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Azerbaijan and Israel’s Aerospace Industry. A Worrying Concern for Armenia or Iran?

May 4, 2015

By Masis Ingilizian

The border of Nagorno Karabagh, one of the most militarized borders in Europe, attracts attention from think tanks, European organizations and major powers. The frontline between Armenia and Azerbaijan replicates WW1 style trenches and its distance between the two opposing trenches in certain sections are a mere 500 metres in distance.  Azerbaijan’s official rhetoric has reached the point of declaration of war on a number of occasions, and policies set by these institutions fail to take into account this threat. Azerbaijan’s rapid militarization threatens regional stability, but has largely escaped the attention of the major powers while its major procurements are catapulting its military to frightening levels.


The above photo depicts opposing trench systems on the frontline, with the yellow place mark representing the middle distance between the two trenches. The white arrow represents the Armenian side and the red arrow representing the Azerbaijani side. This distance between the two trenches approximately 500 metres apart. (Photo Courtesy Google Earth)

Israel’s aerospace industry, one the world’s leading suppliers in military technology, has increasingly cooperated in the sphere of arms sales with Azerbaijan. The game of geopolitics played by major powers dictates the constraints that regulate spheres of influence. This means moderating smaller nations such as Azerbaijan to keep strategic balance and a tight control over advances that might threaten stability. This tight control is always coupled with the strategic interests of major powers. The friendship between Israel and Azerbaijan has overstepped these constraints. Close observation will provide institutions with analysis on Azerbaijan’s rapid military advances.

Military hardware technology transfers from Israel to Azerbaijan have increased, and these military procurements threaten the delicate balance between Armenia and Azerbaijan previously maintained by the major powers. Bellingcat has closely followed many of the advances made by Azerbaijan in its military potential. Restraints on Azerbaijan’s procurements do exist and Russia’s reluctance to sell advanced S300s to Iran could be one factor that keeps Israel somewhat hesitant in its relationship with Azerbaijan. In spite of these restraints and the slow process in acquirement, advances in technology nevertheless continue to be made by Azerbaijan, with many of these from Israel’s Aerospace industry and Elbit systems.[1]

Armenia’s military advisors have been preoccupied with Azerbaijan’s UAV purchases from Israel. UAVs have captured world attention because of their capacity for air strikes and for transferring real time information. US strikes in Pakistan and the UAV’s ability to assist in ground operations for troops in Iraq have taken warfare to new levels. Many think tanks and institutions have been aware of Azerbaijan’s purchases of Israeli made unmanned vehicles. Bellingcat, who has been tracking developments in Azerbaijan’s rise in military capacity, has kept a close eye on purchases on UAV’s as well as advances in SIGINT and ELINT systems.

SIGINT Signal intelligence and ELINT Electronic intelligence in particular suites in electronic warfare capabilities are a major concern for Armenia. Bellingcat has been aware of advances in basic jammers available in the Azerbaijani inventory, as well pursuits in electronic warfare research programs, procurements and hiring of technicians in the field. Upgrades such as this will inevitably take Azerbaijan into the next level of warfare, real time; live tactical, information quality and most of all jamming technology.

Israel’s advances in its electronic warfare technology are the most advanced and battle proven in the world. Their air defence suppression techniques, in which Israel’s exploitation of Russian air defence systems, have in past conflicts totally jammed Russian surface to air missile systems.[2] In 2007 the Israeli jet strikes on a suspected nuclear facility in Syria proved Israeli dominance over the sky. Various reports mention Israeli jets entering Syrian air space, according to IMINT analysis, Israeli jets circumvented air space to avoid air defence systems nonetheless Syrian targets where hit[3]. These battles and other subsequent capture of technology have provided Israel with fine technology to manipulate. S300PMU-2, the most advanced air defence systems in the world stationed in Baku, can pose a technological threat to Armenia if Israeli scientists help Azerbaijani counterparts design electronic counter measures. Russia’s sale of the S300PMU2 definitely accounted for this risk, selling downgraded technology to Azerbaijan or stationing its own personnel with Azerbaijani’s on the system.[4]

Currently, Azerbaijan lacks technology such as delivery platforms and SIGINT and ELINT systems, precluding it from attempting high-end electronic warfare. Even without the S300PMU-2 being manipulated for technology, basic advances in electronic warfare with Azerbaijan’s military could amount to jamming Armenian air defence systems. Certain purchases from the Israeli Aerospace Industry, such as the Green Pine Air Defence Radar, and further interest in the area of electronic warfare will lead to advances.

To Armenia’s detriment, no current imagery to date has found any defensive ground based jammers in the country. What is interesting is that Russia’s technology also has had major advances in electronic warfare, which raises the question as to why Armenia has been reluctant to purchase such equipment from Russia. Russia’s shift in strategic interests and further deteriorating relations between Armenia and Russia, which has seen ongoing problems, could amount to the increase in technology transfers between Israel and Azerbaijan.   Nonetheless Azerbaijan’s basic upgrade packages to date are still concerning and can ultimately lead to the next level of procurements and technology base.

Upgrades for SU-25 from Israel’s Elbit systems provide various technological advances on old Soviet jets with jamming pods, evasive manoeuvre techniques against air defence missiles and upgraded missile delivery systems with glass cockpit helmets, all optimized specifically for the SU-25, making it a sound ground attack plane[5]. Azerbaijan’s options in SU-25 upgrades remain open; Georgia has offered a joint production with Azerbaijan for the SU-25 at the Tbilisi Aerospace manufacturing plant with Azerbaijan offering to fund the project, which will inevitably entail Israeli assistance. Russia’s Ulan-Ude aviation plant has rejected offers of upgrades for unknown reasons.[6] Other options include direct upgrades from Israel’s Elbit systems for the fleet of SU-25s. Geo-politics dictates military sales, and while Azerbaijan’s appetite for SU-25 upgrades has encountered problems due to various factors, these available options can still provide the required upgrades needed.[7]

Recent confirmed developments in Azerbaijan point to the building of new shipbuilding facilities – the first time a Caucasus nation has developed its own military industry on this scale since the fall of the Soviet Union. Israeli assistance has guided Azerbaijan in its efforts towards an indigenously developed ship factory that is able to rebuild their border patrol ships and conduct upgrades.[8]Israeli “Spike” anti-tank missile systems have been test fired off the Azerbaijan coast on the Shaldag MK patrol boats. These are a fourth generation missile made in Israel – one of the most advanced fire-and-forget systems that leave Armenian anti-tank missile systems a generation behind. These systems have only been showcased on the coast and not yet spotted on the frontline. Bellingcat will keep an eye on available imagery close to the frontline. This new weapon system is a major concern for Armenia[9], and fourth generation equipment in Azerbaijan’s inventory is a wakeup call for the Armenian military. Azerbaijan’s advances have been prompt and the acquisition of relevant technology is moving at a decent pace. Taking into consideration Armenia’s passivity in regard to technological advances, Azerbaijan has closed the gap and has far exceeded Armenia’s military strength.

Picture President IIham Aliyev and the new revamped state boarder service coast guard ships at the ship building facility. Note ship on dry dock platform. (Spike missile top right centre).

Picture President IIham Aliyev and the new revamped state boarder service coast guard ships at the ship building facility. Note ship on dry dock platform. (Spike missile top right centre).

The technology transfers to Azerbaijan not only give Israel a foothold in the region, but can also play a major role in any attack on Iran. At this time, analysts are looking for basic ground based jamming systems in available imagery in Azerbaijan and Bellingcat is keeping an eye on these developments as well. Ground based jammers will provide Israel’s air force with open air space, jamming Iranian air defence systems and taking them out with anti-radiation missiles. These systems can ultimately be used against Armenia, as a two pronged policy by Azerbaijan protecting itself against Iran and developing technology from Israel’s defence firms in preparation for the next conflict against Armenia.

Other systems, such as target locating and fire control systems are the next step in Azerbaijan’s military requirements. These systems, if combined with Azerbaijan’s current air defence systems – one of the most advanced in the world – could minimize the retaliatory strategy of Iran’s attack against Azerbaijan. Iran’s option of an attack on the oil fields of Baku in retaliation against a strike from the West is still an option, but becoming increasingly difficult due to Azerbaijan’s advances in technology. Azerbaijan’s advances could also prevent major powers from intervening in the next conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan – a possible scenario considering NATO’s involvement in the Yugoslav wars.

Azerbaijan’s wish list is not far from reality and Israel’s strategy against Iran is not far behind the rise of Azerbaijan’s military, with both countries playing the game for their own interests. Even without the Israeli air force being allowed access to air bases in Azerbaijan, Israel’s involvement in the Caucasus is a threat for both Armenia and Iran. Israel’s foothold in the region will provide Azerbaijan with the capacity to develop technology that can surpass Iran’s technological level in the coming future, which is Azerbaijan’s ultimately military goal. The latest round of military procurements has not only tilted the scales in favour of Azerbaijan, but has started a whole new arms race in the region. Armenia’s military leadership needs to reconsider its options, Iran needs a closer look at its foreign policy towards Azerbaijan and Europe needs to address an new age of technology in the Caucasus.

[1] Green Pine Radar on order. UAV have been also spotted confirming the latest round of purchases.

[2] Israel jammed Egyptian Kub SAM systems during the Arab Israeli conflict. See Air Power Australia “Surface to Air missiles in past Conflict” Dr Carl Kopp

[3] O’Connor, Sean (2010). “Syrian Strategic SAM Deployment”, 7th January, IMINT Analysis,

[4] Russian personal have not been seen with Azerbaijani on S300 systems and leaks have reported that the S300PMU-2 are fully operational. Photo imagery


[6] OSIMINT (2013). “Georgia offers Azerbaijan Joint production of SU-25”, 3rd May,

[7] OSIMINT, op. cit. Russia’s pro Armenian stance could be a reason for Ulan-Ude aviation plant rejecting offers for upgrades.

[8] Dunai, Peter (2014). “Azerbaijan Inaugurates Shipbuilding facility”, 22nd July,

[9] See Herschelman, Kerry 2014). “Azeri Coast guards revamp fleet with Israeli help”. IHS Jane’s 360, 28th August, Test firing of Spike missiles is confirmed in imagery.

Masis Ingilizian

Masis Ingilizian is a researcher at the Australian Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies. He was previously a regular contributor for the publication IMINT Analysis edited by Sean O’Connor. His research focuses on the Caucasus, Iran and Russia, spanning the fields of strategic warfare, geopolitics and geostrategy. Masis tracks developments in the Nagorno-Karabagh conflict and provides ongoing insight into the geopolitics and growing tensions in the region, using imagery and photos for analysis. He also writes on the foreign policies of both Russia and the West.

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  1. Araz

    Israel is Azerbaijan’s historical friend. And also Azerbaijan friend with Turkiye. Of course Armenian and armenian people dependent from Russia F. We are free country. We have got a freedom. Everybody know that Erevan (İrəvan) is Azerbaijan’s historical place. Armenians are also stole “yan” surname end from Iran. there are not anything their own. All thing they take from others. For example: Lavash from Azerbaijan, There are many thing includes Azerbaijani names too. For example
    Demirchi -yan. What the mean of demirchi in armenian language. or Nalband.
    Demirchi mean smith from Azerbaijan

    • Gevork

      Azeri people are tribal people without land until paranoid Stalin. Israel is arming their enemies for the rich oil in Iran. For now because we how they get along with Islamic countries.

    • Aren Rostamian

      Haha. Azerbaijan are Mongol descendents. Armenians have been on that land for over 5000 years. The Mongol Turkic people of Azerbaijan who originated from Asian origins conquered their way into the Caucasus and stole culture, language, arts, and everything else from that area to make their identity. There was no Tukish people in the Caucases prior to 1000years ago. But Armenians have origins in that area for over 5000 years. Go read History books that are not from Turks and you may get an unbiased view of history.

      • Raman

        Aren you are right. Armenians are older than dinsaurs. Armenian fascist mindset can’t think otherwise. Your origins come from the monkey forests of Africa. Go back to your Africa home.

        • Aren Rostamian

          Haha… Please, keep going on… You are hillarious and complelely uneducated and mis-informed and now making up stories. Keep going. I want to see where there insults will keep going to. We are now at the dinasaur age. Keep going!


    Normal article, but …..
    Unfortunately, the author has failed to distance itself from the Armenian identity, and it prevented him from coming to the right conclusions. There provocative statements and appeals, such as Iran, with which Azerbaijan has no problems. The author tries to draw attention to these methods to increase the military power of Azerbaijan to introduce a complete embargo on military procurement. Author why it is silent about the reason for the militarization of Azerbaijan. 1/5 of Azerbaijan is under occupation of Armenian armed forces. What should Azerbaijan do ?! The question is rhetorical. And as if the author is not trying to come up with a new enemy to Azerbaijan, it will fail. Armenia (which is based on the Russian military base and the pro-Russian bloc CSTO) is a major threat to Azerbaijan. Iran has never been and will not be the enemy. The fact that Azerbaijan is buying part of arms from Israel, it is a forced measure. Since European countries and the United States has imposed a ban on the sale of weapons to the conflict zone. Azerbaijan, they do not sell. It is necessary to buy from Russia, Turkey and Israel. Azerbaijan’s rapid militarization threatens regional stability, says author. Not militarization of Azerbaijan and aggressive policy of Armenia is the main threat to regional security. The militarization of Azerbaijan, it is just a response to the aggression of Armenia. Why Armenia is not in a hurry to buy a system to counter Azerbaijan? The answer is simple and banal. There are no money. Armenia is a poor country, whose ambitions have always been above capacity. But the history we know that so long cannot continue.
    But along with the shortcomings the author came to the correct conclusion. This new weapon system is a major concern for Armenia, and fourth generation equipment in Azerbaijan’s inventory is a wakeup call for the Armenian military. Azerbaijan’s advances have been prompt and the acquisition of relevant technology is moving at a decent pace. Taking into consideration Armenia’s passivity in regard to technological advances, Azerbaijan has closed the gap and has far exceeded Armenia’s military strength.

    • Aren

      Well first off the author may have Armenian identity, but I think he wrote a fairly well balanced article considering other articles I have read from Armenians and Azeri or Turks. No doubt Azerbaijan has been stock piling huge amounts of military equipment and paying for latest military technology. It is in response to their loss of land. There is no doubt that for years Azerbaijan has been stockpiling to prepare to take back their losses from the first war. But Azerbaijan is also trying to make themselves a powerhouse in that region as well beyond just trying to take back lost lands from Armenia. Let’s remember, Middle East, which is right next door to Armenia and Azerbaijan, is not the most stable area in the world. The last 10 years has seen a lot of instability in the region. And now Turkey is seeing ISIS knocking on their door. They are using Kurds to do the fighting those so far. Azerbaijan has tons of oil money and is trying to use that for their benefit. It’s something any country would do. As Theodore Roosevelt had said almost 100 years ago “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Unfortunately for Aliyev, he isn’t speaking softly and is letting the world know he is taking aggressive action against Armenia. I know Azerbaijan is trying to paint themselves as the victims and that Armenia is the aggressor, but Armenia is now settled in those lands and they have Artsakh as well as their territory. Azerbaijan is the aggressor here in this case. They are pushing military into those terriritories and now engaging in one off battles with Armenian troops. And you’re correct. Armenia doesn’t have oil wealth to buy tons and tons of weaponry. But they didn’t have much weaponry last time either when they defeated Azerbaijan. Let’s remember that Russia was even helping Azerbaijan last time. Russians wanted Azeri oil at that time and were willing to help Azerbaijan defeat Armenia. Now Azeris turned against the Russian and gave their oil to the Americans. So Russia partnered with Armenia. Russia will be on the attack if Azerbaijan declares war against Armenia. Russia can’t wait to get their hands on Baku and take those oil fields. They are just waiting for an excuse for a fight. That is why Aliyev is not pulling the trigger. That along with the fact that there is a good chance oil rigs and pipelines will sustain damage from the conflict and Exxxon and BP will then oust him and replace him like they have been doing in other countries (Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc). Aliyev doesn’t want to be one of those guys that was hung by his own people or found in a sewer pipe like Gadafi. Aliyev is swinging his big sword for now, but Armenia knows it is a bluff to get them to the negotiating table. The people of Azerbaijan don’t even care about Artsakh. It was always inhabited by majority Armenian people. It is historically Armenian. They feel no connection to it. That’s why a bunch of Armenian soldiers with a few machine guns last time were able to defeat Azerbaijan and Russian military to take back their historical lands. A peaceful ending is in the interest of both sides, but let’s see who will flinch first and offer a peaceful resolution that is truly appropriate for both. I think a reasonable ending here should be that Armenia gives up the additional territories that were Azerbaijani. Armenia keeps Artsakh since it is always Armenian and was only given to Azeris by Stalin when Azerbaijan was established as a state. But it seems both sides so far want all or nothing. And as long as Azerbaijan acts aggressively, Armenia is likely giving nothing back and saying you want it, try and come and get it.

      • Anar IBRAHIMOV

        I do not want to mess with a perfectly stupid controversy, especially with the Armenians. It is useless. All this nonsense about Azerbaijan, which was created by Stalin, the Armenian idiocy I will leave unanswered. I know that my forefathers ruled by the Khanate of Erivan, which captured the Russian Empire in 1827, and which is now the capital of Armenia. So it is with the Karabakh khanate, then to has already resettle hundreds of thousands of Armenians from Persia and the Ottoman Empire. It is well remembered by Armenians themselves. But essence not in it. Why I wrote about Armenian identity of the author? Yes because, Armenian author hiding behind the independent expert calls on Iran to openly, go to the conflicts with Azerbaijan. This Armenian style we already know.
        Azerbaijan wants secure itself. And to make it all possible ways. Iran is a state and of Azerbaijanis there the Azerbaijani factor is very high. This is essentially the second state for the Azerbaijanis. Therefore, any attempts to put Iran and Azerbaijan against each other, will fail. Every thing has its price. We are ready to pay this price, and envision that we can lose. You are also give and will give. Armenia lost its independence, and more than half of your population became impoverished. And it’s not tons of weapons as well the qualitatively new system. Maybe that’s why the author is so angry. And you can not win machine guns as well Russian units that openly fought for Armenia. Everybody knows this. And this was not a victory in the war, but merely the battle. The war is not over. If the Armenian people will insight, new billions of Azerbaijan will not weapons, and creativity. Anyway, part of this money will reach Armenia. The only question is in what form it will be, in money or bombs.

        • Aren

          Well my ancestors go much father back to the time of Tigran the Great which is hundreds of years, centuries before 1827. But I know what you are saying and I don’t disagree with it. People were all there regardless of who was there and who wasn’t is not a question any longer. We are all mixed people in some way or another. I think the question is the fate of Artsakh and Azerbaijan’s next move. I think Azerbaijan sits on a very important decision but one that doesn’t make any logical sense to me. What do they get out of another war with Armenia than just Artsakh? They have way way more to lose than to gain out of this war, and I think that is why Aliyev is not pulling the trigger. Because let’s say Azeris are victorious. They gain back Artsakh and the few other villages that are under Armenian control. Who cares? I don’t think their people do either and that’s why they really don’t care about fighting. They want to fight to fight and gain vengence for a lost war. Not to fight to gain land that they never fully occupied to begin with. The chance of losing a lot is great. Losing oil infrastructure. Losing more land. Russia invading that land along with Armenia and taking oil rich land. I think the gain of victory is not so big for Azerbaijan which already posseses oil rich land. In the end, a conflict between Armenian and Azerbaijan benefits two countries, but it’s no Azerbaijan and Armenia. It’s Russia and US that really benefit. More arms sales. All they want is for people to fight and sell more weapons. Make billions selling weapons. The people of Azerbaijan and Armenia will suffer while Russia and US gain. That’s why i think so far Aliyev is talking big and being aggressive at the border in order to coerce Armenia into negotiations. They don’t really want to fight. Too much to lose and not enought to gain. But in the end, let’s face it, we are really two different ethnicities that share culture. Hundreds of years of culture. I made Lavash, you made Lavash, who cares who made lavash first? It was made right? And it feeds people. I was reading today about Yura Movsisyan, the soccer player who was born in Azerbaijan. Armenian chess player Kasparov, who was born in Azerbaijan. At one point Armenians and Azerbaijanis lived together right? What happened? I’ll tell you what, Russia happened. And they only gain from these conflict.

  3. Raman

    You armenians are so desperate that you are asking for the help of the armenian porno star Kardashian. and you are proud of armenian porno stars for promoting Armenia and your occupation.
    “The head of the Armenian lobby in Washington, Aram Hamparian, approvingly told Yahoo that the Kardashians “were welcomed home as heroes.” The head of Armenia’s Parliament, Galust Sahakyan, told reporters, “We should be proud.””
    armenians should look at what have they become because of their fascism and hater to Azerbaijajnis and Turks. They have become hostage of armenian porno stars.

    • Raman

      Unless armenian fascists want to use prono stars in their war with Azerbaijan, I can’t understand why the armenian parliament head is proud of Kardashians and why they have received heros welcome in Armenia. What has armenian fascism did to the entire nation?
      And these guys want to occupy Azerbaijan’s land and to fight with Azerbaijanis and Turks who defeasted the armenian fascism in 1900 several times with decisive victories.

      • Aren Rostamian

        yes, Armenians are fascist. Yes. Please provide your proof. We have regular elections for our government and are democratically based and accepted by Western powers. Azerbaijan is under the strong staunch rule of Aliyev who’s father was the ruler of that country before that. They jail and kill media representatives. Rule an oppressed state. Provide fear to their people. Who seems like the fascist? Armenia or Azerbaijan who can’t seem to get away from the dictatorial and royal totalitarian rule of the Aliyevs?

  4. Raman

    This is what makes armenians fascists and racists. since childhood you are only thaught about racism and hater to Azerbaijanis and Turks, which made you dependent on the help of armenian porno stars.
    Growing up in New Jersey, I learned from a young age that the Turks were our enemies, that a chunk of Eastern Turkey was ours to take back, and that convincing governments (especially America’s) to label 1915 as a genocide (as opposed to a massacre, a catastrophe or a crime against humanity) was our highest calling.

    I recently published a memoir about how, as an adult, I came to question those orthodoxies, which came from the Armenian summer camps, youth groups and other community activities I was immersed in. I described how such views sometimes seemed inextricable from racism against Turks;

  5. Raman

    See what an armenian writes about the armenian fascism. Seems you like all armenians suffer from greatness mania, they are all psychologically sick, and need psychological treatment. See what your armenian fascism did to the entire armenian nation.
    A Russian Jewish writer, Vasily Grossman, pondered this question in 1962, when he spent two months living in Soviet Armenia. He wrote about Armenian intellectuals “who insisted on the absolute superiority of Armenians in every realm of human creativity, be it architecture, science or poetry.”

    “What is sadly apparent from these claims,” he argued, “is that poetry, architecture, science and history no longer mean anything to these people. They matter only insofar as they testify to the superiority of the Armenian nation. Poetry itself does not matter; all that matters is to prove that Armenia’s national poet is greater than, say, the French or the Russian national poet.”

    • Aren

      Are you trying to prove that Armenians and Azeris hate each other? And that Armenians hate Turks because of the Genocide which continues to be denied by the Turks for 100 years? Are you trying to indicate that Armenians are “Racist” against Turks or don’t like them because of their history of facing Turkish oppression for being Christian, for being Armenian, for being between two aggressive Turkic nations that want to swallow up Armenia so that they can create one unified Turkic state from Turkey through to Mongolia? Then yes. I agree with you. There is a lot of hatred there until Turks recognize the genocide. Yes. totally agree with you on that one you sick boy. Good luck in life my uneducated man…

  6. Choco

    Azerbaijan is situated among Russia, with its imperialistic ambitions, radical Iran and Russian puppet Armenia, so, it’s evident that the state needs strong and battleworthy armed forces.

    • Aren

      So Armenia is the puppet of Russian now? I guess when Russia was helping Azerbaijan fight the first war against the Armenians, it makes Azerbaijan a puppet of Russia? We are all puppets my friend. Armenians are puppets of Russia. Azerbaijan is the puppet of America and its oil interest. Just takes one little flip of the switch from Exxon or BP to send Aliyev and the nation into a spiraling civil war as it’s doing with its other oil neighbors. Aliyev needs to really walk a tight rope carefully while oil is watching him every step of the way.

  7. Narmina

    The Armenian users once again prove with their racist comments that Azerbaijan is in a hostile environment, and we are simply obliged to increase the military power!

  8. Arman

    When Azeris started the war against the karabakh the Armenians there had no weapons, there are even footages of how armenian fighters take the shoes of the killed Azeri aggressors cuz they had no proper shoes etc. but we won, we crushed azerbaijan. Now 20 yrs have past and artsakh has a strong military. Why Azeris aren’t starting the war, cuz they are scared like mice, they know that Artsakh army is gonna destroy them again and always.

  9. Shapour 2

    Both azarbayjan and Armenia plus Georgia was part of Persia (Iran) until Russian stole it from Iran at 1800s. My advice to my brothers from azarbayjan and Armenia is to come back to your origin and join to your mother land Iran.


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