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Sources of Turkish Conduct – Part 1

November 25, 2014

By Karl Morand

MEW Logo2Turkey Wonk LogoThis is a joint Middle East Week and Turkey Wonk podcast about Turkey’s foreign policy in the Middle East. This is part one of two episodes that are based on a forthcoming book by Aaron Stein on this topic. In this first part we discussed:

  • Turkey’s policy of “Strategic Depth”
  • The motivations behind the AKP’s foreign policy strategy
  • Turkey’s role as mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and their support for Hamas
  • How Turkey reacted to the start of the Arab Spring in Tunisia
  • Turkey’s reaction to the uprising in Libya and their role in the current conflict
  • The ups and downs of Turkey’s foreign policy in Egypt after the fall of Mubarak



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Download this episode (30MB mp3)

Karl Morand

Karl Morand produces the Middle East Week podcast in Amman, Jordan, where he is currently studying Arabic. He has a degree from Fordham University in international studies (Middle East focus) and a minor in economics.

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  1. Marc

    The podcast keeps skipping. First time at 3 minutes and the second time at 4:50.


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