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Greek Security Services May Be Using Potentially Lethal Tear Gas Munitions

March 4, 2020

By Nick Waters

Images and videos from social media suggest that Greek security services may be using a similar kind of tear gas round that has resulted in the serious injury or death of scores of protesters in Iraq.

Images and videos posted by journalists, activists and Turkish politicians show expended munitions in the vicinity of protests by refugees trying to enter Greece from Turkey.

Image posted to Radiye Sezer Katırcıoğlu’s Instagram showing an expended munition.

These munitions appear to be extended range tear-gas, which were first identified by Omega Research Foundation. Unlike normal tear-gas rounds, which have a limited range and would be unlikely to cause significant injuries, these long range munitions are designed to be fired to much greater distances, typically 150m. This means they usually have significantly more kinetic energy than normal tear-gas rounds. In this case, the projectile also has a pointed tip.

Image of munition allegedly recovered from the Turkish-Greek border.

Markings on these projectiles indicate they are Defence Technology – Federal Laboratories CS 560 Long Range projectiles. In short, long range tear-gas rounds.


Left: Federal Laboratories 555 CS grenade (source). Right, CS 560 round recovered from Turkish-Greek border (Source)

A police fact-sheet from 1969 describes this munition as weighing 284 grams, with a muzzle velocity of 225 feet per second and a range of 150 yards. It is not yet known if more modern versions of this munition have different characteristics.

Fact sheet entry for Federal 560 CS round

The combination of greater kinetic energy and a pointed tip make this kind of round potentially lethal to anyone hit by it. Amnesty International identified that similar tear gas and stun/flash extended range munitions have been used extensively during recent protests in Iraq, resulting in the deaths of scores of people, making a mockery of their “less-lethal” moniker.

Images taken on March 1st clearly show a member of the Greek security service loading a 560 CS round into their weapon, confirming this type of munition is in active use at the border.

The images and videos of this munition do appear to have been taken at the Turkish-Greek border. Multiple separate accounts have posted images and videos of these munitions, all claiming that they were used at the border. Katırcıoğlu claimed the images she posted were taken at the Edirne Pazarkule Border Gate. Those images do match tagged images from this location.

Left: tagged image of the Edirne Pazarkule Border Gate from Google Earth. Right: image posted by Katırcıoğlu

The use of this kind of munition may be the reason for multiple claims, images and videos, of seriously wounded or dead protesters at the Greek-Turkish border. This included an incident on March 2nd which was reported to have resulted in the death of a Syrian man after he was shot in the throat. A Greek government spokesman claimed this death was “fake news”.

Tweet from Greek Government spokesman, claiming the reported death of a protester to be “fake news”


Nick Waters

Nick is an ex-British Army officer and open source analyst. He has a special interest in the conflicts in Syria, as well as social media, civil society, intelligence and security. Contact via Twitter: @N_Waters89

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    So, one of your reporting sources, is Katırcıoğlu, a AKP party loyalist and part of the Turkish propaganda machine and unnamed “Turkish politicians”. 🤔 What does that say about the report as a whole? Sources do matter. The article makes presumptions in a context of circumstantial cause & affect, based upon hearsay, projections, confirmation bias and Turkish propaganda. The supposed injured man shown, may well be a set up-not the first time btw, a fake, to promote aforementioned propaganda and an attempt to stir misplaced sympathy and emotions. A media stunt in other words. If we were to take this at face value, we have no clear way of knowing how he may have been injured, only assumptions. For all we know, he may well have been injured during a stampede, a violent fight among the illegals, an accident. Zero evidence in regards to being hit by tear gas canisters.

    • Goody

      Of course, it was Katircioglu who told the Greek police go to the border and get a photo shoot at the fence while fixing to unload those munitions upon “UNARMED” innocent refugees… It’s just sad to see how Greek schizophrenia have already spread over Europe…

  2. Dim meles

    This guy can tell the difrence between BLACK letters and BLUE ones on the inscription right? Or does he claim that states buy teargas canisters one piece at a time and not in numbers?
    P.C. Whats the matter you imprisoned all the above avrege iq officials in turkey

    • Estrya

      The letter are maybe written in BLUE but if you enlarge the picture, you will clearly see that it is written CS 560 on it. So do not stop your brain working on colors like a child and try to understand further.

  3. William Cruthirds

    If they are trying to cross the border illegally and are hit by a tear gas projectile, maybe they should submit paperwork to do it the correct way. We have the same problem here and are trying to build a wall. I’ve been to some of these other countries while in the military and understand that what government they have is corrupt why don’t they work on changing it.

  4. Mike

    If they stop trying to illegally enter a country they won’t be shot at. Seems easy to me…

    • Kim

      Exactly, play stupid games, win stupid prices. It also helps not to try to tear down fences as the trajectory when shot in a higher angle over objects lessens the velocity. Best advice is to stay away from the EU border, our spring quota for hybrid warriors is full. Apply for VISA in any EU Embassy in Istanbul when you have learnt to behave.

  5. James

    Nice article with title “May be using”… lets now start writing articles like that, for example, the bird might have pooped in the yard. Pity, i thought this was serious site.

  6. Nick Kritsiotis

    Of course no body mentions that the Turks are supplying free transport to the border with Greece be it by bus or luxury taxi rides and that the Turkish police and military are supplying the refugees/illegal immigrants with tear gas to shoot across to the Greek border to help them cross illegally into greece

  7. Bob

    I am not convinced that the border pictures are of the same location. I expect signage to be the same on all roads crossing into Greece so that alone is not proof.
    I can’t really see any other similarities between the two photos. i.e. the red walls / pillars & green fence on the left are not seen the right photo etc.
    The border photo on the right seems to have been shot from a greater distance so I would expect these details to be visible on both to be able to say that it is the same location.

    I am afraid that comments from anyone that is a member of a political party should be taken with half a pinch of salt. So starting the article with this statement makes it lose its credibility from the get go.

    All tear gas canisters are dangerous when fired upon the human body. This article does imply that such an action is taking place by the Greek border force but I fail to see the proof. There is nothing independent here to prove that.

    Lastly and although a very sad affair, none of the injuries in the photographs are lethal so what is it’s difference to a baton round for crowd control then?

    Personally I would have liked the article to have a numerical calculation on the lethality of the round over distance and it to be compared to normal non-lethal rounds.

  8. Гуголь Переводочкин

    Well, alt-right, are you satisfied? Are you glad The border of Europe under a safe lock! Now, migrants are not only drowning, but also choking on tear gas. General slogan: ” Migrants, you are not welcome here! ‘ ‘Rejoice, this is all dear to you!


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