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  • Eliot Higgins

    Eliot Higgins

    Eliot Higgins is the founder of Bellingcat and the Brown Moses Blog. Eliot focuses on the weapons used in the conflict in Syria, and open source investigation tools and techniques.

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  • Christiaan Triebert

    Christiaan Triebert

    Christiaan Triebert is an all-source conflict analyst with an interest in conflict and development. He has conducted fieldwork in Syria, Iraq, and Ukraine, among other countries. King's College London and University of Groningen graduate. Contact via Twitter: @trbrtc

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  • Narine Khachatryan

    Narine Khachatryan

    Narine is a Yerevan-based journalist/translator who focuses on social, economic, human rights and political issues in Armenia and the South Caucasus. Prior to joining Bellingcat, she worked with a group of independent journalists, seeking to provide reliable and unbiased information to the public.

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Bellingcat Investigation Team

  • Bellingcat Investigation Team

    Bellingcat Investigation Team

    The Bellingcat Investigation Team is an award winning group of volunteers and full time investigators who make up the core of the Bellingcat's investigative efforts.

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  • Chris Biggers

    Chris Biggers

    Chris Biggers is a public and private sector consultant based in Washington, D.C.

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  • Justin Seitz

    Justin Seitz

    Justin Seitz is Canadian security consultant and author of two computer hacking books from No Starch Press. He blogs at and can be found on Twitter @jms_dot_py.

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  • Nick Waters

    Nick Waters

    Nick is an ex-British Army officer and open source analyst. He has a special interest in the conflicts in Syria, as well as social media, civil society, intelligence and security. Contact via Twitter: @N_Waters89

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  • Veli-Pekka Kivimäki

    Veli-Pekka Kivimäki

    Veli-Pekka is a doctoral student at Finnish National Defence University, researching social media and open source intelligence. He has a long background in the technology industry, more recently focusing on defense research.

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  • Hady Al-Khatib

    Hady Al-Khatib

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  • Aliaume Leroy

    Aliaume Leroy

    Aliaume Leroy is an open source investigative journalist with the Africa Investigations unit of BBC World Service. At Bellingcat, he concentrates his research on Africa and Latin America. Contact via Twitter @Yaolri or email in English, French, or Spanish.

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  • Daniel Romein

    Daniel Romein

    Daniel Romein is an IT-specialist and open source investigator focused on the MH17 case and the conflict in Ukraine. He started as volunteer for Bellingcat in November 2014 and became a full time employee in August 2018.

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  • Nathan Patin

    Nathan Patin

    Nathan Patin is an independent researcher based in the Washington, DC area focusing on OSINT, jihadism, terrorism, and the Middle East.

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  • Andrew Haggard

    Andrew Haggard

    Andrew Haggard is the founder of the Korean Defense website. He's fascinated by all-things military and defense-related with a particular interest in South Asia and the Korean peninsula.

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  • Pieter van Huis

    Pieter van Huis

    Pieter is a member of the Bellingcat Investigation Team. He has a background in History. Contact via Twitter @hspvn

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  • Sean Case

    Sean Case

    Sean’s work for Bellingcat is focused on the use of artillery systems during the Ukrainian conflict.

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  • Aric Toler

    Aric Toler

    Aric Toler has written with Bellingcat since 2015 and currently leads the Eurasia/Eastern Europe team. Along with his research into topics in the former Soviet Union, he organizes and leads Bellingcat's Russian-language workshops for journalists and researchers. He graduated with an MA in Slavic Languages & Literatures from the University of Kansas in 2013, focusing on Russian literature and intellectual history. After graduation, he worked for two years as an intelligence specialist in the private sector. If you have any questions, or have a story idea related to eastern Europe or Eurasia, you can contact him at

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  • Karl Morand

    Karl Morand

    Karl Morand produces the Middle East Week podcast in Amman, Jordan, where he is currently studying Arabic. He has a degree from Fordham University in international studies (Middle East focus) and a minor in economics.

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  • Oryx


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  • Dan Kaszeta

    Dan Kaszeta

    Dan is the managing director of Strongpoint Security Ltd, and lives and works in London, UK. He has 27 years experience in CBRN response, security, and antiterrorism.

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  • Wim Zwijnenburg

    Wim Zwijnenburg

    Wim Zwijnenburg is a Humanitarian Disarmament Project Leader for PAX.  He works on conflict and environment related issues in the Middle East, the use and proliferation of emerging military technologies and arms trade @wammezz

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  • Aaron Stein

    Aaron Stein

    Aaron Stein is an Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). He is also the nonproliferation program manager at the Center for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies in Istanbul, where he works on security and proliferation issues in the Middle East.

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  • Syrian Archive

    Syrian Archive is a open source platform that collects, curates, verifies, and preserves visual documentation of human rights violations in #Syria | Twitter: @syrian_archive

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  • Peter Jukes

    Peter Jukes

    Peter Jukes is an award winning screenwriter and dramatist, who published The Fall of the House of Murdoch. He has since written extensively for The Daily Beast, Newsweek, The New Republic, The New Statesman, Prospect Magazine and other publications about media and monopoly. His latest book is 'Beyond Contempt: The Inside Story of the Phone Hacking Trial'

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  • Bellingcat Contributor

    Bellingcat Contributor

    The Bellingcat Investigation Team is an award winning group of volunteers and full time investigators who make up the core of the Bellingcat's investigative efforts.

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  • Jett Goldsmith

    Jett Goldsmith

    Jett Goldsmith is a journalist from Denver, Colorado. He formerly co-founded the investigative reporting and geopolitical analysis outlet Conflict News, and writes at length on Ba'athist state structures and various actors within the Syrian conflict. He has bylines in various publications, including Middle East Eye. You can follow him on Twitter: @JettGoldsmith.

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  • Askai707


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  • Pieter Van Ostaeyen

    Pieter Van Ostaeyen

    Historian, Arabist and Islamicist working as an independent researcher. Focus on Jihad in Syria and Iraq, Jabhat an-Nusra, ISIS and foreign fighters.

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  • Masis Ingilizian

    Masis Ingilizian

    Masis Ingilizian is a researcher at the Australian Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies. He was previously a regular contributor for the publication IMINT Analysis edited by Sean O’Connor. His research focuses on the Caucasus, Iran and Russia, spanning the fields of strategic warfare, geopolitics and geostrategy. Masis tracks developments in the Nagorno-Karabagh conflict and provides ongoing insight into the geopolitics and growing tensions in the region, using imagery and photos for analysis. He also writes on the foreign policies of both Russia and the West.

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  • The Regular Contributor

    The Regular Contributor

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  • Rao Komar

    Rao Komar

    Rao Komar is a research analyst focusing on the Middle East.

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  • Melissa Hanham

    Melissa Hanham

    Melissa Hanham is a Senior Research Associate at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS). She supports CNS' research by investigating new techniques in open source analysis; incorporating imagery, remote sensing data, large data sets, 3D modeling, and other GIS data fusion. She is a regular contributor to the Arms Control Wonk blog, and co-teaches "Open Source Analysis for Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies" and "Geospatial Tools for Nonproliferation Analysis" at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.

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  • Eliot Higgins

    Eliot Higgins

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  • John Arterbury

    John Arterbury

    John Arterbury is a graduate student at Georgetown University's Center for Security Studies, where he focuses on terrorism and substate violence. He worked previously as a freelance journalist in Southeast Asia. You can follow him @JohnArterbury.

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  • Oleksiy Kuzmenko

    Oleksiy Kuzmenko

    Oleksiy is a DC-based journalist focusing on Ukraine and specific issues surrounding the country, such as LGBT and women's rights. In early 2017, he dug deeper into a widely distributed Ukraine-related report by CrowdStrike, an American cyber security company behind the attribution of the 2016 DNC hacking to Russia.

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  • Frederic Jacobs

    Frederic Jacobs

    Frederic is a security researcher working on encrypted messaging, censorship resistance and blockchains.

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  • Eric Woods

    Eric Woods

    Mr. Woods is freelance journalist and researcher who focuses on issues of illicit weapons proliferation, non-state actor dynamics, and access to public education. He can be reached via Twitter @Er_Woods

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  • Robert Evans

    Robert Evans

    Robert Evans has worked as a conflict journalist in Iraq and Ukraine and reported extensively on far-right extremist groups in the United States. He's particularly interested in the ways terrorist groups recruit, radicalize and communicate through the Internet. He has a podcast on the HowStuffWorks network ( and you can contact him via or Twitter:

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  • Cameron Colquhoun

    Cameron Colquhoun

    Cameron Colquhoun is the Managing Director of Neon Century, a corporate intelligence consultancy based in London who apply cutting-edge open-source intelligence capabilities to conduct ethical investigations for our clients around geopolitical, commercial and cyber risks.

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  • Noor Nahas

    Noor Nahas

    Independent researcher following the Syrian Civil War using open source research.

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  • Benjamin Strick

    Benjamin Strick

    Benjamin Strick is an open-source investigator with a background in law and the military, focusing on human rights abuses and conflicts, security, arms and cryptocurrency crimes.

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  • Alberto Fittarelli

    Alberto Fittarelli

    Alberto Fittarelli is a researcher who specializes in global conflicts, and their reverberations online. Historian by background, techie by experience. Passionate with forecasting "single points of failure" in the modern world. On Twitter at @albefittarelli.

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  • Magnitsky


    Iggy Ostanin is a freelance Russian journalist who does investigative research on the Ukrainian conflict. He tweets under @magnitsky and can be contacted at

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  • Christo Grozev

    Christo Grozev

    Christo Grozev for many years supervised the radio operations of a public US company in CEE and Russia. Currently owns and operates national radio stations in the Netherlands and Ukraine. Christo is a senior researcher at Risk Management Lab, a think-tank with a focus on security threats at New Bulgairan University (Sofia). He joined Bellingcat as author in 2014, and has since been a lead researcher in a number of investigations. Christo focuses on Russia-related security threats and weaponization of information.

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  • Type 63

    Type 63

    "Type 63: A Collection of Musings on Middle East Conflict" is the personal page of a Middle East / North Africa news and culture enthusiast, focused on non-state actors and how they wage war. The author is a 29 year old former US Marine infantryman, currently a graduate student for a Strategic and International Studies degree, with a research focus on the Middle East.

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  • Ruslan Leviev

    Ruslan Leviev

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  • Chris Brace

    Chris Brace

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  • Jakub Janovský

    Jakub Janovský

    35-year-old Czech network engineer interested in military history, space and electric cars.

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  • Cody Roche

    Cody Roche

    Anti-Tank Guided Missile and faction tracker focusing on the Syrian Civil War

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  • Alexander McKeever

    Alexander McKeever

    Alexander McKeever is an independent researcher and Master's student in Middle Eastern Studies at CUNY GC. At the moment he is primarily focused on events in Afrin, post-Olive Branch. @AKMcKeever on Twitter.

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  • Michael Cruickshank

    Michael Cruickshank

    Michael Cruickshank is an Australian freelance conflict journalist currently based in Berlin, specialising in the OSINT, defense, the (mis)use of technology, and climate conflicts

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  • Gregory Waters

    Gregory Waters

    Gregory Waters is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. He researches conflicts and political transitions in the MENA region, primarily using open source information. His current research focuses on the economic and human losses in government-controlled parts of Syria. He writes for The Week in Review and publishes his research on Twitter @GregoryPWaters

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  • Adam Rawnsley

    Adam Rawnsley

    Adam Rawnsley is a Philadelphia-based reporter covering technology and national security. He co-authors FP’s Situation Report newsletter and has written for The Daily Beast, Wired, and War Is Boring. You can follow him on Twitter at @arawnsley.

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  • Jacob Beeders

    Jacob Beeders

    Jacob is a graduate of the Department of War Studies at King’s College London. Jacob’s research focuses are terrorism and counterterrorism policy, with an emphasis on East and Sub-Saharan Africa.

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  • Collin Anderson

    Collin Anderson

    Collin Anderson is a Washington D.C.-based researcher focused on surveillance and censorship on the Internet with an emphasis on countries that restrict the free flow of information, primarily in the Middle East.

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  • Pascal Andresen

    Pascal Andresen

    The author graduated in 2015. He has an M.A. degree in History and Cultural Studies. His main interest centers on the Christian militias fighting in Syria. You can follow him on Twitter: @shell_blog

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  • Keith B. Ward

    Keith B. Ward

    Keith is an Affiliated Faculty member at George Mason University. He received his B.S. in Physics from Texas A&M and his Ph.D. in Biophysics from the Johns Hopkins University. He was on the Chemistry Faculty at the University of Wisconsin before serving as a civilian scientist for the US Navy, DHS, and the FBI Laboratory. Since retiring, he occasionally provides technical assistance to Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, specializing in chemical and biological defense topics.

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  • Xu Tianran

    Xu Tianran

    Xu majored in German language, and has worked for newspapers under the Chinese Communist Party before moving on to foreign newspapers' Beijing offices. He is now a member of a Chinese think tank called Modern National Defense and Security Research Center. His interests are mainly focused on North Korea and rocketry.

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  • Lincoln Pigman

    Lincoln Pigman

    Russo-American. Student of War Studies at King's College London, freelancer featured in The New York Times and IHS Jane's Intelligence Review.

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  • Ethan Rosen

    Ethan Rosen

    Ethan Rosen is a geopolitical researcher and analyst for China Six. His research focuses on the changing geopolitical situation between the Middle East and The Pacific. He is also the author of "The Bear, The Dragon, and the AK-47: How China, the United States, and radical Islamists conspired to defeat the Soviet Union in Afghanistan."

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  • John Albert

    John Albert

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  • Thomas Mulder

    Thomas Mulder

    Thomas is a datajournalist and art director for Dutch public broadcaster KRO-NCRV.

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  • Alexandra Raine

    Alexandra Raine

    Alexandra is a trained scientist and consultant in the field of risk and crisis management. Her interests center on MENA, Eastern Europe and investigative reporting with data. A polylingual geek and forensic analyst, Alexandra enjoys reading and contributing to the Bellingcat.

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  • Nathan Ruser

    Nathan Ruser

    Nathan Ruser is an author at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute and focuses on Middle Eastern Affairs and Transnational Terrorism.

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  • Hayk Khachikyan

    Hayk Khachikyan

    Hayk is from Armenian military news website since 2016, focusing on the Southern Caucasus and Middle East with military topics . He studies International relations in YSU and attended a Bellingcat training workshop in Yerevan in 2017.

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  • noodleremovernews


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  • Morgan Carlston

    Morgan Carlston

    Morgan Carlston has a Masters in Middle Eastern History from Tel Aviv University, and lived in Tel Aviv from 2010 to 2012, including during the 2012 conflict when Iron Dome gained international recognition. He blogs at

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  • Aiganysh Aidarbekova

    Aiganysh Aidarbekova

    Aiganysh is a Kyrgyzstan-based researcher/data-trainer. She is particularly interested how the open data of state structures can be used to detect corruption.

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  • christophkoettl


    Amnesty International Crisis Response, and founder and editor of Citizen Evidence Lab.

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  • Laurence Bindner

    Laurence Bindner

    Laurence Bindner is the former Director of Development of the Center for the Analysis of Terrorism (CAT) in Paris. Her work covers analysis in terrorism financing (see ISIS financing), the links between terrorism financing and illicit trade and the quantification of jihadist networks in France and the EU. She developed an expertise on jihadist rhetoric online.

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  • Lawrence Alexander

    Lawrence Alexander

    Social sciences student, RuNet Echo contributor and independent researcher focusing on political use of the internet and social media.

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  • Nour Bakr

    Nour Bakr

    Nour Bakr is a Middle East analyst with a focus on international relations, and Western foreign policy in the region. He has previously worked at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on the EU, and Syria departments.

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  • Cheryl Rofer

    Cheryl Rofer

    Cheryl Rofer writes scientific and political commentary. She was a chemist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory for 35 years. She regularly provides background information to reporters for major publications and has been quoted in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Vox. Her work at Los Alamos included projects in fossil fuels, laser development, chemical weapons, open-source intelligence techniques, and the nuclear fuel cycle. She has published in scientific and political science journals and edited a book. She holds an A.B. from Ripon College and an M.S. from the University of California at Berkeley.

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  • Ross Dayton

    Ross Dayton

    Ross Dayton holds a Masters of Arts in Global Affairs specializing in Globalization and Security from Florida International University. Ross studies international politics, conflict, and terrorism in Latin America, MENA, and Europe. For his Master's capstone project, Ross conducted open source research and analysis for US SOCOM on the Islamic State’s strategic usage of water and natural resources in Syria and Iraq.

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  • Khalil Dewan

    Khalil Dewan

    Khalil Dewan is an independent consultant on Middle East and North Africa country risk. His work focuses on the conflict in Yemen and the Qatar-Gulf crisis with a special interest in conflict analysis, political, security and violent risk. Contact via Twitter: @KhalilDewan

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  • Aman Madan

    Aman Madan

    Aman is an undergraduate student at Davidson College studying Political Science and Arabic. At Davidson, Aman focuses on political Islam and substate actors in the Middle East and North Africa regions. Follow him @PresidentMadan to keep up with his work.

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  • Raphael Satter

    Raphael Satter

    Raphael Satter is a Europe-based journalist who covers cybersecurity for The Associated Press.

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  • Syrie Factuel

    Syrie Factuel

    Collectif citoyen francophone contre la désinformation sur la Syrie: des faits et du contexte!

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  • Reinier Bergema

    Reinier Bergema

    Reinier is a junior analyst at The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies. While holding a dual degree in International Relations and Crisis & Security Management, he has conducted research on Dutch jihadist foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq, combining quantitative and qualitative research methods.

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  • Hannah Ellis

    Hannah Ellis

    Hannah Ellis is currently a research assistant at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University and formerly the Team Lead for Syria Investigations at the Open Source Investigations Lab in the Human Rights Center at Boalt Law School.

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  • Foeke Postma

    Foeke Postma

    Foeke is a researcher on peace and security. He works at PAX, where he specializes in humanitarian disarmament. You can follow him on Twitter: @foekepostma.

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