[FULL] August 1: Command line tools for open source researchers (for absolute beginners)

Sign up here! The workshop takes place on August 1, from 10am-2pm (Central Europe/Amsterdam time).

You would like to learn how to download hundreds of social media posts at once? You saw that tools for open source investigators were produced during Bellingcat hackathons but you have no idea how to use them?

If you are ready to put time and effort into learning some technical skills, a whole new world of tools and research possibilities will open up to you. You ask yourself how to enter this world?

Here is where our webinar comes in. In this 4 hour webinar session for absolute beginners we introduce you to all the good reasons why challenging yourself to become more technical will help you if you want to spend your career or spare time in the world of open source research.

We will teach you what you need to get started, which technical skills you should learn first, and how to use several command line tools for open source researchers.

The webinar session will cover:

·   The command line and why the command line is so important for using a whole range of interesting open source research tools;

·   Code sharing platforms: The place to find exciting tools;

·   The best programming language for open source research;

·   Examples of command line tools for open source research and how to run them;

·   Recommendations for learning materials and next steps.

At the end of this session, you will have a list of command line tools at your disposal which you will be able to run yourself even after the webinar. You will not yet be able to use all the technical tools and research methods that you might need but you will know what you need to learn to enter the world of command line tools. 

Please create a Google account before participating in this webinar (if you do not yet have one, you can also use your personal Google account). 

Important note: This webinar is suitable for people who have never used the command line of their computer before. If you are familiar with the terminal, we recommend you watch out for more advanced webinars later this year.