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What Russia’s Own Videos and Maps Reveal About Who They Are Bombing In Syria

October 26, 2015

By Bellingcat Investigation Team

Translations: Русский

Bellingcat began geolocating and independently verifying videos published by the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) after initial reports from the ground indicated that Russian airstrikes destroyed positions held by the Free Syrian Army and other groups rather than the Islamic State (or ISIS). Bellingcat has geolocated, verified, and visualized each airstrike published by the Russian MoD on its official YouTube channel as of 25 October. The outcome of our work is unequivocal: the overwhelming majority of Russian airstrikes have targeted positions held by non-ISIS rebel groups posing a more immediate threat to the Syrian regime and its head, Bashar al-Assad. In contrast, ISIS strongholds have rarely been attacked: out of 60 strikes recorded on video, only one has been confirmed to be both at the location indicated by the MoD and against ISIS; 14 other strikes said to target ISIS were, indeed, geolocated to the claimed locations, but none of those areas are known to be under ISIS control.

The Russian Federation launched an air campaign on 30 September 2015, allegedly targeting Islamic State (or ISIS) positions in Syria. The Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) has been releasing selected videos on its YouTube channel ever since. Bellingcat began geolocating and independently verifying videos published by the Russian MoD after initial reports from the ground indicated that Russian airstrikes have instead destroyed positions held by the Free Syrian Army and other groups rather than ISIS.

Bellingcat has geolocated, verified, and visualised each airstrike published by the Russian MoD on its official YouTube channel as of 25 October. The outcome of our work is unequivocal: the overwhelming majority of Russian airstrikes have targeted positions held by non-ISIS rebel groups posing a more immediate threat to the Syrian regime and its head, Bashar al-Assad. In contrast, ISIS strongholds have rarely been attacked. The methodology and results of the investigation are laid out below.

Geolocating Russian Airstrikes in Syria

We noticed that, for many videos, the Russian MoD adds a description in Russian before the video of the strike itself begins. A longer, more in-depth description is also appended to each upload, along with the title of the video. For the verification process, each video was uploaded to Bellingcat’s Checkdesk verification project. We Google-translated the description and pasted the original one in Russian alongside to keep track of the information in an independently managed online space.

Once this preliminary step is completed, the verification process is turned “on” which enables crowdsourced public discussion and proof-gathering. For each video, a series of details are collected and verified; these are:

  • the claimed location;
  • the claimed target;
  • the presence of ISIS in the area;
  • the claimed date of the strike;
  • and the date of upload. The exact upload time was determined using Amnesty International’s YouTube DataViewer.

From these details and crowdsourced geolocation efforts, the actual target of the strike was established and an error was defined. The latter describes either a mismatch between the claimed and the actual location of the attack or the absence/presence of ISIS in the bombed area or mention of ISIS in title/description of the video.

An example geolocated airstrike (details here)

An example geolocated airstrike (details here)

For each of the videos we then sought to answer the following questions: Did the Russian airstrike target the location it claims it did? And is there any proven ISIS presence in the bombed area?

Russian Targets in Syria

Our investigation shows the following:

  • Only nine of the 60 videos could not be geolocated and verified
  • In all cases except one where the claimed location was the actual location, ISIS presence in that area was not identified
  • In the cases where the claimed location mismatched the actual location, no ISIS presence exists in the area that was targeted
  • The claimed targets carry varying labels: most often, the MoD names them “ISIS,” but “terrorists” or “militants” frequently occur as well
  • From 12 October onward (date of video upload), the targets in the description have changed: “ISIS” has been replaced by “terrorists” and “militants”
RuAF strikes in Syria with targets identified as mentioned in the video description

Two observations emerge from the available data. The first one is that, for the period 30 September – 11 October, a higher number of videos were released compared to the period 12 October – 21 October. The second observation is that gaps in the video releases exist. This is the reason why the some days are not specified in the above charts.

The trend showcased in these bar charts is, however, clear: the initial airstrike videos presented a narrative where the target was ISIS; this appears to have evolved in the past two weeks which saw videos being released as targeting unspecified “militants”.

  • In some cases, the Russian MoD provided no information on the claimed location of the strike. For this and other reasons, nine strikes could not be geolocated
  • A substantial proportion of the strikes appears to have targeted locations in Hama, Idlib and Latakia governorates where ISIS has no presence. These two provinces are controlled by various opposition forces fighting against al-Assad’s regime.
RuAF strikes in Syria as shown to target provinces

Our investigation highlights that the overwhelming majority of locations hit by Russian airstrikes is outside of areas known to be under ISIS control. The chart above shows that only one attack has been confirmed to target locations close to Raqqa, the ‘capital’ of the Islamic State. A number of videos have been marked as “unknown” as it has not been possible to geolocate the location shown in the videos.

Not Really Targeting ISIS: A Confirmation by the Defense Ministry

Russian officials themselves have provided clear proof regarding the actual targets. A detailed and richly illustrated map circulated in the RuNet indicates that the majority of Russian airstrikes have targeted Idlib and Hama governorates, labeled by the MoD as “areas controlled by other [i.e., non-ISIS] illegal armed groups.” The map first appeared in a high-resolution JPG format on the VK wall of the “Russian Federation Armed Forces” account, timestamped at 18 October 2015, 10:16 AM. The caption indicates that the map was presented on 17 October at a briefing about the situation in Syria.

The person who provided the briefing is the commander of the main operating unit at the Russian Air Force headquarters, Colonel General Andrey Kartapolov. Kartapolov has been pictured by the MoD on its Twitter account holding the seemingly identical map as a paper printout to showcase the locations of the “394 combat sorties”:

The tweet is timestamped 16 October 15:33. The post on MoD’s Facebook account, timestamped 22 October 17:40, also shows Kartapolov providing a briefing about the most recent strikes against the backdrop of what looks to be the same map. A better view of the colonel general in front of the map and a source for MoD’s social media images can be found at the MoD’s website. It has been possible to mark all the geolocated airstrike videos on the map, showing where the airstrikes hit according to the Russian MoD’s own map and videos:

Russian bombing

Based upon the evidence provided by the Russian Defence Ministry itself, it is clear that the bulk of the airstrikes undertaken by the Russian Air Force have consistently targeted areas where non-ISIS, anti-regime armed groups operate.

All data along with additional visualisations is available at the dedicated web page

Written by Alexandra Raine

With the assistance of Eliot Higgins, Aric Toler, Veli-Pekka Kivimaka, Timmi Allen, and Nathan Patin.

Thanks to all of those who contributed on Bellingcat’s Checkdesk.

Bellingcat Investigation Team

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  1. Syava

    Dear, all described above it is clear and it is possible that in fact takes place. The problem is that the average person has written an article (by the way your photos are not posted), and all reading this sitizen inhabitants.
    In Syria, the civil war in the country 3-Assad government, and political apponenta ISIL. Any general for to win, invite all to become his allies or enemies. In wartime, the country can only be one force. Putin and Assad are doing the right thing from the military and strategic targets. Put yourself in their shoes and understand it yourself. People are not satisfied with the course of Assad will vote against it after the war. The fact that Syria and Russia will win the war, it is clear around the world. Now we need to think – and then what?
    Notice on this site is not a single article supporting Russia. Why is that? Not really Russian biggest devil in the world? Answer – bias and Rusofobstvo instead of objectivity. Why do not you criticize the US and Europe for Serbia, Iraq, Libya? Why do not you ask the United States to bomb your country? So that you had American democracy, “the best in the world.”

    • boggled

      The people saw the farce of elections in 2007 and 2014 for Assad.
      He acted, and still acts, like a despot King or a Tsar and not an elected leader.
      His party prevented opposition candidates from running and committed election fraud.

      Why should they wait for another election?
      In a real democracy you will never see 99 percent of the vote going to someone.
      That is why the war started, the people were not represented and the Baathist Slayer of Syrian children and mothers began his violence instead of stepping down.
      Election fraud for a kleptocratic dictator to stay in power is what this is all about.
      The people rose up in revolt.

      Really to be honest, I think International courts should be more involved in election observations and counting.
      More so in fledgling democracies, but also involved randomly in the larger established ones.

      That to me is the only way to move forward in the future and prevent the election fraud and these farces of Democracy and prevent these violent revolts.

      Will that happen? I do not know, but I think it should.

      You mention people after the election will be able to voted Assad out?
      I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.
      Only way this would be possible would be for Assad, as well as his Baathist cohorts, to step down and face the courts of Syria and allow in UN observers, not just Assad and Hezbollah approved observers.
      The world prays this will happen, but evidence shows ASSad is willing to use force instead of democracy to stay in power.

      Half the eligible voters of Syria have died or fled to other countries as refugees.
      They will not be allowed to voted legitimately or run for political positions.
      And until that changes, the Syrian conflict will remain active.
      Russian bombing campaign has just reinforced that democracy will not be allowed to work and kills more and creates more Syrian refugees.
      All so they can keep a Mediterranean base there.
      Syrian people have spoken, and now they are threatened by an outside force of ISIL, a force maintained and created and supported by the Kremlin forces for their goals of maintaining the base.
      The conflict gets more and more murky as it goes on.
      The solution of a return to a peaceful Syria is not more murder by ASSad and vova, the solution is above.

      Fare thee well

      • Randy Dread

        I’ve seen interviews with Assad and he seems like a really nice guy.

        And of course his wife Asma is beautiful and is a British citizen.

        • boggled

          Randy, Did you know he was born on September 11?

          Has a few more interesting facts about him.

          You comment above shows how much good judgement of character you are.

          I have seen baby photos of Charles Manson as a baby and he was cute, but that does not change the actual facts of what he has done.

          The series the Sopranos probably showed it best how organized crime violent power brokers keep a good appearance for PR purposes, but lead a double life.
          That is all ASSad is a power broker or figurehead to make sure those under him are all Alawite and Ba’ath party members are in power.
          He and his murder all and any opposition parties that speak up.
          Violent regime in a violent area that wants to be peaceful.
          Many of those peaceful ones praying for his and the Alawite Baathist removal have fled Syria as refugees.
          In his bid to remain in power he has attacked civilians ruthlessly, and in the meantime has allowed ISIL (a lot of Baathist) to plunder Syria and torture and murder those who wanted to stay out of it.
          Not a nice guy at all.

          Fare thee well

          • Randy Dread

            Mr Assad and his British wife Asma are clearly civilised and gentle people.

            I hope they will be victorious against the American backed terrorists who are attacking Syria.

          • Randy Dread

            as for you boggled, your death will come either from heart failure from the low class American diet of hamburgers, or maybe you’ll be shot by drug dealers in your low class neighborhood.

            Or could it be lung cancer. Whatever the means, it’s comng soon.

          • boggled

            Death comes to everyone in a variety of ways.
            Que sera sera.
            Thank you for your kind wishes.
            I see your quips in the comments are not going so well.
            Your attitude comes shining through loud and clear about your frustrations.
            Glad I could help with them.
            Thank you for sharing your emotions with everyone so they know exactly the kind of person you are.

            Fare thee well

          • boggled

            Randy, you are a true representative of those that support ASSad and vova.

            Fare thee well

        • Rick

          Wow Randy Clown. Assad is “a really nice guy” You are so lost in your own propaganda. Assad is a killer like Putler. Please keep up with world events.

      • Syava

        Dear, if America had not decided to bomb Libya, Iraq, Syria, then this situation would not exist. We would not now what to write. America supported each bin Laden in Afghanistan, is now supporting ISIL. What for? Let it sit on your island, and not impose his world view. Syria destroyed, people killed – there is no difference to people who will be in power. The Syrian people will support anyone who will stop the war. America has become – the axis of evil. Peace to your home.

    • Sebastian

      Syava, bellingcat is not a platform to support any party. It`s a site “by and for citizen investigative journalists”. And it was started, not so long ago, by Eliot Higgins during the syrian war. Read the wikipedia article for more information: . Since then it publishes information about current events. This explains the abscence of articles about conflicts before this project was founded. But I`m pretty sure that every information supplied is welcomed. So feel free to participate by delivering/validating/disproofing information (of any party) or just by taking part in the discussion.

  2. John Zenwirt

    Good way to end all argument, Randy….what a vicious little troll, wishing hate on folks he’s never met, really pathetic…

  3. Mad Dog

    Ya just gotta love Dandy Randy (who may actually be a Randy Dandy). Assad as nice guy. Sure, that makes sense. Let’s just ignore the fact that he vented his rage on peaceful demonstrators, threw the full weight of his military against large civilian areas, bombs indiscriminately (barrel bombs as a last resort are not guided in any way despite Randy’s claim to the contrary). The Assad regime has been known for decades as a thugacrocy, passed down from father to son. As boggled has noted, it is aimed at keeping only certain sects in power, much like Saddam did.

    But, we have a new face being displayed by DR, personal attacks on boggled. Must be getting a bit frustrated it seems. As I and others have noted before, the life expectancy of males in Rodina is pitiful, a huge percentage dying early due to alcoholism or heavy smoking. No comparison with the US, despite some unhealthy eating habits. Russia is struggling to get males up to a level they had in 1966, a real anomaly in the developed world. Even the UK, despite a number of problems has continued to increase male expectancy to levels far above Russia. So, Randy, please get your facts straight. Boggled may eat a lot of hamburgers (but again, there is plenty of healthy food outlets in the US….BTW, since you have never been to Russia (ahem), you really have no idea about the paucity of selection available out side of major cities like Moscow and St. Petersbourg) he stands a much better chance of living to a ripe old age than the average Russian. Now, with all these “contract” troops being sent here and there, we may even have a drop in the piss poor record in Russia.

  4. Bjarne Hansen

    You are both wrong, and correct in your statement.

    You are correct that the Russians hardly are targetting what you identify as ISIS. But you are wrong in not identifying those target as ISIS targets.

    This is a war, it’s not a game. But unfortunately, the US and it’s allies have been waging war in the region since 1993. And all that has happened since 1993, is the direct result of US intervention in the area. This includes ISIS, and the civil wars in the region. Putting it plainly, the middle is worse off since the US started to intervene, than before. In fact, since Britain and France, started to intervene in the region, this region has not known a real peace time.

    All the millions of people that have died in the region, are a direct result of the US intervention, and the intervention of the colonial powers, Britain and France, before them.

    Today the US is not the same US as it was during WWII. It’s actually the same pirate state, as Britain was before it. Profiting on opium trade and criminality around the world. In fact, criminality has increased phenominally since WWII, with US power and influence.

    Of course, none of use think that this is intentional by the US … but if it isn’t, then the US is so incompetent politically that it can’t be trusted as a military power.

    This is the plain fact.

    If we assume, the US isn’t incompetent. Then we can be certain that it’s goal is a total and complete inhialation of all political entitites and state lines in the middle east, in which case … the US becomes far worse, than merely incompetent politically.

    The Russians, in this case, we all know they have their own agenda. Their intervention was to create a “mexican standoff” in the region, and force a settlement. The US doesn’t see this as an option. And now we must look at it, according to the US it’s fighting ISIS, but it’s efforts can hardly be said to be realistic. A token effort, to say the least. The track record is, that all areas that the Rebels have won, have turned into ISIS territory. And more to the point, if you look at Aleppo, you can see that ISIS is advancing, cutting off Syrian army’s supply lines to Aleppo, and advancing from the north. There is strong suggestion, that ISIS supply lines, come from Turkey … the US coalition state. The scenario suggests, that ISIS is “enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my-friend” in this situation, where the US sees them as an asset, not as a real target. The US efforts in putting “boots on the ground”, is not to target ISIS, but to defence Rebel position to the south … not against ISIS.

    So, the Russians assessment that you can’t make any differentiation between ISIS and “moderate” terrorists, is true.

    The situation in the middle east is going to get far worse, it is going to turn into a complete religion fanatic region, like Iran, Saudi Arabia, The Arab Emirates … with the help of ISIS. And if you look at Saudi Arabia, you will also see it as being a religion fanatic state, and it’s a long term ally of the US/Britain. It’s here, in Saudi Arabia, where they have people on the payroll to behead others. And if you look closely, you’ll see it’s pretty close to ISIS activity in the region. Both parties see the beheaded, as the enemy of their respective states. These “extremists”, are the US allies in the region. It is hard to believe, that the US will oppose ISIS, based on this fact.

    But then you have Russia, and Iran. Iran is another extremist Islamic state, and as it’s Russias ally, I don’t think we can expect Russia to have any real interest in “correcting” the situation, nor is the US expecting it to. Russia has it’s own interests, and it will leave when it thinks those interests are maintained.

    Most of the people out there, where “hoping” that Russia would be the champion of those who weren’t “extremist” Islamic. Because, as of today … those people don’t have a champion. It certainly is not the US, or it’s allies. And like all sheep, they will sooner or later be flogged to obedience, by any of the surrounding Islamic extremist states, that are paying the payroll for this theatre of operations, weather that is the US or Russia.

    The US is directly responsible for millions of death in the region, and Russia will leave long before there is any danger of a real confrontation.

    • boggled

      Bjarne, there is some truths there in what you state.
      I think you begin on a wrong premise though.
      you state – This is a war, it’s not a game. But unfortunately, the US and it’s allies have been waging war in the region since 1993.
      Every since Israel was declared a USA ally, a large part of the Middle East put a target on the USA’s back and openly declared it so in many of its government bodies.
      Many have declared a Holy War on Israel and all its allies or defenders.
      After that was openly declared in Mosques and various Religious governments, the USA has been trying to seek to find a way for the various parties to coexist.
      Their war has been one of political, humanitarian aid, and yes, sometimes outright war.
      America does not take the decision to go to war easily.
      But it will when it feels it or its allies are threatened.
      So disagree with ME intervention all you want and the way the USA has done it.

      IF it was Russia or China heavily involved there, what do you think their military responses have been in similar instances?
      In my judgement, of course it depends on the leader of those governments and sometimes that changes and their moods do as well, either China or the Kremlin would have made the decision – time for some tactical nukes we are sick of trying to deal with you nutcases.
      They are not big on diplomacy or refraining from extreme military crackdowns and they figure a large number of civilian deaths is acceptable.
      IE Beslan, Kursk sub disaster, Georgia, Chechan Wars.
      The USA and most democracy based states believe more in the value of human life and rehabilitation for certain criminal elements.
      They understand brainwashing and hope the moderate Muslims can be discussed with, pointed out the error of extremists ideology and it can be more peacefully integrated with the rest of society.

      Something had to be done to squelch the radicals extreme hatred of Israel which almost every one of the modern world accepts as a sovereign state and in the hands of a bad tempered, but responsible government.
      I am not saying that oil did not play into it as a factor, but that was and is not the driving force of USA interventions there.
      The USA and others believe in Israel’s right to exist and its borders to stay the same as they are now.

      Radicals do not.

      USA has two methods it could use, diplomacy and encouraging a change of opinion and when it fails military action, or military action from the beginning and rule by overwhelming force (which it has the capabilities of but refrains from using).

      Hate it or love it, that is my opinion of the situation, and with an increasing population and almost 2 billion followers of Muhammad, something has to prevent the increasing radicalization and brainwashing of that religion or there will be one result.
      And that is not a pretty one.
      Radical Islamism does not care who you are, one world under fundamentalist Islam is their goal, join them or die.
      Maybe you can live with that, but I cannot.

      Fare thee well

      • Bjarne

        You go on to a few points, I want to address. First China and Russia, brainwashing, Islam and Israel.

        Look at ISIS, it’s made of people from all around the world. If we assume these individuals, are radical and most are people who have been refugees from the area from periods. What can we expect in the future, when the Islamic radical refugees are 100 fold what they have been.

        Then you state these radicals don’t believe in Israel, and Israel has a right to exist … at the detriment of the entire world? If I were a religious man, I’d probably be reading my bible now, and expecting my Messiah to be returning. I’m not a religious man, and I view all religions … be it Islam, Christianity or Judaism as brainwashing, for the purpose of creating serfs and establishing the rule of power.

        We all know History, first it’s a military win, then it becomes a kingdom and finally evolves into a religious concept, where people are eternally bound.

        Israel has no “greater” right to exist, than any other state in the world. Nor does a Jew have a greater right, to exist than any other man on this planet. And any policy of the US, to “rewrite” the map of the ME, in it’s own image … so to speak, borders on insanity. And the only thing, this policy has created, is chaos, millions of deaths and millions of refugees and such horrors, the world hasn’t seen since WWII.

        You say the US has some political agenda. The very statement “War on Terror”, is a political statement, to establish a wildcard for perpetual wars. It’s a military campaign, without boundaries … this doesn’t mean, that a military campaign can’t be a necessity. But this isn’t a military campaign, it’s an excuse to wage a war, as the word “terror” is bound to interpretation. After all, it’s an adjective, which gives it a very broad meaning. A military campaign, can’t have any such “broad” meaning … it should have clear boundaries, and clear goals.

        You also say, China and Russia. When you say Russia, you mean “Soviet Union” and Afghanistan, and forget that the US and it’s allies, are now at this very moment, doing exactly the same thing in Afghanistan as the Soviet Union was doing.

        Erasing the “taliban”, can be equated with genocide. Weather you or I like them or not, they have equal right to exist as Israel. It’s not open to interpretation by the US. “Liberating” Afghanistan from the “taliban” is a wow for genocide.


        What’s China’s track record? It’s track record is, that the US ferried millions of them to the US, and then paid Pinkerton to murder them, when they weren’t useful anymore. Great britain, along with the US, fought hard to “leaglize” opium trade, so they could make a good buck on the horrors they cause the Chinese public, in and out of China.

        Or Indochina, or Vietnam … mass murder by US soldiers. Opium and drug trade, by the CIA to finance their wars.

        The very people that caused this in the past, are now in the ME, causing death and mayhem. They feed the people with false hope and guns, and tell them they’ll be rich and famous, as in Hollywood. Drunk by dreams of glory, and drugs … they wage wars on their “dictators”, so they can remove them and replace them with religious fanatism.

        When I say religious fanatism, I don’t mean Islam alone … I mean people who are so fanatic, they want to burn the entire world, so they can make their “holy” messiah appear.

        And the only thing, the US has accomplished is to increase this insanity.

        And finally, there is no such thing as a moderate terrorist. Nor is there any such thing, as a moderate rebel.

        The word “moderate” in this sense, is merely used to brainwash you… not the people of the ME … but YOU.

        • boggled

          First you defend the Taliban’s right to exist, what is next Hitler’s regime?
          You have a lot of anti USA propaganda in your BS counter argument.

          My disgust and criticism is not at Russia as a whole or ethnic Russians, my judgement are solely for those in the Kremlin and the leadership that comes from Moscow and Red Square.

          As far as your antireligion crap, it is for the self realization and maintaining a certain morality for peace.
          Self examination and realization means you realize your are part of the whole and the contribution to friends is more important then self.
          And as far as morality, you might like the Gladiator battles of the Romans, but I am glad that is in the past.
          That came from religion.

          USA is doing the same thing as USSR in Afghanistan?
          You do not know your history very well.
          The Kremlin sent in 700 Spetsnaz troops to assassinate and replace the sitting President of that nation for their own desire to spread communism and their sphere of influence.
          You do not remember the public executions and dismemberment at the stadiums as their method that is reminiscent of Roman’s mentoring out of justice.

          Taliban have no right to me to exist if they believe that any more then Hitler and his Mein Kampf vision.

          They decided they would wage war on the USA and the ‘peaceful’ global society and were public about it.
          Not a smart thing to do.
          They attacked the USA with terror, and as a response, USA in self defense and in protecting itself is waging war on a group that began the fight with more then just rhetoric.

          Maybe you do not believe in the right of self defense and taking the fight to someone on their own turf to protect your citizens from having to face a war on your own turf, but I do.
          If Hitler was not stopped in the European theater, he would have made his next leap to the USA, and the USA was not going to let that happen.
          Also, there is a little thing called friendship and allies.

          If you have a friend that is height challenged and has asthma and never been in a fight before and you were walking with him, what would you do?

          What your preaching is running away when a guy your size attacks your friend, and that is so self centered it is pitiful.

          To a USA political person there are differences on terrorists.
          A moderate terrorist is someone who attacks his own government and has no aspirations on your or your allies.
          He uses brutal terrorist acts that does not mind a few civilians die as long as he achieves his goal against his government.
          A terrorists like AQ, ISIL, Taliban and others have made it plain in their actions they intend to target USA and its allies’ nation’s civilians.
          So yes there is a difference and you have to make a judgement call or else you are committing genocide against all Wahhabi sect fundamentalists.

          You do understand these nutcases are against modernized civilization.
          Everyone back in huts, wiping with your left hand, no electricity, no computers, no TVs, no phones, etc.

          They have a failed ideology that is not for peace or for the actual advancement of society.

          You are definitely brainwashed and you repeat a lot of idiotic asinine BS.
          You really should get a clue about the modern world.
          And if not religion, you should see a psychiatrist and discuss your view on society, because it is deeply flawed and you need help.

          Fare thee well

  5. Philip

    Yes, they are bombing principally An Nusra (Al Qaeda) and the Jaish al-Fatah coalition. They are also a jihaidst, imposing sharia law and killing “infidels”. So how is that a bad thing?

  6. Mad Dog

    Bajrne has a particularly distorted view of history. To exclude Russia/USSR/Russia from playing games in the ME is a bit shortsighted. Russia has had its eyes (as the savior of the ‘true’ church since Czarist times (anti-islam colonization, Crimean War, Moves against the Ottomans, desire for playtime in Persia, sights on the Suez Canal, arming of most Arab states in wars against Israel, major arms supplier to Iraq under Saddam, Afghan adventure, etc.) They are not uninterested players.

  7. Carina

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    listen news on Television, so I only use internet
    for that reason, and get the most up-to-date baseball jerseys


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