Geolocating MH17 Crash Videos with Checkdesk


In the wake of the downing of Flight MH17 in Ukraine on July 17th dozens of videos of the aftermath of the crash were uploaded to social media sites. In the days and weeks after July 17th it was possible to geolocate some of these videos, and ahead of the 1 year anniversary of the attack we are looking at some of those videos that weren’t geolocated in the hope of creating an interactive map showing the locations where these videos were filmed.

To participate in the geolocation of these videos visit Checkdesk where we will be posting a few videos at a time to geolocate.

The following are guides and other resources on verification:


Google Earth Pro – Now free.

Clip Converter – Video saving site.

Keepvid – Video saving site.

Tube Offline – Video saving site for videos from – Site for archiving web pages.

VLC Media Player – A free and light weight media player with various useful tools and options.

Paint.Net – Free digital photo editing software.


A Beginner’s Guide to Geolocating Videos

Verification and Geolocation Tricks and Tips with Google Earth

Geolocation Techniques – Mapping Landmarks

Open Source Information in Conflict Zones

War and Pieces – Social Media Investigations

The Verification Handbook