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March 15, 2015

By Melissa Hanham

How Tall is That Gantry?

This article was originally posted on Arms Control Wonk.  A little how-to guide to measure the height of any most structures on Google Earth.  As you click through the Twittersphere or even click through TV channels (remember those?), you may hear claims like “North Korea is building a scary big missile” or “Iran’s building a…

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July 15, 2014

By Eliot Higgins

Geolocation Techniques – Mapping Landmarks

While frequently you may find yourself trying to find the location on one video, sometimes you may be faced with the opposite, finding the location of multiple videos. In this article I’ll explain one technique that can be used to make the task of finding the locations of multiple videos from one geographical area a…

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July 9, 2014

By Eliot Higgins

A Beginner’s Guide to Geolocating Videos

On the Brown Moses Blog I’m frequently working on authenticating videos, and one very useful technique is using information in the video to confirm the location the video was filmed. In this article, I’ll explain some of the techniques I use to identify those locations, using tools available to anyone with a internet connection.

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