk. On August 26, new information appeared about killed soldiers from Mulino — Vladislav Barakov and Sergey Rusakov. On the social network site VKontakte, their colleagues made their first tragic notes.

Dmitry Gorbachev (his photo is in the background of the T-72B3 tank with tactical marks of the 6th Tank Brigade) published photos of Barakov and Rusakov, accompanied with the text “this terrible war has taken you”:

Andrey Frolov (photograph of the T-72B3 tank with the side number 662 with the tactical marks of the 6th Tank Brigade and writing “My Patsansky Taz for one year” in an album on the account of Frolov) on August 27 wrote a note of analogous content:

Archive "Sergey Rusakov, Vlad Barakov! You guys will always be in our hearts!"

“Sergey Rusakov, Vlad Barakov! You guys will always be in our hearts!”

In the comments, he blames the Russian government for the concealment of Russian soldier deaths in Ukraine:

Archive "the government is hiding the real conditions in Ukraine! while everyone thinks that everything is quiet at the border, our guys are being killed!"

“the government is hiding the real conditions in Ukraine! while everyone thinks that everything is quiet at the border, our guys are being killed!” (messages from the other people on the death of Barakov and Rusakov: 1 2 3 4)

There is not much information about the deceased soldier Sergey Rusakov. Journalists have not written stories about his death. The VKontakte page of Rusakov was quickly deleted, and the last message from his Twitter was on August 15, 2014, saying that he was being sent near the border to Taganrog.


The now-deleted VK page of Sergey Rusakov


A photograph of Sergey Rusakov in his military uniform


Sergey Rusakov with some of his fellow soldiers

With Barakov it is different–his death could not be silenced. On social media, his profile remains:

Barakov on a T-72B3 tank:

Barakov in his Russian tankist protective armor (6B15):


The diploma that Junior Sergeant Vladislav Barakov received in the 6th Tank Brigade for “successes” and “conscientious performance of military duty”:

At the end of September, the New York Times published an article about the secret burials of Russian soldiers that died in the Donbass. Reporters went to the village of Selizovo, spoke with the relatives of Barakov, and visited the grave where Vladislav was buried. According to the plate on the cross, he was killed on August 24:


Thus, we know that at least two tankists of the 6th Tank Brigade perished.

On August 26th (the same day when records about the death of the 6th Tank Brigade tankists appeared), the news service Radio Svoboda reported, referencing journalists from, that Ukrainian soldiers “in a battle, fought of Russian tanks, which had documents from a Russian military unit.” The next day, put up a video clip of the captured tank.

In the video, taken by a journalists from “Dorozhny kontrol'” (Road Control) named Rostislav Shaposhnikov and a journalist from named Egor Vorobyev, the captured Russian tank was a  T-72B3 (the visual differences of a T-72B3 tank with other modifications is included in the first part of my previous article “Russian armored vehicles in the war in the Donbass”)


At that time, Ukrainian servicemen had already marked the tank with its two white stripes — distinctive signs of the vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine [translator’s note: the soldiers presumably marked it quickly in order to avoid friendly fire during the ongoing fighting], but still had not painted over the Russian identifications–a white circle on the box on the left side of the turret:

168350_original 168549_original

On the photos, we can see a white circle from the front angle, located on the upper front plate of the body close to its lower edge:

169215_original 169610_original

The identification marks of this T-72B3 tank correspond with the identification marks used at this period in the 6th Tank Brigade of the Russian Federation. However, this is not direct evidence. In this tank, the firing practice card of Aleksey Alekseyevich Berezin from the third tank company of the first tank battalion was discovered:


Aleksey Berezin — the very same serviceman who was #1 on the 6th Tank Brigade group picture. It was the tank of his crew that the Ukrainian soldiers seized and the journalists Rostislav Shaposhnikov and Egor Vorobyev videotaped:


On Berezin’s VKontakte account, there is a group photo of the 6th Tank Brigade:

And another photo from the Rostov Oblast:

Berezin in his tankist body armor (6B15):

Berezin in his military uniform with the insignia of the tank forces:

The details about Berezin’s captured tank differ. The head of armored weapons service of the “Yug” (South) command, Colonel Yevgeny Sidorenko, indicated in his story that the tank was captured on August 24, and the captured tank was used in battle on August 25. Colonel Mikhail Kovalsky, who was the head of the engineering service of the “Yug” command, said that the tank was captured by his battle group on August 26 after shelling from an infantry fighting vehicle operating out of the village of Agronomicheskoe.

They did not manage to withdraw Berezin’s tank from Ilovaysk. On August 29 near the exit of the encirclement, Ukrainian soldiers were forced to leave the captured tank behind. In an article by Yaroslav Tinchenko called “September 2014. Ilovaysk. Part V. Exit of the ‘Southern’ group,” it is mentioned that Colonel Yevgeny Sidorenko managed to take the Russian T-72B3 to the outskirts of the village of Novokaterinovka.

Then, fighters of the DNR (Donetsk People’s Republic) discovered the tank. A picture from the VKontakte page of Mikhail Pishch:

On September 14, Berezin’s tank suddenly appeared in an episode of “Vesti nedeli” (News of the week) on the Rossiya 1 (Russia 1) channel. The T-72B3 tank was presented as a Ukrainian T-72 tank allegedly captured by the “militia,” and was “not of Russian or Ukrainian origin.”

172142_original 172417_original 171895_original

Apparently, this T-72B3 was returned to the Russian military.

Berezin’s tank was captured near the village of Agranomicheskoe. In the same area — another T-72B3 tank of the 6th Tank Brigade of the Russian Federation was destroyed at the village of Novodvorskoe. This tank was shown in the programs “Segodnya” (Today) and “Chrezvychaynoye proisshestviye” (Emergency situation) on the NTV channel on September 9, 2014. The voice-over called the scorched T-72B3 tank of the Russian Army a “mighty Ukrainian tank” made in the Czech Republic.

172624_original 173002_original 173099_original

The identifying mark of the 6th Tank Brigade has been preserved on the tank–a medium-sized white circle, located on the lower part of the upper end-plate of the body:




Other photos of this T-72B3 tank, taken at a different time:

4018_original 4355_original 4320_original 173845_original 174118_original

The destroyed T-72B3 tank at the village of Novodvorskoe is on the fighter’s video “Roads of war. Donetsk”:


The exact position can be seen on Google Earth on the September 14, 2014 satellite photo:



Part 2


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  1. Randy Dread

    Look them up myself?

    Why should I do that? You’re the one making the claim. What are their names?

    • Oddbodkin

      like the little kid on the bus with his brains splattered down his equally dead mother’s front?
      I bet they were glad for the Grads that blew them into eternity that day.

      All to prolong Putin’s kleptocracy.

      • bazilio

        New ukranian authorities and their radicals acted no better then nazi’s, y didn’t see what they started to do with pro-russians on the East cause of propaganda from west side. Odessa was the turning point for Donbass peoples. If no help from my country, they all probably be dead by now.

        • CFL68

          What? Girkin and paramilitaries from Russia started attacks in early April. There is peace everywhere in Ukraine except where Russian ‘jihadis’ are making war.

          Russia shames itself yet again.

        • Oddbodkin

          Utter rot.
          YOUR country is directly responsible for the deaths of 300 people on flight MH17 & more than 6,000 citizens of Ukraine.
          Putin is guilty of war crimes, murder & the support of terrorists.
          He needs to be tried, convicted & jailed to rot for the rest of his life.

  2. Randy Dread

    The reality is there are all kinds of weapons in Ukraine, many of which might not appear in official inventories.

    Ukraine is a major legal and illegal arms trafficker. e.g. during the 2003 Iraq war Ukrainian arms dealers were accused of supplying hundreds of Kornet anti tank missiles sourced from Russia to Iraq.

    So we don’t really know exactly what’s in Ukraine.

    • Hopea Kone

      Well thats awfully convenient, all those T-72B3s, Pantsir-S1s and other Russian made hardware were already in Ukraine, then the lucky rebels/militias just stumbled across a warehouse full of the stuff.

      You are really going to great lengths to keep your illusion that Russia is in no way involved in the fighting.

      • Randy Dread

        i have actually seen a video of a Ukrainian captured ammo dump with loads of Kornets. Been trying to locate it.

        As for the Pantsir, I have doubts it was ever in Ukraine. Where is the Pantsir now? How come it disappeatred into thin air after being filmed once supposedly in Luhansk?

        The T72B variants in Ukrainian colours and the destroyed ones in Ukrainian positions I believe are Ukrainian.

        If it’s claimed they are Russian., why arent the serial numbers of the tanks published and publicly presented to the Russian government by Ukraine for an explanation?

        But that never happens, instead we just get claims made on internet blogs.

    • boggled

      I can accuse you of being a human slave trader, but does it make it any more true,

      The reality is there are many weapons in Ukraine, and many of them are stock of ONLY Russian military, the list is exhaustive of what has been documented.
      Much of the work has been done by various orgs, OSCE, UA after sending Russian military back home Gruz200 and Gruz300, Bellingcat, Atlantic Council, etc
      A few can be found at

      There are many others, you can find Bellingcat’s other reports by search at the little box in the top.
      There is an overwhelming amount of evidence, and if you deny it, then you deny the sky being blue on a sunny day.

      You really should do some research Randy before you make such asinine statements.
      Or do you live in that alternate reality that parallel’s the Twilight Zone, the one called the Kremlin Zone aka 55 Savushkina Street?

      Fare thee well

      • Randy Dread

        As I said, Ukraine is a major illegal arms trafficker and is known for selling weapons sourced in Russia.

        So we don’t really know exactly what’s there, due to Ukraine’s corruption.

        • bazilio

          Pantsir-S1 and T-72B3 geolocated and checked for long time ago. Ukranians never captured this stuff, only one time they got T-72B3 and lost it quite quickly. And Pantsir they simply took out to Russia i think. I’m not sure why you’re dening it all. None of this military equipment are ukranian and ofc can’t be bought through “illegal trafficker”.

          • Randy Dread

            Pantsir geolocated and checked by who?

            Ukrainian bloggers and Bellingcat?

            Confirmed by nobody else.

            Pantsir drove around Luhansk, then drove back to Russia after doing nothing except being very visible? Really?

            alleged T73B3’s. Serial numbers not published and presented officially to Russian government for an explanation by Ukraine. Why not?

        • CFL68

          T72B3 is not ‘sourced’ from Russia for resale. It is exclusive for the Russian army. Plenty of photo/video evidence of T72B3’s fighting against Ukraine inside Ukraine.

    • Oddbodkin

      Why are you failing to admit the incontrovertible truth that the ONLY source & user of the T72B3?

      You’re one of Putin’s operatives, paid to post disruptive untruths all over social media & news commentaries.

      • Randy Dread

        because i find the story of the Ukrainians capturing a tank then immediately painting it with white Ukrainian stripes THEN filming it as a captured tank to be preposterous bollocks.

        A child of 4 wouldn’t believe that story.

        that’s why there must be another explanation.

        • Oddbodkin

          The T72B3 as seen in the images is ONLY used by RUSSIA.

          Nobody else.

          Nor do the images show any other kind of T72.

          It’s a RUSSIAN T72B3.

          Deny it all you like little Putinbot but it doesn’t change the facts.

          RUSSIAN tanks & soldiers invaded Ukraine & RUSSIA must therefore suffer the consequences.
          If you don’t like it, get rid of Putin.
          Oh you can’t because democracy is a sham in Russia & only Putin & his kleptocratic friends will ever hold power.

          You’re either a deluded fool, or more likely a loyal little Putinista who has sold out to the murderous regime.

          • Randy Dread

            To me its just an upgraded Ukrainian tank. They have access to all the same parts as the Russians.

            The Russian specs are no secret, indeed widely publicised.

          • Oddbodkin

            No they don’t.

            You’ve been told by those of us who were PAID to know the differences that the images are of RUSSIAN T72B3.

            Nothing else.

            Go away, Putin’s troll.

  3. Randy Dread

    Here you go, video of Ukrainian arms captured after the defeat of the ‘southern kessel’.

    Ukrainian Kornet missile visible at 4:28.

    • Hopea Kone

      9M113 is the Konkurs, also known as the AT-5 “Spandrel” in the NATO circles.
      What you want is the 9M133.

    • bazilio

      It’s hard to determine the real invonment of my country in this conflict. If to trust lostarmor statistic, around 400 ukranian war machines were captured and if to trust this sources – around 300 tanks and other teh were delivered from us. I guess actually it’s around 50\50.

    • bazilio

      >Pantsir geolocated and checked by who?
      By anybody, who can click on links with coordinates and check yandex or google maps. Can you? It’s easy. I can give you one, if you need help. 😉

      >Pantsir drove around Luhansk, then drove back to Russia after doing nothing >except being very visible? Really?
      Of course not, i guess it protected positions from ukranian airforces for some time then drove back. You know what is military censorship and why not much photos and videos from positions, right ? Though it’s enough of them already.

      >alleged T73B3’s. Serial numbers not published and presented officially to Russian >government for an explanation by Ukraine. Why not?
      Cause they couldn’t capture even 1. 😛 Hehe.

      • Randy Dread

        >Pantsir geolocated and checked by who?
        By anybody, who can click on links with coordinates and check yandex or google maps. Can you? It’s easy. I can give you one, if you need help. ?

        It’s never confirmed by experts though is it? just on this blog. all they do here is work from confirmation bias. if they want it to be in luhansk, it’ll be in luhansk. they never look at any other locations it might be. they never question the sources of the videos.

        The Pantsir protected positions from Ukrainian airforce for some time? Really? what Ukrainian air force?

        they havent flown over luhansk for many months. and if there was some kind of air raid alert, how could it possibly have got there in time from russia?

        >alleged T73B3’s. Serial numbers not published and presented officially to Russian >government for an explanation by Ukraine. Why not?
        Cause they couldn’t capture even 1.

        But they did. allegedly capture one. they painted it in ukrainian colours.

        • bazilio

          >It’s never confirmed by experts though is it? if they want it to be in luhansk, it’ll be in luhansk. they never look at any other locations it might be.
          Y need experts? Y have your own head on sholders. It’s not what they want, not hard to determine where photo or video were made, moreover if y live in this country and know city, road, etc.
          >they havent flown over luhansk for many months. and if there was some kind of air raid alert, how could it possibly have got there in time from russia?
          You answered on your question yourself. Probably cause of this Pansir they are not. Also Osa 9K33 ans Strela-10 units protect air-space there.
          >But they did. allegedly capture one. they painted it in ukrainian colours.
          It was recaptured back quite quickly after incident.

        • boggled

          Who do you consider experts is the question.
          NATO has stated it, repeatedly.
          Atlantic Council has stated it.
          DC has stated it.
          Hell, even Belarus has confirmed it.
          Bulgaria, SVK ‘experts’ have stated it.

          If the only source for it is the Kremlin sponsored media and people like Roberta Parry and Ray McGovern, you better hold your breath, the Kremlin has put a lock down on discussing this subject, so all those that have the hand in the Kremlin cookie jar know not to upset big mama Bear, or their source of funds dries up real fast.

          And do not forget, we cannot count the BUK delivered from Kursk out of the equation either.
          Besides those pesky little T72B3’s, there have been a few other only Russian items documented.
          A couple places besides Bellingcat’s in depth reports to read are –

          page 65 of this report goes into the MBT issue.

          You can see and compare what has been observed as far as some of the heavier armored vehicles of the conflicts.
          The do identify a lot that is only in the hands of current modern issue Russian forces,
          Some of it only went into production in 2012.
          I am sure a Russian general is going to let one of his squads take there Russian issued weapons away with them on vacation.
          I do not see a troop requisitioning a 1RL239, transporting it off base, through borders and take it out on a hunt for those rare and hard to find x-band signals.

          On your side, they do discuss one of the smuggling agents on page 84 or 85.
          However, an AK47 is a LOT different then a multi million dollar MBT or BUK.
          I am not sure which version this report is, they have had a few of them.
          There may be a more current one, but I think this is the latest.
          Just one of many reports.
          You should read the detailed full NATO reports, they go into some depth as well.

          Fare thee well

    • Oddbodkin

      Funny that seeing as Kornet was never on the UA inventory.
      Looks to me like proof the UA captured RUSSIAN Kornet, especially as that’s not the export model…
      Keep going little Putinbot; that hole you’re digging yourself into will soon swallow you.

      • Randy Dread

        actually hopea kone has clarified that. it seems Ukraine does in fact have piles of similiar looking missiles and launchers of an earlier model.

        the only evidence of kornets anywhere is some fragments Ukraine claims came from missiles fired at them.

        probably picked them up from a Russian firing range.

        • Oddbodkin

          Picked up from Russian soldiers more likely.
          Oh & those tanks are T72B3, not the non existent T73B3 & their distinctive ERA means they can’t be anything BUT T72B3’s & nobody BUT RUSSIA has the T72B3..

          Please try & post some facts, if (Ras)Putin allows you to.

          • Randy Dread

            whatever the tanks are, they are only seen in ukrainian colours.

            that’s my problem with them.

            why the hell would they paint them in ukrainian colours and wait for the paint to dry, then film them as ‘captured’ tanks. it’s nonsense.

            so i just dont believe ukraine’s story i’m afaid.

          • Oddbodkin

            I don’t care what you pretend not to believe.

            RUSSIAN T72B3 tanks were in Ukraine – FACT.

            Denying this merely highlights the truth; you’re a paid Putinbot, whose job is to troll, obfuscate & lie for his master.

  4. Randy Dread

    Mob rule in Kharkov as hooded right wing thugs beat police at city hall.

    Just another day in Ukraine.

    • Oddbodkin

      poisoned ith polonium in London?
      Shot dead on a Moscow street?
      Mother & son ripped apart by a Grad in Ukraine?

      Just another day for Putin’s merchants of death.
      Any you, you sick SOB are taking his silver to support this killing.

      • Randy Dread

        You seem rather emotional.

        I’m sorry, but this is the reality of Ukraine. Invcome levels lower than Bangladesh, masked thugs ruling the streets, corruption higher than ever, economy in catastrophic freefall.

        Candidate for EU membership? Not in this world.

        • CFL68

          Yes having a giant neighbor like Russia sending thousands of fighters and mountains of weapons to kill and destabilize does tend to have a negative effect on economic growth.

          But as for Bangladesh – your lie goes a bit too far I’m afraid.

          Putin is working hard to drive home his cynical point though – that he will burn and bleed any sputnik trying to leave orbit… So don’t try.

          I don’t think this will play well for Russia in the long run and the disintegration will continue.

          • Randy Dread

            No, like it or not, Bangladesh has a higher per capita income than Ukraine.

            And how could losing control of a tiny part of their territory cause the whole economy countrywide to go into freefall?

            Ukrainians need to stop whining and begging for handouts and take some responsibility for their own mess.

            Of course they’ll never do that, they’re incapable.

        • CFL68

          Where do you get per capita income data? I saw 2014 data and Ukraine 3X Bangladesh. Difference now is war in east. Your cynicism is profound bro. That’s bad.

          But its all noise. We don’t need to argue who is ‘nicer.’ Humans in general (you seem no exception) are a sordid lot. But the country is Ukraine, and it has the sovereign right and duty to protect its land and people. Ethnic Russians are a minority in even the most russified regions of Donbass, and only about ~25% in so called Novorosiya. Any fool understands that rewriting borders by a violent minority will require rivers of blood. Putin knew exactly what he was doing when he fomented war to destabilize a sputnik trying to leave orbit.

          That is profoundly sick – but very Russian. Just look at history and the hundreds of thousands condemned to ‘rastrel’ because they were supposed ‘enemies of the people.’ The kremlin is bad news dude.

          • Randy Dread

            Ukraine is a failed state.

            It’s in a death spiral now. Nobody’s going to invest anything there.

            And Ukrainians did it to themselves with their delusions that Russia was causing Ukraine’s problems.

            Ukrainians are the problem, nobody else.

          • Oddbodkin

            Well said.
            notice the change in tone from “Randy”‘s previous posts – shift change at the ‘bot farm methinks.

        • Oddbodkin



          Your ability to “read” emotions from a few internet posts is on par with your ability to accept the facts.
          Vladimir Putin & his co-thugs is responsible for ALL the violence in Ukraine.

          Oh & it’s not Ukraine heading for failed state status; it’s Russia.

          You’re going to run out of money inside two years, then what will you do – start a nuclear war?
          Your moron president has already threatened just that, the murderous thug that he is.

          • Randy Dread

            Ukraine is already verging on failed state status.

            Just look at the figures on the economy. At the moment the country is entirely dependent on IMF loans which they will not be able to pay back without further impoverishing the population.

            Energy bills in Ukraine alone are now higher than many peoples’ salaries. How on earth are they going to pay them? Poroshenkho says those who don’t will be jailed.

            And where does the energy come from? Both coal and gas come from Russia, a country they claim they are at war with.

            Look at the armed extremist militias who own the streets. Law and order is non existent.

            Look at the corruption. Over 50% of Ukrainians think it is worse now than under Yanukovich.

        • CFL68

          That’s a fascinating narrative Putin put in your head. Ukraine is a sovereign country. Just like the rest of Eastern Europe and even many former Soviet Republics, it has the right to aspire to a better future based on European social and political norms. Russia is a kleptocratic khanate. Have you ever even been there? Its hilarious to listen to pro-kremlin trolls criticize any other country for not being good enough. What madness… Do you realize Russia has similar GDP to Canada, but about 5X population? So to feel better you criticize Ukraine? What p.o.s. you people are.

          Once Russia is stopped, Ukraine will stabilize and rebuild. Until then Ukraine will suffer. Congrats Putin! I have many friends and family in Russia and even they are losing sympathy for Russia.

          • Randy Dread

            Ukraine will never regain control over the Donbas or Crimea.

            They need to come to terms with that.

        • CFL68

          “Ukraine will never regain control over the Donbas or Crimea.”

          Who knows? Russia definitely should have stopped at Crimea. Ethnic Russians are <40% in Donbass, and only a fraction of them support rebellion. There is no casus belli. Physically (Russian) rebels only control a fraction of Donbass. As for the rest of 'Novorosiya' ethnic Russians only ~25%.

          Putin can definitely wreak havoc and mayhem in Ukraine – but the costs for Russia will continue to increase, and the forces of disintegration that caused eastern Europe, Baltics, and other republics to turn away from the Kremlin will continue.

    • Andrew

      “Mob rule in Kharkov as hooded right wing thugs beat police at city hall.”

      Between that and all the military checkpoints dotting Ukraine between the Dniestr River, Kiev and the Donbass, its why there is “peace”. You’d be peaceful to if you realized this or another Odessa was your alternative.

      • Oddbodkin

        Ah yes; Kharkhiv & Odessa, where those in favour of a united Ukraine are frequently attacked……

        “Attacks in the two big cities have been directed at pro-Ukraine groups and the military, with targets including the premises of volunteer organisations, bars frequented by activists, military bases, banks, railway lines and even a flagpole.

        Though there have been more than 40 blasts since last autumn, only five deaths have been confirmed. The bombers, who use crude explosive devices, seem to want to avoid large loss of life. Instead, they appear intent on destabilising the fragile political situation, intimidating pro-Ukraine groups and creating an atmosphere of fear. “

        • Randy Dread

          Here in the UK we were bombed for decades by the IRA but we didnt have mobs of hooded fascists taking over government buildings.

          Nor did the UK declare Ireland its enemy.

          • CFL68

            Did they have hundreds of Russian supplied tanks, rockets and shells, and thousands of fighters trying to capture territory?

            Why do you post these absurdities? Are you trying to convince us or yourself?

            Dude, the actual leaders of the rebellion, who started the war, are Russians from Moscow.

            History will not be kind and Russia doesn’t deserve any kindness or sympathy for initiating this cynical war of destabilization.

            Blame it on gay-ropa or crucified babes. Its all BS.

          • Oddbodkin

            What fantasy are you now trying to project?

            You’re not in the UK
            The IRA didn’t invade or have a British PM as its puppet.
            The IRA didn’t send regular army units into NI complete with tanks, unlike RUSSIA & its illegal annexation of Ukraine lands.

    • CFL68

      Hmmmm, let’s pretend that some episodic civil unrest is worse than the death and destruction initiated by the kremlin through its agents like Girkin, Borodai, various cossack debils, and tens of thousands of other Rus jihadis whi are in Ukraine killing Ukrainians.

      • Randy Dread

        its not so much civil unrest as that the power structures of the state have simply broken down.

        power has transferred to the armed militias like Pravy sector and svoboda.

        Ukraine is de facto in the hands of bandits now.

        • Oddbodkin

          More total fabrications from the keyboard of an apologist for murder, invasion & terrorism.
          I dunno how you can sleep at night, knowing you have directly supported the deaths of little kids like the one shredded by RUSSIAN Grad rockets.
          What’s it like being an accomplice to mass murder?

          • Randy Dread

            watch the video of Kharkhov above.

            the police are afraid of the hooded guys who are openly breaking the law in front of them.

            they dont dare stop them.

            = failed state.

          • Oddbodkin

            Look at the still images all over the web of little kids & women blown to bits by your fellow RUSSIANS.
            You’re a paid Putin troll, trying to obscure the truth, that RUSSIAN tanks were captured in Donbass, RUSSIAN regular army soldiers died in their hundreds on Ukrainian soil & RUSSIA has illegally invaded & annexed parts of a sovereign nation.
            You’re a supporter of mass murder & war crimes & should be tried & dealt with in the same manner as Vidkun Quisling & Lord HawHaw.

  5. Oddbodkin

    Less than 30 second’s search on the financial web pages shows this to be yet another outright lie from Putin’s little bum licker.

    UKR per capita GDP is almost three times that of Bnagladesh & would be much greater had RUSSIA not annexed, destroyed or invaded large parts of the country.

    [bullshit]Randy Dread – September 23rd, 2015

    No, like it or not, Bangladesh has a higher per capita income than Ukraine.[/bullshit]

    • Randy Dread

      Apologies for the confusion, I meant to say the minimum wage in Ukraine is now lower than Bangladesh’s minimum wage.

      Average wage in Ukraine is $209 a month.

      • boggled

        When your original statement is flawed, and everyone proves it wrong, it takes eons for you to come out and say, oops, I made a mistake and I meant minimum wage.

        So now you admit your wrong in your first comment, but pick some new numbers out of your head.
        Maybe you should do your research better before you make your original comment.

        Oh yeah, that is not how Russian media does things, they make half truth statements (like yours) and present facts by actors and bloggers as experts and fill the media horizon so full of half baked conspiracy theories hoping no one will call them on all of them.

        You have a tough job defending the non defensible Randy,
        You do it with lies, half truths, and other forms of deceptive media tactics.
        You are failing miserably.
        Maybe it is time you quit your job as a TROLLop and defender of a failed state under a kleptrocratic government that thrives by its money laundering and other organized criminal activities (like the 30k prostitutes in just Moscow alone, I wonder if Moscow reports those numbers as the numbers to artificially inflate what salaries are there in Russia.).

        Since each one of your comments have been proven wrong, over and over again, maybe you and others who believe in the lies put out by the Kremlin should put your energy exposing Moscow and accept the fact that everything the democratic nations are saying is correct.
        Exposing Moscow and vova would be a better use of your time and infinitely easier.
        The brainwashed of Russia need you Randy before your nation becomes more of a laughingstock and internationally shunned.
        Don’t suggest you drink any tea though if you take up this job and get a portable Geiger counter.

        Fare thee well

  6. Alex Liveson

    Has anyone else reading this piece looked at the original source of this article?

    Why does a Russian speaking blogger writing in Russian, presumably for a Russian/Ukrainian audience, use as his first piece of evidence a photo with labels written in English?
    Incidentally a blogger with no web presence before this article.

    • Oddbodkin

      It might be better to ask why Putin’s Russian kleptocracy thinks it’s OK to invade & annex parts of a sovereign nation, murder people in London & kill several thousand civilians in Ukraine.
      Strikes me those questions are a tad more important.

    • boggled

      Typical Russian paid propagandist technique, attack the credibility of an author that presents a damning article about the Kremlin.
      He has articles going back to November 2014, and his Twitter goes back further.
      You might be right, this may be a ‘work’ or Ukrainian related profile, and less of a personal one.
      I would have done that as well.
      Regardless, he is knowledgeable and produces a wealth of information.

      Also, first image I see is of a Russian document, the same one at the top of the article.
      And his first post from November 2014 on livejournalplus is Russian.
      So now your caught again lying Alex.

      So if your first comment on this article is to attack the credibility of the author based on web presence alone, you fail miserably Alex.

      And since that is all you can do to get your rubles, because his information presented like most all others presented on BC stands up to scrutiny,
      You just demonstrate yourself as a TROLLop Alex, and someone to be completely ignored.

      Enjoy your life and quit selling out your nation that has some good people in it for the price of a few rubles per post.

      Fare thee well

      • Alex Liveson

        Re the first picture I put wrong link , it should be this
        “Russian armored vehicles in the war in the Donbas Part 1” which relates to the T72-B3 which is cited as proof of the “Russian Invasion”.

        Re. being a “Russian paid propagandist” , admin can check my IP , I am British and get paid my pension in Pounds Sterling thank you.

        • Randy Dread

          I’m British too.

          As I said earlier, my position on this is that the Ukrainian story of capturing a tank, painting it in Ukrainian stripes while in the middle of a battle, and only THEN filming it as a captured tank with the dodgy looking documents they claim to have found in it is clearly utter bollocks.

          Conclusion – Ukraine is lying and they do have at least some tanks that look like B3s.

          Hardly earth shattering since Ukraine had close relationships with both Belarussian and Russian armaments manufacturers and carries out T72 upgrades itself.

          • Oddbodkin

            You’re not British; you’re Russian.
            Ukraine does NOT have “tanks that look like B3’s”.
            That’s a lie all you Putinbot trolls use & it doesn’t work when those of us with the requisite knowledge KNOW it’s a B3.
            Not surprising you keep pushing this line, as that’s what you’re paid to do.

        • boggled

          Britain is the home of Russian laundered money.

          Just as Miami is.
          Just because you state that does not mean you do not supplement your fixed income with Russian Rubles while you spread your lies and use Russian maskirovka.
          And if you notice in your NEW found link, you just happen not to post his first article but one in the middle, it took some searching for you to correct your LIE didn’t it Alex?

          Does a photo he posted that was copyrighted and labelled in English BY SOMEONE ELSE make that image any less valid Alex?
          It just shows a Russian MBT and some of the things to look for, even if you do not understand English, which most Russians and Ukrainians have an elemental grasp of.

          .No it does not, it just goes to show what a propagandist and LIAR you are, just like your other Brit GWP, Peter Lancaster and so many others.

          Fare thee well

          • Alex Liveson

            “Does a photo he posted that was copyrighted and labelled in English BY SOMEONE ELSE make that image any less valid Alex?”

            I have checked and cannot find that photo labelled in English anywhere else earlier than that first blog post so it seems he did the labelling, the question remains WHY label it in English if you are posting to a Russian/Ukrainian audience.

          • boggled

            Alex, who knows, maybe he is fluent in them all but considers English his handwriting and speaking method of choice.
            Maybe it was labelled by someone else on a copyrighted photo and passed along to him on some kind of instant messenger or email.
            Maybe he has a keyboard in Russian and prefers that to using a QWERTY board.
            I do not know, maybe he was trained in typewriting in Russian.
            Maybe he worked in his job as a typing in Russian.
            But feels more comfortable writing in English.
            Regardless, it is valid.
            And I do not think it is strange at all.

            Maybe he submitted it to BC before or to some English speaking person on Twitter prior to posting it on his LiveJournal, and then reused it.

            You have his twitter handle and it looks like he is active on livejournal responding to comments, why don’t you ask him instead of making me guess one of the thousand possible PLAUSIBLE explanations.

            Just so you know, if you do click on his image above, he is a previous BC contributing author.

            To Randy, that has been caught making asinine statements, please provide official documents and describe why these in the article are dodgy.
            I want to know that you can in fact tell the difference between an official one from the same year as above and a dodgy one.
            OR that your just making asinine comments again.
            Just so you know, I have found other tank practice cards.
            Looks legit to me.
            Why don’t you write to the kid’s folks and ask him if the handwriting is his?
            As well as the relatives from the the others listed.
            Why didn’t you do that before you made a dodgy claim about it?

            Fare thee well

          • boggled

            Another reason Alex, many English speakers are surfing around and do not have a full grasp of the variety of Slavic languages.
            Maybe he did it for them, since half of the worlds internet sites are mainly English.
            Pretty much everyone can use the their browser to translate nowadays, but the photos don’t.
            Use your head, and does it really matter?
            Your just being petty and acting like a trollop by bringing it up.
            You argument has nothing to do with the facts of the article.

            That makes you a TROLLop and most likely a paid one at that.
            And no, you do not have to be from Leningrad to be a paid troll as I proved above.
            Just so you know, they have broken up five other Troll Operations in other countries so far, don’t act to paranoid or they might catch you.
            Or you might be able to turn your bosses in for a reward, up to you.

            Fare thee well

  7. Randy Dread

    CFL68 – September 25th, 2015
    Did they have hundreds of Russian supplied tanks, rockets and shells, and thousands of fighters trying to capture territory?

    About the only thing the IRA didnt have was tanks.

    And the IRA did capture territory in Northern Ireland, gaining de facto control over many areas, such as the pro Republican side of Belfast. The IRA became the law in such places.

    It also carried out attacks directly on the British government on several occasions as well as numerous other major bombings in the mainland UK.

    Yet still the UK did not have mobs of hooded pro UK extremists taking over government buildings.

    • Oddbodkin

      More rubbish from the Russian troll.
      There were indeed armed mobs opposing the IRA & your ignorance of that fact underlines the fact that you’re NOT British but RUSSIAN.
      The UDA & UVF are well known to anyone with the slightest interest in the RUSSIAN backed insurgency in Northern Ireland.

      • Randy Dread

        where and when in the mainland UK did an extremist pro UK mob take over a government building during the Troubles?

        • Oddbodkin

          Where did the IRA take over parts of mainland UK?


          You try to change course when caught out.

          RUSSIA invaded & occupied Ukraine 7 between it & its puppets has killed more than 6,000 Ukraine citizens.
          YOU are culpable, you little Putinbot.

  8. Randy Dread

    Oddbodkin – September 25th, 2015
    RUSSIAN tanks were captured in Donbass, RUSSIAN regular army soldiers died in their hundreds on Ukrainian soil & RUSSIA has illegally invaded & annexed parts of a sovereign nation.

    I don’t believe these stories since zero convincing evidence has been produced.

    Photos of tanks in Ukrainian colours don’t cut it for me.

    • CFL68

      LOL you could even capture and kill active duty Russian soldiers, and destroy Russian tanks inside Ukraine, and rebel leaders could openly admit Russian support – yet this guy would deny Russia is involved.

      Its ok dude. You did not have credibility to lose.

      Eastern Europe left Kremlin orbit. Baltics and other former soviet republics left kremlin orbit. Even Ukraine, founding member of USSR is leaving kremlin orbit. And you pontificate and blather about ‘failed states.’

      Who is failing?

      The RF is made up of a couple dozen non-Russian nations. Wonder where they will be in the next 10-20 years if the trend continues…

    • Oddbodkin

      I don’t care what “cuts it” for you, as you’re a lying Russian troll, paid by Putin’s mafiosi to deny, lie & obfuscate.
      The photo’s of T72B3 are INCONTROVERTIBLE PROOF of RUSSIAN regular army involvement in Ukraine.
      There is no other tank that “looks like” a T72B3 so stop lying.

      Putin’s minions should fire you, as you are so unbelievable & obvious as to contribute the opposite effect you’re supposed to; reinforcing people’s knowledge that RUSSIA did & does have regular army units in Donbass.

      I hope you wake screaming.
      Every night.
      A little child, dead in his dead mother’s arms.
      With his brains running down his face.
      Russia’s legacy….

        • Oddbodkin

          More diversions from the Russian troll.

          You’re becoming boring & repetitive.

          Are you going to admit Russia’s illegal aggression, illegal occupation & mass murder?

          The whole world knows your guilt.

      • Mo'Catz

        The main identifying feature of a T72 is the reactive armor. give me 2 hours with a welder and with modular reactive armor I can make any T72 look like any other T72. the idea of pointing to a particular arrangement of reactive armor modules as some sort of proof of russian deliveries is nothing short of a joke.
        Since you wrote this Russia has killed all of YOUR terrorists and the people of Syria are returning totheir home. In fact,YOUR country has beeen proven a supplier of arms to ISIS and that makes you a fucking monster. you and your love affair with the Saudi’s.
        Look at an animation of the Syrian war map and see the tiny blue line that is the “rebels” and EVERYTHING behind it is black, now try and say with a straight face that you fought terror,:
        NATO opposes any country that tries to escape its cluthces.

        NATO is the one world government!
        All EU membership will get you is a refugee invasion. read the da@n news for gods sake, Run from the EU, run from the UN, there is only rape, death and HELL waiting if you join the west.

        • Oddbodkin

          Give it a rest you pathetic Kremlin stooge.
          Russia’s murderous kleptocracy is culpable in the deaths of more than 10,000 Ukrainians & Russian tanks have been positively identified on numerous occasions.
          You filthy apologists for mass murder need removing from civilised society – permanently.

        • Vasiliy Golovkin

          This is T72B3.
          Look at catherine buran sight.
          Commander also has BDIN 3.
          In the videos of captured T72B3 you also see
          R-163-50K, this is newer system only fitted in T72B3, T72AGV, T90A/AM and T80BVM.
          Video also has 1A43 with 1В528-1-01.
          If tank was a fake the russian army would not have taken it back as, T72 1989g which looks a little bit similar is worse in every shape and form, cannot mount 2A46M-5 without redesigned mantlet and has older turret and glacis.
          T72 1989g was also never supplied to Ukraine.
          It was in small time production due to the economics at the time.


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