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Artillerymen of Russia’s 136th Motorized Infantry Brigade in the Donbass

November 13, 2015

By Askai707

The following is an English translation of Askai707’s Russian-language post on the presence of the 136th Motorized Infantry Brigade in eastern Ukraine in August-September 2014. The original post (in Russian) can be accessed here. English translation by Aric Toler.

At the end of August and beginning of September in 2014, Russia’s 136th Motorized Infantry Brigade (military unit 63354, Buynaksk, Dagestan) and other Russian units were involved in the hostilities near Luhansk. Evidence of the participation of T-90A tanks from this brigade has already been laid out in my previous post, “T-90 in the Donbass.” This post reviews evidence of the involvement of the howizters self-propelled artillery units of the 136th Motorized Infantry brigade in hostilities in the same area.

Until recently, there was only indirect evidence regarding the artillery units of the 136th Brigade in the fighting of the summer and fall of 2014. In September 2014, artillerymen of the 136th Motorized Infantry Brigade published photographs on social network sites of themselves in camouflaged uniforms without any military insignia. In the background of these photos were self-propelled 2S3 howitzers with painted-over identifying numbers and tactical marks:






In the beginning of 2015, photographs of medals received in December were first uploaded. Here is the medal of Vladimir Tyumentsev:

The medal of Vyacheslav Laputin:

The medal of Timur Orazov:

Once in a while we find online comments in which the servicemen of the 136th Motorized Infantry Brigade boast to their friends, not concealing their involvement in combat:

“Ilyas Shakiryanov: Brother, we really gave the Ukrops [note: derogatory term for Ukrainians] hell in Ukraine in 2014

Farit Akhmetgalin: That’s right, bro.”

Contract soldier Dmitry Kirillov of the 136th Brigade posted direct evidence onto his VKontakte page. He posted two videos and two photographs in a post, in which he signs it “The guys know, the guys get it.”


On the photos, we see eight men with automatic weapons, in camouflaged uniforms without military insignia. They are all posting on the roof of an armored vehicle:ы:


The first photograph carries the comment: “136 brigade!!!” The second has a geotag that shows that it was taken in the Krasnodon district of the Luhansk oblast. However, it is difficult to check the accuracy of the photograph’s location. On one video from the top of the turret of the self-propelled 2S3 Akatsiya artillery, destroyed Ukrainian military equipment in Novosvetlovka of the Luhansk oblast is filmed. However, the crew of the Akatsiya barely falls into the frame.

There is a much more interesting video than the first one. In this video are the same soldiers as in the photo from Kirillov’s previously discussed post, where they are on top of an armored vehicle exiting the town. It is not difficult to determine the location of the image: the southern outskirts of the village of Samsonovka in the Krasnodon district of the Luhansk oblast (six kilometers south of the location where the photographs of the T-90A tanks of the 136th Brigade were taken).


Above we can see the stretch of road that the video was taken on with the help of Google Maps.

Below is a comparison of objects in the vicinity of the video of Dmitry Kirillov with the same objects in a video and photo at the entrance into Samsonovka from the southern side. On the left part of the collage of screenshots from the Kirillov video, and on the right are screenshots of the video “Trip from Luhansk to Krasnodon and back” and a photo from the VKontakte page of Igor Komissarov.

203422_original 203571_original

Of the eight men in the photographs and videos in Samsonovka, I have found six of their VKontakte pages. One of these men remains unidentified (unnumbered in the below group photographs), and it is unclear exactly who he is and what division he’s from. There is another soldier (number 7) who appears often in photographs with his comrades from the 136th Brigade, but I have not found any of his social network accounts.

203863_original 204071_original 204540_original 204590_original 204958_original

These very same servicemen from the photographs are seen below in the barracks of the 136th Motorized Infantry Brigade base in Buynaksk:



Below is a list that matches the assigned numbers (from group photos above) with the name that each serviceman registered under on the VKontakte social network, along with an archived link to their account pages:

1 – Ivan Smirnov
2 – Ruslan Bukreyev and his second account –
3 – Arman Atkaliyev
4 – Dmitry Petrov and his second account –
5 – Kolyan Gavrilov
6 – Dmitry Kirillov
7 – Unidentified serviceman of the 136th Motorized Infantry Brigade (no pages found)

Ivan Smirnov’s VKontakte account has little information, as he has only saved a few photographs of himself in civilian clothes.

However, we often find Ivan Smirnov in the photographs of his colleagues from the 136th Motorized Infantry Brigade.

Below is a picture from the page of Dmitry Kirillov. From left to right: Ivan Smirnov, Dmiitry Kirillov, and an unidentified serviceman (number 7 on group photos). The photo has a geotag with for the Buynaksk region, and Smirnov is wearing his military uniform with insignia of the missile troops and artillery:

The below photograph with Smirnov (furthest to the right) is from the account of Dmitry Petrov (fifth from the left). Second from the right is Nikolay Gavrilov (number 5 on the group photos). The servicemen are posing in front of an 2S3 Akatsiya:

Archive / Original

Archive / Original

The below photograph with Ivan Smirnov is from the page of Nikolay Gavrilov. From left to right are the servicemen Dmitry Petrov, Ivan Smirnov, and Nikolay Gavrilov.

The below photo shows Ivan Smirnov in the foreground and was taken from the page of another soldier of the 136th Motorized Infantry Brigade, Elvert Gubaydullin. Behind Smirnov are the same soldiers who were in the video in Samsonovka: Dmitry Kirillov (first from the left), the unidentified soldier numbered 7 (second from left), Ruslan Bukreyev (first from the right), and Dmitry Petrov (second from the right).

Ruslan Bukyreyev very actively covered his military service on the VKontakte social network site, and even had two accounts. In the field for “Military service” he noted the military unit 63354–that is, the 136th Motorized Infantry Brigade.

He uploaded a photograph in April 2014 where he is in front of of a self-propelled artillery Akatsiya with the commentary “My beauty :)”

Below is a photograph of work being done on the engine-transmission compartment of an artillery unit with the tactical mark of the 136th Brigade:


Before his trip to the Ukrainian border in August 2014 , the mechanic-driver Ruslan Sergeyevich Bukreyev wrote a report with a request for a military service contract with a 3-year term. He left the commentary “I’m going to Rostov!” with the photo.

In September, photographs appear on Bukreyev’s profile where he, along with his colleagues, are in uniforms without any military insignia (1, 2, 3).

In a photograph uploaded on September 7, 2014, Ruslan Bukreyev poses in front of a road sign for the town of Prodorozhne, located at the entrance into the southern side of the village in the Krasnodon district of the Luhansk oblast:

Below is a comparison of the local objects in the village of Prodorozhe of the above photograph with the same objects in the photograph from the account of Igor Komissarov:

208907_original 208670_original

In the video at Samsonovka (three kilometers south of the village of Pridorozhne), Ruslan Bukreyev is driving the MT-LBu armored vehicle.



On one of the September photographs, we see Bukreyev inside of an armored vehicle with a colleague who is wearing a radio safety helmet with the number 743:

In the Russian army, they often register their armored vehicle inventory with their hull numbers in order to provide order and prevent theft. One of the artillery control (fire control/direction) vehicles in the 136th Brigade happens to have the number 743. A picture of this vehicle is on the pages of two servicemen who were in the Samsonovka video: Ruslan Bukreyev and Dmitry Petrov (numbers 2 and 4 in the group photos).

Photographs of hull number 743 from the accounts of other servicemen:

There is additional information from the VKontakte pages of the remaining Russian servicemen who were located in the village of Samsonovka.

Arman Atkaliyev (number 3 in the group photos) is a participant of the public group “Army, Byunaksk 136th Motorized Infantry Brigade 58 Army”

Atkaliyev has all of three photographs, and there are none of his military service. However he is in the group photos (second row, furthest to the right) that were taken from the territory of the 136th Brigade base, which are saved on his comrades’ pages (1, 2, 3, 4).

Dmitry Petrov has a more informative page. He is in the closed group called “military unit 63354.”

Below are photographs of Dmitry Petrov in Buynaksk:

Petrov in his military uniform with the insignia of the missile forces and artillery:

In photographs uploaded in September 2014, he is already in a camouflaged uniform without any military insignia (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Nikolay Gavrilov (number 5 in the group photos and screenshots from the Samsonovka video) can be seen below. He indicates that he served in the 136th Brigade in Buynaksk on his own VKontakte page:

Gavrilov (first from the left) is seen in photographs along with Ivan Smirnov (second from the left):

There are additional pages from Gavrilov where there are photographs from the same base territory (1, 2, 3). Additionally, there are other photographs saved from September 2014 (1, 2).

Finally, there are photographs with the unidentified soldier who was marked by number 7 in the group photos and was also in the Samsonovka video. He is in many photographs taken and uploaded by his colleagues from the 136th Motorized Infantry Brigade, and apparently he is a contract soldier in his military service.

Below is a photograph from Dmitry Petrov’s page, in which the unidentified soldier number 7 is in a red square:


Photograph from the page of Dmitry Kirillov:

Additionally, there are September photographs from Elvert Gubaydullin in which this serviceman is present (1, 2, 3).

In sum, we can say, with the help of open source information, that there is both indirect and direct evidence of the artillery and tank units of the Russian 136th Motorized Infantry Brigade in the Donbass. These units participated in military activities in the Luhansk area in August and September 2014 while active servicemen with the armed forces of the Russian Federation.


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  1. Randy Dread

    Dude – November 14th, 2015
    Are u a nutcake, dude?

    By the way the phrase in the USA and Uk is ‘nutcase’ not ‘nutcake’.

    So you’re not a native English speaker.

    Ukie, I’m guessing.

    • Dude

      Randy Dread – November 15th, 201
      By the way the phrase in the USA and Uk is ‘nutcase’ not ‘nutcake’.
      So you’re not a native English speaker.

      Youre not a native english speaker, Randy Clown!

      Your mother tongue is gibberish! 🙂

      Btw i’m guessing you ve never been to the us either..
      They never let you our of your nut house, eh?

  2. Mad Dog

    Randy doesn’t like rectangles and squares I guess. So, maybe the OP should start using stars and rhombuses to designate people and places. Of course, he presents no evidence to the contrary, just dismisses it all as the cause of his headache. Poor lad.

  3. stranger

    It is still doesn’t fit completely.

    There is a special monitoring mission OSCE, here is their latest report on Ukraine:
    They constantly monitor the cease fire conditions, they check heavy machinery at the bases, compare serial numbers, report cease fire violations, investigate the direction of fire. They constantly refer to Ukrainian army or DNR/LNR sides, and I have not read a lot from their site, but have never seen they mention a third side such as RF regular army.

    Look at separatists fighting at Donetsk airport:
    Mature people, not like the kids from the article.

    The article shows very young people, do you think they took part in the battles, and they actually defeated Ukrainian army? Ukraine always claimed they were fighting RF regular army, especially in a large battle under Illovaysk.

    It is logical to assume RF used to provide weapon and send volunteers, but that doesn’t look like a regular army.

    When we discuss Donbass, Crimea, those are not territories but people first. And as a matter of fact many people at Donbass didn’t support the revolution at Maydan. After all if nationalists from the west were allowed to capture government buildings in Kiev and steal weapon from military bases under Lvov, Donbass rebels actually did the same, inspired by the Crimea example, and disappointed later when RF actually let them down.

    Anyway we are discussing events of more than one year ago. What is going on now, the sides are struggling in implementation of Minsk peace agreements, unforced by EU, who cares only about peace at any price. According to Minks agreements Ukraine should grant Dondass more independence, conduct elections, after which the border with RF is handed over under control of Ukraine. Unfortunately those agreements are understood differently by the sides and there is no any desire to discuss nor to get Donbass back by Ukraine at ANY price. That unfortunately may lead to new escalation.

    • Andrea

      OSCE has always tried to inspect the border Ukr/Russia…but separatists never let them go…try to guess what they are hiding 😉
      OSCE is just reporting what they see, they don’t and can’t ask for the nationality of fighters.
      They never mentioned RF directly, but currently UK delegation at OSCE asked russia why rebels were in possession of a TOS-1 Buratino MRLS, a very rare weapon that was never used by Ukraine (that was seen in LNR by OSCE)…then how can it be in Ukraine…just guess…some volunteers probably went on holiday with that while their commander didn’t see 😉 😛

      • stranger

        “nationality of fighters.” you probably mean citezenship, because nationality is the same Russians, Ukrainians and others from both sides… Fighting with soviet weapon which was constructed for the Third World War, and nobody could guess it would be turned agains each other. Whatever

    • Dude

      stranger – November 16th, 2015
      When we discuss Donbass, Crimea, those are not territories but people first.

      Nevertheless Putler robBed territories from Unkraine in the first order of business, while later on he’s killing local people by thounsands, and forcing massive refugees escape from the occupied lands by hundreds of thousands, if not millions.. This is in Donbass.. In Crimea, the same, but to a lesser extent… crimean tatars / ukrainians were/are being killed , flee etc…

      Russian trolls your argumentation is pathetic!

      • stranger

        Ukrainian army is responsible for the most of casualties at Donbas. Rebels didn’t expand their territory except an attempt to go to Mariupol, which they were quickly changed their mind, may be due to pressure to RF. That is understood though that if it is was not for those bandits/rebels, nothing would be started. I believe they thought in the beginning, Ukraine would be stopped by possibility of civilian casualties, but politics appeared more important.
        Crimea is different, I remember a couple of reported incidents with Crimea Tatars, which could be as well related to criminal or even provocations, because some young people were involved. Could you give references to ‘atrocities’ in Crimea please?
        Having said that I don’t support rebels and think their targets are utopical and cannot be justified.

        • Dude

          > stranger – November 16th, 2015
          Ukrainian army is responsible for the most of casualties at Donbas.

          This is typical load of bullshit from russsian trolls. Pathetic blame game. No need to comment further.

          As for the Crimea, there were murders of crimean tatars and ukrainians, in Ukraine there is a lot of refugees from Crimea in Ukraine.. Well known facts …look up references yourself if genuinely interested.. but i guess ure not… this is not programmed in the firmware of the russian trolls.

          • stranger

            Please give confirmation for your words, or don’t spread misinformation, please.

        • boggled

          stranger –
          ‘ Political crime: Mark Ivanyuk was apparently beaten to death by a policeman who stopped him walking home with a friend from a night out because he began to talk to them in Ukrainian.’

          and –
          ‘On September 27, two men in black uniforms forced Islyam Dzhepparov, 18, and his cousin Dzhevdet Islyamov, 23, into a Volkswagen minibus outside the village of Sarasu in central Crimea. Both were observant Muslims and never participated in anti-Russian rallies.’

          Also in that article –
          ‘Tatar activist Reshat Ametov, 38, was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s ideas of nonviolent civil protest. During his one-man rally in downtown Simferopol in March he was forcibly taken away by three camouflage-wearing men, according to footage from ATR, Crimea’s last independent television channel.

          His naked body with evidence of torture – the head wrapped in plastic and a pair of handcuffs nearby – was found in the back of a village house one day prior to the March 16 referendum, in which 97 percent of Crimean residents voted to join Russia.’

          The ATO action would have remained a police action that jailed and or killed rebels that broke into police stations and military bases, except for the fact that many of those they ended up fighting had tanks as well and mortars and used them.
          The Russian mobsters from Moscow continued to escalate the crisis with more and more weapons from Russia.

          Then it became more of a military action against an invasion.

          AS far as Ukraine army being responsible for most of the deaths.
          Let us compare it to Beslan then.
          You have a groups of 20-50 terrorists that take hostage over 1000 people.
          They are armed with multiple varieties of military grade weapons.
          What would you do to attempt to free your building and your citizens from that horror?

          So in your statement that Ukraine is to blame, then you hold vova and the RF military personally responsible for the over 300 deaths of Beslan?

          And what would have been your suggestion to free the hostages and jail the terrorists who all had suicide belts?

          Kind of strange the one hostage negotiator that might be successful got killed on the way there.

          There is a little difference though between the two.
          Ukraine’s military and police force were poorly funded, corrupt, and falling apart and they do not have the capital to come anywhere near what the RF militray has capabilities of and trains for.
          They are getting better though, by leaps and bounds, but they still have a problem of sabotaging GRU agents inside Ukrainian military.
          That is why a main brunt of the operations in Donbas were carried out by militias and not the military itself.
          The actions of Crimean Ukrainian military left a large bad taste in their mouth and a vivid description for those that came to power in Kyiv in the transition period.

          The Russian military has capabilities similar to the G20 nations, and could have done better in Beslan I think.
          Similar to France and the Bataclan, there were about 1500 people there, and around 100 people were killed (which was done in the initial minutes of the siege).
          Although Beslan had more terrorists, they were also demonstrating that they wanted some discussion.
          France had no chance, it was a mass murder or assassination if you will, perpetrated by Daesh.

          France’s President was right on the screen telling people what was happening.
          Beslan was another incident, like Kursk and the Sinia plane’s destruction where the RF did not hear from him for multiple days.

          I am not saying I support the death of Donbas civilians, but I am saying that they had to do something.
          The Donbas organized crime figures and warlords, and FSB AND GRU directed agent, would have not stopped to negotiate.
          And as it seems now, they continue to refuse to follow those items they negotiated for.
          And then the demand Amnesty for Motorola, and others like him, who admitted executing over 10 POWs and said he would do more, just because he felt like it.

          The Donbas RF terrorists (organized criminals and the like) saw the success of Crimea and decided they would build their land bridge and were hoping by their demonstration that it would be widescale.
          It was not.
          Since then they have tried to establish control by force, false flags, and terrorist attacks.
          And they still do it to this day.
          The only elections they will allow are fraudulent in their favor.
          They submit to the will, direction, and whims of vova, therefore they are run by the Kremlin.
          Instead of using the coal of the region to power generators and electric supplies, the warlords are selling it off to Russia while the warlords wallet gets bigger and the people of the region die off with no heat, no electricity and no food.

          They know they will not win a fair election.

          So as compared to Beslan, what was Ukraine supposed to do?
          Hide out in Kyiv and say let’s give the Kremlin the landbridge from Odessa and Transniestra to Crimea and through Donbas to Rostov?

          It is better we just give it up and offer no resistance the way the Ukrainian military bases in Crimea did?
          And give up all chance of independence for the nation of Ukraine?
          If you think that, and the Kremlin thinks that, you have never lived under Soviet occupation and do not understand it at all.

          Fare thee well

          • Dude

            The Russian mobsters from Moscow continued to escalate the crisis with more and more weapons from Russia.

            It would not be possible without the direct order of the Supreme Moscow Mobster whose name is Putler. He is the main culprit.

          • stranger


            I’ve run into an interesting article on Putin-Yanukovich views during Maydan just before the revolution:
            If you call that an occupation or an attempt not to let Ukraine enter Europe…

            Beslan, Dubrovka, the special services bear responsibility they couldn’t have saved hostages. There is a principle not to let anything to terrori’sts (Israel is the most experienced in this matter) because that would lead to new ter-acts. In 1995 Basaev captured maternity house in Buynaksk, about 100 civilians died, he was allowed to return to Chechnya. Later he organized the invasion to Dagestan.

            Is there an analogy with Donbass? Not absolutely sure. Ukraine should have done something. Russia should not have supported rebels and took Crimea. They need have discussed more probably. Violence leads to violence and everybody looses. BTW you know politics of Poroshenko to blockade Donbass and don’t pay pensions (‘couse money can come to terri’rists), don’t allow any elections there (theoretically there could be any foreign observers), etc.

            The question now is how to quit this delirium.

        • stranger


          Thank you for the samples of violations in Crimea. If we take a closer look at them, they are not so straightforward. Nevertheless it cannot be justified if true.

          Mark Ivanyuk – the version about Ukrainian language was assumed by his mother literally as “it might be, I don’t know is it related or not, because when (another) policeman talked to me (later) he grimaced (? I didn’t understand something like ‘perekryvyl’?) me speaking Ukrainian”. In the very next phrase she tells “I suspect those were policemen”. She is retelling her son’s friend witness that they were returning from a disco, a little drunk, a car with policemen stopped, the friends asked them to drive, then some argument started, them he remembers nothing. There is no friend’s direct speech. Police claimed it was a car accident. Then all Ukrainian mass media copied it as if a teenager was kill’ed for talking Ukrainian language sometimes as possibility. Some western media reprinted as something certain.

          Reshat Ametov – Tatar activist was taken by people in camouflage on a civil car, tortured, found dead. The police claimed those people couldn’t be found. Who were the people in camouflage which didn’t look like police? They could be anybody.

          “…two men in black uniforms forced Islyam Dzhepparov, 18, and his cousin Dzhevdet Islyamov, 23, into a Volkswagen minibus… Both were observant Muslims and never participated in anty-Russian rallies.” what they were pursued for, two young Tatar man, never participated in protests? For being Muslims? Excuse me, there are so many Muslims in Moscow you can see them up to horizon when they prey bowing on their carpets during Islamic holidays.

          For Yuri Shevchenko and Andrey Zchekun I have no explanation.

          Taking into account most of abduc’ted people were young Tatars, cue prodest, there is a possibility it might be an intentional provocation in order to wage a cross national conflict. AlJaze’era also mentioned the Tatar politics to grad lands as they were returning after Stal’in deportations, and there might be some criminal background. For the government it would be easier in some cases to accuse them in extrem’ism quite legally, rather than playing with national tension fire. I understand, Occam’s razor, etc, and don’t exclude any possibilities.

          Every such incident is used in the information campaign, usually reinterpreted by Ukrainian media and then retold in some 3rd grade western press. It doesn’t seem like Crimea or Russia government method neither it is systematic, but I don’t know to claim that they are clear from everything like that.

    • stranger

      I apologize for the pathos of those DNR videos, lexic and songs at the end, I tried to find just an example from the Donetsk airport.

    • boggled

      Stranger, you made a reference to kids or younger Russians in the video like the ones from the article.
      Well, you can look at a lot of the videos by the FSB helpful idiot and sex blogger GWP on YouTube and see many of them.
      Here is just one.
      Most of these grunts are between 18 and 25 – conscription age.

      And tell me what you think the age of the third person back at 1.01 of this novorossiya recruiting video?
      Doesn’t look much more then 16 to me.

      Flagholder and the girl past him at 1.32?

      Granted a lot of the recruits in this video are older, but they meant to portray it that way, there are a lot of other videos showing younger groups.
      Novorossiya conscription age limit was young most recently (I think I read age 15 soldier was allowed to entire even though he plainly stated his age.).
      Most armies are younger and not battle hardened.
      So the maturity level is relative.
      Many of the novorossiya mercs are veterans of Chechen conflicts, but some go all the way back to the 80’s Afghan war.
      But not all.
      With ~ 30k – 50k troops (I forget what it is at last count) there are a large level.
      And even at 50 you can be immature.

      Anyways the article is clear and it stands up to even your high level of scrutiny.
      They are Russian military grunts that were serving and when they left Ukraine they went back to serving if they were not Gruz 200 or 300, they were in Ukraine during the conflict, and they were holding or alongside some very lethal weapons.

      Fare thee well

      • stranger

        I didn’t see those videos. Pipetz, what Ukraine is going to do with them in order to regain full control? That is why EU insists on Minsk. I wish that ended soon.

  4. max

    Well researched work, confirming what was obvious. I am surprised that the trolls are not inundating this post with the usual rubbish like during the invasion. I guess the russian gvt considers this passe and has moved on to other things.

    • stranger

      Geniusly, “Russia is going to destabilize Balkans” and who actually bombed Belgrad, civil infrastructure of Yugoslavia,without permit from UN Security Council, using btw leant uranium core shells? Who split Yugoslavia and redrawn borders in Europe first time after ww2?

      • Dude

        Genius, the word is Slobo. look up Slobo.

        More than ten thousand dead, and close to million dispaced/refugees.

        Might have been much worse..

        NATO stopped it by the cost of 500 casualties.. Not good. But might have been much worse..

        Something like whats happening now in Syria. Butcher Assad already slaughtered how many syrians? 60000? Is this what the current figure is. And number of refugees million(s)?

        And what about their Bro Putler? Of course nobody counts how many of his slaves Putler butchered inside Mother Russia… But as soon as he has stepped out of his swamps’ borders, his victims become known…
        close to ten thousand Ukrainians dead by now… Million refugees at least…

        It is time for NATO to step in and bomb russian orks that occupied Donbass.. to begin with…

        • stranger

          “It is time for NATO to step in and bomb russian orks that occupied Donbass” why do think US has refused to provide Ukraine leathal weapon?

          Also I believe many rebels are Ukrainians. And bombing as well as blockade is what Ukraine has already tried w/o distinction.

          Are you going to vote for Mc Cain?

          • Dude

            stranger – November 16th, 2015
            Also I believe many rebels are Ukrainians


            Many of Paris terrorists are French. So what?

            >US has refused to provide Ukraine leathal weapon?


            Not anymore .. they are coming…

            And nobody talks about agression against Russian lands. Merely about freeing the Ukrainan territories (Donbass and Crimea) occupied by Russian orks and their local terrorist puppets. Russian orks should be killed. Local terrorist puppets should be tried in Courts… At least that would be an ideal scenario if NATO did not chicken out…

            Hopefully things are going to change slowly…

      • boggled

        Stranger, I guess in your opinion the COALITION of forces should have just sat back and let another genocide of a couple million people in the Balkans just happen right?

        That was what was started to be carried out and STOPPED.
        The Serbian leader was calling for a complete elimination.

        Whine and cry all you want, but a bloodbath of much larger proportions was stopped, and they were sent to the Hague.

        Syava, the article above is pretty plain and simple even you can understand it.
        Russian military is inside Ukraine, and you I am sure have seen the evidence from the soldiers just getting lost in the BMT 15 km inside Ukraine.
        OR the other troops captures.
        Ukraine has been talking about it all along.
        NOW, if the Kremlin used all of the Russian military and marched to Kyiv and Lviv, yes, it might have been able to do it fast and be there.
        Holding it is another question.
        The RF would pay a heavy price, and then afterwards there would be continuous revolt.
        You should watch the movie Red Dawn and see what happens to Russians after they invade someone who does NOT want them there.

        Then you would have the NATO response, and it would not be pretty.
        NATO would take off the white gloves it has been using to play with the Kremlin.
        I think even China would get involved if that happened, and vova knows it.
        vova would not like losing 2/3 of Russia to China, and that is what would have happened.

        Fare thee well
        Fare thee well

        • Dude

          > Then you would have the NATO response, and it would not be pretty.
          > NATO would take off the white gloves it has been using to play with the Kremlin.

          NATO is already late in Ukraine. The number of casualties due to terroRussia’s aggression in Donbass/Crimea is already on the order of 10000 and the number of refugees on the order of a million,

          which is WORSE than in Kosovo, and

          quickly approaching those numbers for Syria..

          So, the rhetorical question is why NATO does nothing (in terms of military response in Donbass) to stop russian killers and terrorists? The answer is trivial – NATO chickened out as Putler has nukes, is not it so?

          • Oddbodkin

            How could NATO “chicken out” of a conflict that doesn’t involve them?

            If it had been Lithuania or Latvia suffering from Russian aggression, then it would be a different matter entirely.
            As things stand, the West is doing what it can with training & supplies of “non lethal” materiel, whilst imposing sanctions against those persons & institutions within Russia deemed involved in the illegal invasion of Crimea & eastern Ukraine.

          • stranger

            The reason NATO didn’t engage and even didn’t provide weapon to Ukraine as far as I understand is the following, and I may be wrong.

            Obama had a noble prize as a peacemaker, was elected as the one who would rebuild relationships with Europe, would decrease NATO presence in the Middle East, etc. While on the same time U.S. has to coordinate all its actions with Europe, not to become isolated itself

            As for Europe, the same as Sarcozy became a mediator in Georgian conflict, Merkel and Oland insisted on a diplomatic resolution with Minks1 and Minsk2 agreements. That is what sides are struggling to implement now.

            And you may think that Minsk is a black mail of Ukraine, and not fair, would not work because of that.

            On the other hand Europe doesn’t accept Crimea annexation and not going to remove related sanctions from Russia.

            So it is a kind of stalemate now. The cease of fire is announced but frequently violated.

            Russia still supports rebels, but is looking for a way how to push Donbas back to Ukraine w/o ‘loosing face’ completely.

            Ukraine doesn’t want to loose any control politically which is correct because federalization would mean a chaos in a very free democratic (but actually anarchic) Ukrainian politics and possible collapse of the country.

            Europe is loosing interest and would accept anything if blood shedding is ceased. Part of the sanctions would probably be removed once peace is back, Crimea sanctions would probably stay for dozens of years.

            I may be wrong, but that is how I can honestly see now.

          • boggled

            Although I think many of your statements in this comment have a large ring of truth to them.
            The thoughts of the Ukrainians must be considered.
            And there is a lot of various reasons for your statements have a ring of truth.

            BHO had the peace prize and made a promise of the USA backing off of its “superpower” status and going back to making coalitions for large scale decisions with the other G20 members and other groups of leaders.
            Reading from someone else’s prepared speech on a teleprompter does not make it easy to change overall policies in America.
            BHO can say a lot of things, but implementing them is another thing.
            He see that now at the end of his eight years.

            Europe has a lot of different bodies having their disagreements.
            Germany wants to take the lead, and UK is backing off, France had Mistral ships to sell vova.
            Germany does a lot of business with Russia, so they will pressure UA to accept many of the demands leveled by vova.

            I wonder if France and Germany will begin to demand talks and negotiations with Daesh they way they demand UA talks with and RF and bow to them?

            Should the UN be forcing France to discuss with Daesh and that France should give away part of its territory so that their MIGHT be a end to terrorism inside their country?
            I mean that is what they are telling Ukraine to do, does not seem quite right does it in response to the Kremlin stealing away Crimea and not planning on negotiating anything with Ukraine to solve it.
            And they admit this.
            Then the Kremlin and their proxies began working on destabilizing the rest of Ukraine beginning in Donbas.
            A majority of the fighters and leadership in that region are what?
            Wait for it —

            How many guess little green men with KGB Usanka on their head?
            You won’t admit it, but you know it is true, all the evidence is there that events in Donbas, like Crimea, were controlled by the Kremlin and implemented from there.

            From that brotherly nation to the East?
            Brothers do fight from time to time I guess.

            Still your comment, like most of them, has more truth in it then many of the other Kremlin defenders. Thank you.

            Fare thee well

        • stranger

          We have discussed the policy of nuclear deterrent, full-scale aggression agains Russia would be suicidal. But nobody actually is seeking for that. And for Russia taking into account children of government studying in the west, all oligarch capitals in the west etc there is absolutely no reason to destabilize Europe, as mr bolgarian president claims.
          Whatever aggressive rhetoric comes from NATO, that is their job and security for financing, Obama is not going to support, and Europe wants only the cease fire and don’t care about how politically it is going to be resolved.

  5. Dude

    Russia has trained its sights on the Balkans to wage a “hybrid warfare” campaign aimed at destabilising the whole of Europe, the President of Bulgaria has warned. He demands that the EU and Nato do more to counter the rising threat of Russian aggression.

    Rosen Plevneliev accuses Moscow of launching massive cyber attacks on Bulgaria’s government institutions and increasingly testing Bulgaria’s airspace in the wake of the annexation last year of Crimea, on the other side of the Black Sea.

    “The very efficient and secure way for Russia to destabilise Europe is through the Balkans, so that is what Mr Putin is focusing on,” he told The Independent on Sunday in the capital, Sofia. “Our message to the EU, the Secretary General of Nato, our partners and Western allies is that the Balkans should be in the very heart of European security policy. Do more for us in order to do more for yourselves.”

    The Bulgarian President’s comments came after he attended a Nato summit of nine Eastern European member states in the Romanian capital Bucharest on Wednesday, at which leaders expressed concerns that the “security environment was deteriorating” as a result of Russia’s “aggressive and unpredictable” behaviour.

  6. Syava

    Good day to all. And American fiction writers, too.
    If in the Donbas participated Russian army, then the picture would be written in Kiev and Lvov. Within 3-5 days of the invasion. Hitler’s army was a thousand times more powerful, and we conquered them. In our territory such pillars, fences steppes milliony- way in America is to be found. Volunteers was full from around the world, including Europe and the US. They are fighting on both sides.
    All this will be over soon. Europe needs to feed the refugees and the Ukraine will be less money. Visa Europe is now definitely not be canceled.
    Revolutionary oligarchs will shift and come people think.By the way, the people in the pictures of 20 years and all of them are registered in the social networks 1-2 months ago. Why? they previously did not know how to write? Or read it?
    People usually give birth to a page with 10 years.
    It’s just a fake.

    • Dude

      🙂 “Tovarishch FSB Major”, an infamous commander of Russian Troll Army, is throwing his best English speakers into this bloody battle raging on the idyllic bellingcat fields.

      Bravo, Komrade Siava, your command of English is impeccable and deadly for all your enemies!


      • Dude

        Bravo, Komrade Siava, your command of English is impeccable and deadly for all your enemies!

        Cause they would not understand a word you write…


    • Mad Dog

      Syava, I really beg to differ with you. Your English is not very good, but I get the idea of what you are saying. Keep trying.

      However, I think you must find some evidence to prove that all of the above information is fake. Just saying so does not prove anything. The information above is full of links and geotagging, etc. and is pretty well done. So, you need to find and submit information that proves otherwise.

      OR, you can do a Randy and just tell us it gives you a headache….LOL

      • Dude

        ….you can do a Randy and just tell us it gives you a headache….LOL
        Oh dear.. Randy is a girl? Ouuups! O.o

    • John Zenwirt

      “It’s just a fake.”

      My dear, the only “fake” here is you…& your Putin-bought internet Thugs…no reason, just stupid insults…We don’t care what USSR citizens think…

      “Get Back,”

      “Get Back To where You Once Belonged.”

      John Lennon.

  7. Dude

    Oddbodkin – November 16th, 2015
    How could NATO “chicken out” of a conflict that doesn’t involve them?


    Kosovo and Syria do not belong to NATO either, but Western powers became involved because of humanitarian situation/ number of deaths…

    Let me repeat:

    In Ukraine now (~10k deaths, ~1M refugees) the situations is WORSE than that was in Kosovo, and might approach that in Syria.

    Beside, Ukraine is European and predominanntly Christian country.

    So the question is why NATO has not been involved yet (militarily), with such scale
    of humanitarian crisis?

  8. John Zenwirt

    An example of what is to come…?

    “It looks like Moscow stepped up its military effort in Syria even before the intention to intensify the air strikes was announced by Putin on Nov. 17.”

    “As initially reported by Reuters, a US official has confirmed that Moscow has conducted a significant number of strikes in Syria using both sea-launched cruise missiles and long-range bombers.”

    “The Russian MoD said 25 long-range bombers took part in the raid: 5 x Tu-160s, 6 x Tu-95MS and 14 x Tu-22M3.”

    “According to one our sources who wishes to remain anonymous, the long-range bombers the Russian Air Force has used against ground targets in Syria early in the morning on Nov. 17 were Tu-22M Backfire strategic bombers.”

    “The aircraft were allegedly launched from Mozdok airbase, in Ossetia, where as many as 6 Tu-22s were spotted on a recent deployment.”

    “Remains of a KH-555 missile wreck were found in Syria: considered that this type of air-launched missile is mainly carried by Tu-95 Bear and Tu-160 Blackjack bombers (Tu-22s have been tested with the KH-555 but full integration is not completed or at least unknown), the long-range bombers that launched the attack on ground targets using those missiles may have been the Tu-95s or Tu-160s flying alongside the Backfires.”

  9. Randy Dread

    “Remains of a KH-555 missile wreck were found in Syria: ”

    it was a drone not a a KH555 missile, i saw the photos.

    Far too small and the wrong body shape.


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