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September 22, 2014

By Frederic Jacobs

On Key Escrows and Backdoors

Last week, Apple announced that the company will no more able to decrypt your personal data, making the extraction of this data impossible when requested by law enforcement. On devices running iOS 8, your personal data such as photos, messages (including attachments), email, contacts, call history, iTunes content, notes, and reminders is placed under the protection of your passcode. Unlike…

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September 20, 2014

By Eliot Higgins

Crowdsourced Investigation – Was the MH17 Linked Buk Sighted in Ukraine and Russia Unique?

On September 8th Bellingcat revealed images and videos posted on social media sites that showed a Buk missile launcher inside Russia with markings that matched those markings seen on the Buk missile launcher linked to the downing of flight MH17 on July 17th. Part of the investigation involved reviewing footage and photographs of Buk missile…

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September 11, 2014

By Chris Biggers

First of Chad’s MIG-29 Arrives In N’Djamena

Satellite imagery acquired by DigitalGlobe on 03JUL14 shows the arrival of Chad’s first MIG-29 at N’Djamena airbase. Over the last decade, Chad and Sudan have been engaged in a serious proxy war to support armed opposition groups in their respective countries. This support intensified near the end of 2005. Since then, both countries have attempted…

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September 1, 2014

By Eliot Higgins

Reports of New Improvised Chemical Weapons Used by the Syrian Air Force

Last week, the OHCHR’s independent international commission of inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic published their latest report on the conflict in Syria, with one section detailing the use of chlorine gas as a chemical weapons by Syrian government forces. The report states Reasonable grounds exist to believe that chemical agents, likely chlorine, were used on…

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August 27, 2014

By Magnitsky

Revealed: Around 40 Russian Troops from Pskov Died in the Ukraine, Reinforcement Sent In

The instagram account of a Russian soldier who has recently returned to base from fighting in the Ukraine reveals the rough number of casualties in 76th Airbourne regiment from Pskov and proves Russian activity on Ukrainian territory. There has recently been confirmation that members of the 76th Airbourne (VDV) regiment from Pskov were killed in…

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