Analysis Reveals Damage and Destruction of Cultural Heritage Sites in Gaza

Bellingcat and our partners at Scripps News have identified damage at dozens of religious and cultural heritage sites in Gaza since the Israel-Gaza conflict began in October last year.  

Satellite imagery as well as videos and images were used to identify the impact on sites that include archaeological treasures dating back thousands of years, as well as religious facilities such as mosques and cemeteries.

The findings add to research being carried out by UNESCO and others to complete a preliminary damage assessment of cultural sites in Gaza. So far, UNESCO has conducted analysis using remote monitoring as on-the-ground assessments are not yet possible due to the ongoing conflict.

Watch the full video report below.

Jake Godin, Peter Barth, Carlos Gonzales. Pooja Chaudhuri, Annique Mossou and Lucy Swinnen contributed research to this piece.

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