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Exploring the MH17 Linked Buk Convoys in Ukraine and Russia with Mapbox

November 9, 2014

By Bellingcat Investigation Team

The following map exploring the convoys seen in Russia and Ukraine detailed in the Bellingcat report Origin of the Separatists’ Buk: A Bellingcat Investigation was produced for Bellingcat by Mapbox. A full screen version of this map can be seen here.

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  1. Nadine

    The rocket leaves a trail. Hard to hide when everyone has a cam phone. Why so many holes in the cockpit that look like 30mm bullet holes?

  2. GSV

    Isn’t it a pity, that there’s no Google Street View to use in Ukraine? Would’ve been very easy to confirm those photos and videos? Now this is just waving hands…

  3. D.

    We can be indeed sure that this convoy was filmed mainly at 19 july, since the order of the vehicles is almost the same and considering the relative small distance it wouldn’t take longer then a day for sure. From Fedoseevka to Stary Oskol it is obvious filmed on the same day, which is mainly obvious because of one trailer with equipment (probably a Buk) covered with a sheet with 2 particular shaped holes on the side.

    The two trailers with covered equipment filmed in Neznamovo belong for sure
    to the same convoy, since one license plate is identical (XP 4682 50) and the
    other has holes in the back and side of the sheet which we obviously can see
    in the convoy as well (with license XP 4809 50). What is really weird is that
    those two trailers go off the road, go straight at a roundabout and actually
    go back to the main road again. I have no idea why they do this.

    Another strange this is that the convoy filmed in Olkhovatka on 20 july
    seems to miss one trailer with a (covered) Buk, since I count only 7 of them,
    while in Fedoseevka I can count 8 of them. Which one has gone is not clear,
    it seems they reordered the covers with holes, since the particular shape
    and location of holes isn’t there anymore.

    The license plates of vehicles are as follows (from back to front):
    8566 HC 50, 8766 HH 50, XP 4718 50, XP 8235 50, XP 4809 50,
    XP 4671 50, XP 4683 50, XP 0030 50, XP 0037 50, XP 4722 50
    XP 4720 50, XP 4681 50, XP 4682 50
    (Where it must be noted that the trailer with XP 4809 50 moves
    from almost the back completely to the front and later this one
    is seen in Neznamovo together with XP 4682 50, which in the
    convoy has 2nd place from Stary Oskol).

  4. romanru4

    Кто скажет, что это вооружённые силы РФ, тот полный идиот! В российской армии уже давно нет автомобилей КрАЗ и ГАЗ-66 . Они списаны по старости и новыми пополнялись только Урал и КАМАЗ.

  5. D.

    Затем вы можете объяснить мне, что это старая военная техника делает в России?

  6. G.H. Gerger

    Romanru4 said:
    “Who can say that it is the armed forces of the Russian Federation, the complete idiot ! In the Russian army no longer exist KrAZ trucks and GAZ- 66 . They scrapped the old age and the new replenished only Ural and Kamaz .”
    D. said:
    Then you can explain to me that this is an old military equipment is doing in Russia ?


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