The Hidden War in Gaza and the West Bank

As Israel prepares for its Rafah offensive, the humanitarian crisis in Gaza continues to deteriorate. But the lack of media access inside the Gaza Strip means the full extent of worsening conditions are not always seen. Using open source imagery Bellingcat and our partners Scripps News examined widespread destruction of property inside the Gaza Strip and looked at deteriorating conditions there.

Meanwhile, conflict in the West Bank has continued to escalate despite being overshadowed by events in Gaza. Bellingcat and Scripps News used satellite imagery to identify ongoing expansion of West Bank settlements and reveal the heightened tensions on the ground.

You can read Bellingcat’s coverage of IDF demolitions in Gaza here and full coverage by Scripps News, here.

Carlos Gonzales, Lucy Swinnen, Nick Waters, Annique Mossou, Michael Sheldon, Natasha Pereverzina, Miguel Ramalho, Fraser Crichton, Arsen Drobakha and members of the Global Authentication Project contributed research to this documentary.

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